A little Break – Update

Health Update March 31 2018

Once again I am on the slippery slope heading south to visit the ghosts of Shackleton, Scott and Mrs. Chippy, which means more Chemo.

Blood cells about 50% below the lower end of normal so feeling tired and lethargic.  It looks like I will require approximately 5 months of treatment 7 days per month and then a three-week rest in between doses . I am now firmly wedded to the hospital, its staff, nightmare corridors and the meandering ghosts of the dead. As a result of all this for the month of April posts will be reduced to one per day after that maybe 2/3 posts per week.

My life expectancy is now 5/6 more years and my friends say that is to bloody long to put up with you



March 2nd 2018

For the next week or so I will be taking a short break from Movies From the Silent Era. I will check in occasionally just to see that things are OK. I have scheduled movies for the days I am unlikely to be available so hope all goes well.

The reason I am making the above request is that I need more treatment for my MDS(Myelodysplastic Syndrome) and that means I will be in the land of nod  most of the time.

I am going to pin this note to the top of the page and once I am back on song I will take it down

Custer’s Last Fight 1912

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Custer’s Last Fight is a 1912 American silent short Western film. It is the first film about George Armstrong Custer and his final stand at the Battle of the Little Bighorn. It was shot in Inceville, Santa Ynez Canyon and Los Angeles, California. Wikipedia

Director: Francis Ford
Screenplay: Richard V. Spencer
Producer: Thomas H. Ince
Cinematography: Ray C. Smallwood

Stars: Francis Ford, Grace Cunard, William Eagle Shirt

The Adventures of Lieutenant Petrosino 1912

The picture was also known as The Life and Death of Lieutenant Petrosino . Sidney M. Goldin, listed as “author” in the copyright statement, was a producer and director. It was made with the “special permission of Madame Petrosino,” and is based on the adventures of Italian-American detective Joseph Petrosino.

The story of Lt. Joseph Petrosino, an Italian-American New York City police detective, who was assigned to investigate the Sicilian Mafia, which was beginning to become a major problem in New York. He did such a good job that the city sent him to Sicily to gather information on the Sicily/New York Mafia connections. He was murdered in Palermo by Mafia gunmen

Director: Sidney M. Goldin

Sorry no English subs for thismovie

Sarawak, Malaysia, 1913 ‘wild women’ (orang asli)

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Finally the filmparty meet the women they were searching for in the jungle which they termed ‘wild’ for some reason, may be because they were not too friendly. I understand that the term: wild women is resented now, but it is from an almost 100 years old documentary film. The film tells more about how Westerners were informed about exotic places before WW2 than giving an authentic image. I’m told that orang asli are called pribumi in that country. A few hundred viewers have given their often damaging comments on this 9,5mm silent documentary film (sound track added by me) . The film was heavily damaged and I haven’t seen a similar copy being offered for sale the last decade.The wooden camera used in some instances suggests it was taken long ago. In fact this is one third of a longer documentary film released at the time. I have not been able to find this film in prewar 9,5mm catalogs. The 1932 Wild women of Borneo film is with actors and this documentary is not.
Finally I may refer those who maintain that there were no tigers in Borneo to assertions of zoologists like Gersi, Nieuwenhuis and Abbott that there were at one time. This film is almost a century old.
See my other 1000 clips by searching YouTube with ‘michael rogge’
Website ‘Man and the Unknown’ http://wichm.home.xs4all.nl/


The Shakedown 1929

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An extemely rare screen play from director William Wyler, this movie was once thought lost until a recently unknown 16mm copy was discovered in a private collection. Eastman House has since restored the film and added it to it’s collection.

The movie plot concerns a charlatan boxer, working the system, in order to “fix” fights for money. His life changes when he takes on caring for an orphan who thinks the world of him.

A sweet little family drama with lots of heart. I liked this one….Review by David Burgess

Director: William Wyler
Production company: Universal Pictures
Screenplay: Albert DeMond, Charles Logue, Clarence Marks
Producers: Samuel Goldwyn, Carl Laemmle Jr.

Stars: James Murray, Barbara Kent, George Kotsonaros


The Emigrant 1915


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Director / Director: Febo Mari – Plot and script / Story and Screenplay: Febo Mari – Photography / Director of photography: Christmas Chiusano, Segundo De Chomón – Performers / Cast: Ermete Zacconi (The Emigrant / The Emigrant), Valentina Frascaroli (Sua daughter / his daughter), Enrichetta Sabbatini (His wife / His wife), Felice Minotti (colleague / The colleague), Amerigo Manzini (Il Conte / The Count, does not appear in the copy), Lucia Cisello (La mezzana / The procuress, does not appear in the copy / does not appear in this copy).

A man no longer young decides to leave his small country to seek his fortune in South America and guarantee a better future for his wife and daughter. The film shows us the painful stages of the preparation for the trip: the sale of the poor furniture to collect the money of the trip, the purchase of tools at the market, the departure accompanied by the whole village.
The journey by ship, even in the miserable conditions of third-class travelers, is full of hope, but when it reaches its destination, the emigrant realizes that finding a job for a man of his age is not so simple. The men in search of work are many and pay, for the simple laborers is very poor and the work is hard and dangerous. During a construction site job the emigrant has a serious accident which makes him invalid. The company for which he worked, however, forces him to sign a document in which he takes responsibility for the accident, to prevent it from being redone with insurance. The fragment kept by the Museum’s Cineteca stops here, while the period reports allow us to reconstruct the tragic epilogue in which his wife dies and his daughter is seduced by a rich count.
The video is a reversal of the film copy preserved by the Museum: 35mm, positive, triacetate, 486 m, 24 ‘to 18 fps, black and white, Italian captions, mute.

An elderly man who wants to seek his fortune in South America and seeks better life for his wife and daughter. The film is set for the travel abroad. The journey by ship, with the poor conditions of the third-class travelers, is full of hope, however, reached his destination. The film, played by the great stage actor Ermete Zacconi, is one of the best examples of Italian realism in the silent era of cinema.
National Film Museum: 35mm, positive, acetate, 486 m, 24 ‘at 18 fps, black and white, Italian intertitles, The video is a copy from the film silent.









The Inside of the White Slave Traffic 1913

A dramatization of the methods in which young women are abducted or otherwise procured for prostitution.
Director: Frank Beal (as Frank V. Beal)
Writers: Frank Beal (story), Samuel H. London (story)
Stars: Edwin Carewe, Jean Thomas, Virginia Mann