Nattens barn 1916

Nattens barn


Violet, employed as a maid of Count Berkow, is wrongly accused of burglary of the Count. After an unjust prison sentence, Violet travels to America.

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Director: Georg af Klercker
Writer: Georg af Klercker
Stars: Victor Arfvidson, Carl Barcklind, Maja Cassel


Hop to It, Bellhop 1923

hop to it bellhop

Two nutty bellhops raise havoc at a posh hotel.
Director: Ted Burnsten
Writer: Ted Burnsten

Production Co: Cumberland Productions
Stars: Bobby Ray, Oliver Hardy, Janet Dawn


The Jack Knife Man 1920

IMDb 7/10

The Jack knife man


A lonely old riverboat man is left a child by a dying mother. The old man and the boy grow to love one another. The village snoop feels the child would be better off in an orphanage and the sheriff is sent to try to take the child away.

Director: King Vidor

Writers: Ellis Parker Butler (novel), William Parker (scenario
Producer: King Vidor
Cinematography: Ira H. Morgan

Stars: F.A. Turner, Harry Todd, Bobby Kelso

Choose Your Weapons 1922

choose your weapons

This movie stars Bobby Vernon¬†consist of him trying to rescue his lady from being forced to marry a man she doesn’t love

Director: Al Christie
Writer: Frank Roland Conklin (as Frank R. Conklin)
Stars: Bobby Vernon, Charlotte Stevens, Earle Rodney

The Circle 1925


the circle 2

Elizabeth Cheney has a wealthy husband, social prominence and everything she could want in life . . . except Ted Lutton, the man she loves. Now, she must decide whether to give up everything and everyone to follow her heart in The Circle. At a time when divorce means a lifetime of banishment from family, friends and society–foregoing a life of ease for a life of hardship–Lady Elizabeth (Eleanor Boardman) wants to leave her husband, Arnold (Creighton Hale), for their friend Ted Lutton (Malcolm McGregor). To help convince herself to stay with her husband, she invites Arnold’s mother, Lady Catherine (Eugenie Besserer), who left Arnold’s father for Lord Porteous (George Fawcett). Everything that Elizabeth sees confirms her belief that she should forgo love and stay with her husband . . . until she witnesses the true love still shared by this couple living in social exile.

Director: Frank Borzage
Writers: Kenneth B. Clarke, W. Somerset Maugham (play)

Production Co: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
Stars: Eleanor Boardman, Malcolm McGregor, Alec B. Francis,  Joan Crawford

A Kiss from Mary Pickford 1927

A kiss for Mary Pickford

A Kiss From Mary Pickford (1927) is a comedy film made in the Soviet Union, directed by Sergei Komarov and co-written by Komarov and Vadim Shershenevich. The film, starring Igor Ilyinsky, is mostly known today because of a cameo by the popular film couple Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks. The footage of the couple was shot during their visit to the USSR, with the couple knowingly participating as a gesture towards the Russian film industry.


Goga Palkin is a theatre check-taker in love with an undiscovered actress named Dusya. She has a crush on Douglas Fairbanks and only wants to date someone famous like a Hollywood star. After a chance meeting and a kiss from Mary Pickford, Goga becomes a local celebrity, and a lot of girls chase him through the streets. The popularity of her admirer makes Dusya jealous, and she falls for him.

Director: Sergei Komarov
Production company: Mezhrabpom-Rus
Cinematography: Yevgeni Alekseyev
Screenplay: Sergei Komarov, Vadim Shershenevich

Stars: Igor Ilyinsky, Anel Sudakevich, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks




Why Wild Men Go Wild 1920

why wild men go wild

Party-hearty college boys Bobby and Jimmy tone it down for Jimmy’s dad when visiting, but when Jimmy’s sister declares what she wants is a real cave man, Bobby jumps at the chance.

Director: William Beaudine
Writer: Scott Darling (as W. Scott Darling)

Production Co: Christie Film Company
Stars: Bobby Vernon, James Harrison, Vera Steadman