The Confederate Ironclad 1912


Lieutenant Yancey’s southern sweetheart, Rose, is jealous of Elinor, a northern girl, who is visiting her aunt Mary de Lane. This jealousy is excited by an invitation which Yancey receives from Mary to call and meet her niece. Yancey visits the de Lane home, and while walking along the river with Elinor, he shows her where the Confederate Ironclad is being constructed. Elinor, having strong Union sympathies, reveals the location of the Ironclad to the commander of the Federal gunboats. An attack is made on the Ironclad and Yancey rides to give warning. The Confederates are temporarily helpless as their power is exhausted. Yancey, knowing that a supply of ammunition is loaded on a train in another location, prepares to bring the needed powder to his compatriots. As the train is about to leave, a Federal scouting party rides up and opens fire. Rose and Yancey jump on the engine and make a wild dash to escape with the powder. Elinor, from a distance, sees the fight and sets fire to the bridge over which the train must pass. While riding over the bridge the last car catches fire. Yancey, who has been wounded, is left in the engine cab while Rose crawls over the loaded train and succeeds in cutting off the end car just in time to escape the explosion. The powder is delivered to the Ironclad in the nick of time, and a fierce battle wages between the Confederate vessel and the Union gunboats.

—Moving Picture World synopsis


Director: Kenean Buel (uncredited)
Stars: Guy Coombs, Anna Q. Nilsson, Hal Clements


David Harum 1915

david harum

The story of David Harum, a small-town banker, and how what he does and who he is affects the lives of everyone in his town, whether they–or he–realize it.

Director: Allan Dwan
Screenplay: Allan Dwan
Production company: Famous Players Film Company
Producer: Adolph Zukor

Stars: William H. Crane, Harold Lockwood, May Allison

Alma Torturada (1916 España)

English title Tortured Soul

alma tort

Intertitles are in Spanish only


SYNOPSIS: Emilia tries to help her brother unjustly accused of the murder of a prostitute, but her husband is opposed by social conventions. Dr. Morales, a friend of the family and former suitor of Emilia, will help him and eventually discover the true identity of the murderer.

On June 8, 1916 the production company Barcinógrafo announced the realization of two more films with Margarita Xirgu , but the filming was postponed until several months later due to an illness of the actress. Finally, Tortured Soul and The Young Queen are released at the end of the year with a lot of expectation due to the investment made by the company.

RECOVERY AND RESTORATION: The film has been restored from three projection copies: two in triacetate or safety support from the Spanish Film Archive, reproduced incorrectly from the original negative in the 60s, so the left part of the frame was lost, and a third one, conserved by the IVAC, with a silent format, that is, with the complete frame, in vitrated and tinted cellulose nitrate support, which served as the basis for narrative ordering and coloring. The images affected by the decomposition showed spots and losses, which must be replaced by the same sequences from the other copies. The severe differences in contrast and density were corrected and the streaks and erosions were eliminated. On the planes from the safety the color was added (tacked) by means of filters, equaling them with those of the nitrate copy. The texts of some disappeared intertitles have been replaced by others made with different type of letter to differentiate the intervention from the original.

Directed by Magin Muria , Fructuós Gelabert

Producer: Barcinógrafo

Screenwriter: Magín Murià (Story: Magín Murià)
Cast: Margarita Xirgu , Ricardo Puga , Jose Rivero

Genre Drama
Country Spain

A Wake in Hell’s Kitchen 1903

a wake in hells kitchin 1903

Strange little short from the American Mutoscope & Biograph Co, housed at the Library of Congress. From Biograph picture catalogue, Nov. 1902 [MI], p. 39:

This scene is laid in the parlor of a New York tenement. Two watchers at the wake are smoking and drinking, while the widow is weeping over the coffin. The attention of the three is attracted for an instant, and the supposed corpse rises up, drinks all the beer in the pitcher which is standing on a table nearby, and lies down in the coffin again. The mourners return, and seeing that the beer is gone, engage in a controversy over it. During the scrap the corpse jumps out of the coffin and takes part in the melee.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin 1927

Uncle Tom's Cabin (1927)_03

In 1856, slave Eliza (Margarita Fischer) plans to marry George (Arthur Edmund Carew) with the consent of the Shelbys, her masters, but George’s owner prevents the wedding. A few years later, Eliza flees with her son, Harry (Lassie Lou Ahern), after learning the Shelbys plan to hand them over to a crooked creditor to prevent foreclosure. George also escapes and goes on the run while Eliza and Harry are captured and brought back home. Mother and son are separated as George tries to find them both.

Director: Harry A. Pollard
Story by: Harriet Beecher Stowe
Adapted from: Uncle Tom’s Cabin
Screenplay: Harry A. Pollard, A. P. Younger, Walter Anthony, Harvey F. Thew

Stars: Margarita Fischer, James B. Lowe, Arthur Edmund Carewe

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The Astronomer’s Dream 1898

La lune à un mètre (original title)

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Review by claire diane

Melies’ fascination with celestial bodies as dream invading, devouring, constantly masticating alien faces is still profoundly horrifying to this very moment and a truly singular cinematic obsession & i know it’s probably trite to say, but i am equally obsessed with the stone castles, corridors, hallways, and suggestively labyrinthine structures in which so many of his fragments take place, and esp. here the dissolving wall thru which the grotesque moon escapes ::: some dark sky above a dark sea, the astronomer a kind of hermit wizard. the trappings fascinate me, as much as satan and ghosts in haunted castles. suggestion and dream.

Director: Georges Méliès
Production company: Star Film Company
Screenplay: Georges Méliès
Producer: Georges Méliès
Cast: Georges Méliès


Tribune-American Dream Picture 1924


The Dream of Mrs L.L. Nicholson from Oakland, California (1924)

Astonishing film sponsored by a newspaper which held a contest for the most unusual dream and then made it into a short film. A woman dreams of losing her baby, rowing across San Francisco Bay and finding her child in an unusual place.
OAKLAND TRIBUNE DREAM FILM. Tribune-American Dream Picture sponsored by American Theatre and Oakland Tribune which gave a prize for the most unusual dream made into a photoplay. Mrs. L.L. Nicholson of Oakland submitted the winning scenario, about losing her baby and then finding the child after a frantic trip to the Ferry Building in a rowboat.