Frozen Hearts 1923

Frozen hearts

Frozen Hearts is a 1923 American silent comedy film starring Stan Laurel. One of a number of films he made before teaming up with Oliver Hardy, here peasant Stan duels with the ruling elite in Tsarist Russia for the love of his girl. Wikipedia
Initial release: October 28, 1923 (USA)
Director: J.A. Howe
Screenplay: H. M. Walker
Story by: Pistachio Filbertsky
Producer: Hal Roach

Stars: Stan Laurel, James Finlayson, Mae Laurel

Judith of Bethulia 1914

Judith of Bethulia

7.4/10 · IMDb
In seventh century B.C., the Assyrians are storming the walls of the Jewish city of Bethulia, leaving its people frightened and ready to hand their homes over to the invaders. As the Assyrians close in, the citizens of Bethulia are cut off from the outside world, and they begin to starve.
Initial release: March 8, 1914
Directors: D. W. Griffith, Christy Cabanne
Story by: Thomas Bailey Aldrich
Screenplay: Thomas Bailey Aldrich
Production company: Biograph Company
Stars: Blanche Sweet, Henry B. Walthall, Mae Marsh, Lillian Gish

Won in the Clouds 1928

won in the clouds

The story is about some crooks running a diamond mine for some rich guy living in Cape Town. The rich guy realizes that something is up at the mine and sends his son to investigate. However, instead of being a typical mine owner’s son, he’s a bit of an action hero–and soon makes an INSANE leap from a car to an airplane to head to the mine! This isn’t the only completely loony airplane stunt and the film is filled with angry natives, disease, backstabbing and punches. It’s not exactly high art, but it is non-stop and entertaining

Director: H. Bruce Mitchell
Producer: Carl Laemmle
Cinematography: William Adams
Distributed by: Universal Studios

Stars: Al Wilson, Helen Foster, Frank Rice

The Mystery of the Leaping Fish 1916


The Mystery of the Leaping Fish (1916) is a short film starring Douglas Fairbanks and Bessie Love. In this unusually broad comedy for Fairbanks, the acrobatic leading man plays “Coke Ennyday,” a cocaine-shooting detective parody of Sherlock Holmes given to injecting himself with cocaine from a bandolier of syringes worn across his chest and liberally helping himself to the contents of a hatbox-sized round container of white powder labeled “COCAINE” on his desk.
The movie, written by D.W. Griffith, Tod Browning, and Anita Loos, displays a surreally lighthearted attitude toward cocaine and opium. Fairbanks otherwise lampoons Sherlock Holmes with checkered detective hat, coat, and even car, along with the aforementioned propensity for injecting cocaine whenever he feels momentarily down, then laughing with delight. In addition to observing visitors at his door on what appears to be a closed-circuit television referred to in the title cards as his “scientific periscope,” a clock-like sign on the wall reminds him to choose between “EATS, DRINKS, SLEEPS, and DOPE”.[1][2]
The Museum of Modern Art in New York City screened a restored 35mm print of the film on January 10, 2009.[citation need

Directors: John Emerson, Christy Cabanne
Story by: Tod Browning
Production company: Triangle Film Corporation
Screenplay: Tod Browning, Anita Loos

Stars: Douglas Fairbanks, Bessie Love, Allan Sears

Miss Fatty’s Seaside Lovers 1915

Miss Fatty'sseaside lovers

When a rich ‘mothball magnate’ checks into a hotel with his family, the mashers come out of the woodwork to woo his daughter (Arbuckle.) The scene shifts to the beach where the buxom heiress becomes stranded on a rock, where she is sunbathing, when the tide comes in. An hilarious rescue effort ensues.
– Written by Herman Seifer <>

Production company: Keystone Studios
Producer: Mack Sennett

Director: Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle
Stars: Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle, Harold Lloyd, Joe Bordeaux

Le Bled 1929


A young French woman who inherits her uncle’s property in Algeria finds herself schemed against by her envious cousins, and romanced by a handsome but previously irresponsible young man who works for his uncle on a neighbouring farm.
Director: Jean Renoir
Writers: Henry Dupuis-Mazuel, André Jaeger-Schmidt
Stars: Alexandre Arquillière, Jackie Monnier, Enrique Rivero



Love’s Berries 1926

Love’s Berries is a 1926 Soviet comedy film by Ukrainian director Alexander Dovzhenko. The film was Dovzhenko’s debut and the screenplay was written in three days. Wikipedia
Initial release: 1926
Director: Alexander Dovzhenko
Screenplay: Alexander Dovzhenko
Cinematography: Danylo Demutsky
Editor: Alexander Dovzhenko
Cast: Dmitri Kapka, Margarita Barskaja, Nikolai Nademsky