Gyurkovicsarna 1920

Gyurkovicsarna (1920) Filmografinr 1920/09

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This movie also known as Autour d’un coeur and Lieutenant Tophat

The film is based on a novel from 1895 by the popular Hungarian writer Ferenc Herczeg (1863-1954). The novel was published in Swedish translation in 1901 as “Gyurkovicsarna”. Herczeg was in 1920 also the base of Mauritz Stiller Erotikon (1920), and 1926 was another Swedish film based on his work, the time girls Gyurkovics (1926).
Gyurkovicsarna was a huge success with the public, as well as several of the John W. Brunius films at this time.

Mr. and Mrs. Gyurkovics have a dozen children the oldest of which, the twins Géza and Bandi, just preparing for their matriculation examination…..


Director: John W. Brunius
Writers: Pauline Brunius, Gösta Ekman
Stars: Gösta Ekman, Nils Asther, Violet Molitor


Author: Old Boy

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