The Pillar of Fire 1899

the pillar of fire

Also known as La danse du feu

A devil wearing bat-like wings and brandishing a trident dances around a giant pot, conjuring forth flame from his trident to lit a fire beneath the pot. After the devil works the fire with bellows, an angelic woman emerges from the pot. The devil and the pot vanish as the woman performs a dance, waving about her diaphanous sleeves until she conjures forth another fire, then she rises amongst the smoke into the air.

Director: Georges Méliès
Screenplay: Georges Méliès
Producer: Georges Méliès
Production company: Star Film Company

Star: Jeanne d’Alcy


Seven Footprints To Satan 1929


seven footprints to satan 1


Rare, creepy Hollywood silent from the director of Haxan

A fearless bespectacled adventurer (Creighton Hale, also in The Cat and the Canary, 1927) and his fiance (Thelma Todd) get trapped in a house of mystery after panic breaks out at a society party.

They’re kidnapped and imprisoned in a huge house filled with secret panels, torturers, assassins and a gorilla on the loose. Quarrelling factions help and hinder them from escaping. A Chinese mystic, a dwarf and a monkey man inform them they are unwilling guests in the house of Satan, pawns in a deadly game…

Director: Benjamin Christensen
Screenplay: Benjamin Christensen
Producer: Richard A. Rowland

Stars: Thelma Todd, Creighton Hale, Sheldon Lewis

The Bride of Glomdal 1926


Also Known as Glomdalsbruden and La Novia De Glomdal 1926

Norwegian with English intertitles


Tore takes over the rundown family farm. Applying his youthful energy, he intends to make it into a big farm like Glomgården on the other side of the river, where beautiful Berit loves. Tore falls in love with her, but her father has promised her to rich Gjermund. As her wedding to Gjermund draws near, Berit runs away and seeks refuge with Tore and his parents. She soon falls deathly ill but recovers, asking for, and getting, her father’s permission to marry Tore. Jealous Gjermund is determined to prevent their wedding, however, in a dramatic climactic scene playing out around the rushing river.

Director: Carl Theodor Dreyer
Writers: Jacob Breda Bull (novel), Carl Theodor Dreyer
Stars: Einar Sissener, Tove Tellback, Stub Wiberg

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