Felix Turns The Tide 1922

felix turns the tide

In this early animated silent film Felix the cat working at a butcher shop joins the army as war has been declared between cats and rats. He asks for his lady cat’s hand in marriage and she accepts. On the front lines Felix shoots himself from a cannon into a balloon controlled by the rats and takes control of it. After the general says they need reinforcements Felix radios his butcher employer who sends sausages through the radio. The sausages rush the rat fortress and win the war for the cats. Upon returning home Felix realizes that his lady cat has married his rival but he laughs it off. This film was released in 1922.

Director: Otto Messmer

Production Co: Pat Sullivan Cartoons

Underground 1928


7.4/10 · IMDb

A working-class love story set in and around the London Underground of the 1920s. Two men – gentle Bill and brash Bert – meet and are attracted to the same woman on the same day at the same Underground station. But the lady chooses Bill, and Bert isn’t the type to take rejection lightly…

—Igenlode Wordsmith

Director: Anthony Asquith
Screenplay: Anthony Asquith
Producer: H. Bruce Woolfe
Production company: British Instructional Films

Stars: Brian Aherne, Elissa Landi, Cyril McLaglen

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Felix Lends A Hand 1922


felix lends a hand

Trudging through the snow in his hometown, Felix sees a billboard advertising sunny Egypt, and says that he’d give four of his nine lives to be there rather than freezing in the snow. He then hears crying coming from his friend Abdul’s carpet shop, and it turns out that Abdul’s girlfriend has been kidnapped by an Egyptian sheik. Felix promises to rescue her, and hops on a magic carpet Abdul has lying around the shop, says the magic word and flies off to Egypt to keep his promise.


Production Co: Pat Sullivan Cartoons

Director: Otto Messmer


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