Uncle Tom’s Cabin 1927

Uncle Tom's Cabin (1927)_03

In 1856, slave Eliza (Margarita Fischer) plans to marry George (Arthur Edmund Carew) with the consent of the Shelbys, her masters, but George’s owner prevents the wedding. A few years later, Eliza flees with her son, Harry (Lassie Lou Ahern), after learning the Shelbys plan to hand them over to a crooked creditor to prevent foreclosure. George also escapes and goes on the run while Eliza and Harry are captured and brought back home. Mother and son are separated as George tries to find them both.

Director: Harry A. Pollard
Story by: Harriet Beecher Stowe
Adapted from: Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Screenplay: Harry A. Pollard, A. P. Younger, Walter Anthony, Harvey F. Thew

Stars: Margarita Fischer, James B. Lowe, Arthur Edmund Carewe

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Tribune-American Dream Picture 1924


The Dream of Mrs L.L. Nicholson from Oakland, California (1924)

Astonishing film sponsored by a newspaper which held a contest for the most unusual dream and then made it into a short film. A woman dreams of losing her baby, rowing across San Francisco Bay and finding her child in an unusual place.
OAKLAND TRIBUNE DREAM FILM. Tribune-American Dream Picture sponsored by American Theatre and Oakland Tribune which gave a prize for the most unusual dream made into a photoplay. Mrs. L.L. Nicholson of Oakland submitted the winning scenario, about losing her baby and then finding the child after a frantic trip to the Ferry Building in a rowboat.



For Heaven’s Sake 1926

IMDb 7.6/100


Wealthy ladies’ man J. Harold Manners (Harold Lloyd) enjoys a privileged, sheltered life. So, when he finds out his name is being used to bring people into a mission in the poorer part of town, Harold sets out to get his moniker removed from the project. Instead, he meets the priest’s daughter, Hope (Jobyna Ralston), and is smitten. That Hope is from the wrong side of the tracks doesn’t dissuade Harold from pursuing her. The question is whether this uptown boy can win over a downtown girl.

Director: Sam Taylor
Music composed by: Robert Israel
Producer: Harold Lloyd
Screenplay: Clyde Bruckman, Ted Wilde, Ralph Spence

Stars: Harold Lloyd, Jobyna Ralston, Noah Young


Romeo and Juliet in the Snow 1920

German intertitles with english subtitles


Romeo & juliet in the snow

Based on William Shakespeare, this comedy revolves around two farming families in Swabia – or better: their children. The families are enemies of each other, but that does not prevent Julia Capulethofer and Romeo Montekugerl from falling in love with each other….This  a good example of a drama being effectively turned into a comedy thanks to the creative talent of Lubitsch.

Director : Ernst Lubitsch
Cast : Gustav von Wangenheim , Lotte Neumann , Jakob Tiedtke
Screenplay : Ernst Lubitsch , Hanns Kräly
Story by : Ernst Lubitsch , Hanns Kräly

Flip’s Circus 1921

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Circus owner Flip entertains with balancing tricks and then tames an exotic beast.

Note:- This is an unfinished work
Director: Winsor McCay
Writer: Winsor McCay

Production Co: Rialto Productions

Only Me 1929

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A well-dressed but inebriated man decides to attend a variety show at the Palace Theatre. During the show, both he and the performers are continually harassed by a practical joke-loving boy who is sitting in a box seat near the stage. Soon the inebriated man himself begins to cause disruptions, with his overly emphatic opinions of the various acts.

—Snow Leopard

Director: Lupino Lane (as Henry W. George)
Writer: Lupino Lane
Stars: Lupino Lane, Wallace Lupino

Anna Christie 1923

IMDb 7.1/10


After running away to Chicago from abusive relatives in Minnesota, Anna Christie (Blanche Sweet) takes up prostitution to make ends meet. Finally returning home to her barge-captain father (George F. Marion) in New York, Anna hopes to settle down and escape the hectic uncertainty of her former life. Despite the urgings of her father not to fall for a sailor, Anna becomes involved with Matt (William Russell), who works on her father’s boat. Can her relationship survive the secrets of her past?

Director: John Griffith Wray, Thomas H. Ince
Story by: Eugene O’Neill
Screenplay: Eugene O’Neill, Bradley King

Stars: Blanche Sweet, William Russell, George F. Marion