The House with Closed Shutters 1910

the house with closedshutters


During the Civil War a young soldier loses his nerve in battle and runs away to his home to hide; his sister puts on his uniform, takes her brother’s place in the battle, and is killed. Their mother, not wanting the shameful truth to become known, closes all the shutters (hence the film’s title) and keeps her son’s presence a secret for many years, though two boyhood chums stumble upon the truth…

—Peter W. Many, Jr. (PMSusana)

Director: D. W. Griffith
Screenplay: Emmett C. Hall
Production company: Biograph Company
Cinematography: Billy Bitzer

Stars: Henry B. Walthall, Grace Henderson, Dorothy West


A Narrow Escape 1920

A narrow escape

Also known as  – L’angoissante aventure

Intertitles are in English

The marquis de Granier would like his son Charles to end his current relationship for a respectable marriage. His younger brother Octave tries to help but Yvonne Lelys tricks him and he nearly leaves his family for the dancer. He even follows her to Constantinople. He falls asleep while writing to his father and dreams that he is a movie actor who, driven by poverty, sneaks into his father’s home to rob him. As his father catches him, he kills him. Thankfully, it was all a dream.

Director: Yakov Protazanov (as Jacob Protozanoff)
Writers: Ivan Mozzhukhin (screenplay), Ivan Mozzhukhin (story)

Production Co: Ermolieff Films
Stars: Ivan Mozzhukhin, Valentine Dark, Nathalie Lissenko

Johann Baptiste Lingg 1920

Johann Baptist Lingg

Sorry no English subs for this movie

A 1920 German costume drama from the days of Napoleon Bonaparte directed by Arthur Teuber and starring Carl Auen as Johann Baptiste Lingg.

Basically this movie is a love story/military drama

Director: Arthur Teuber
Screenplay: Arthur Teuber

Cinematography: Willy Großstück, Willy Goldberger

Stars: Carl Auen, Irmgard Bern, Frida Richard


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The Yokel 1926

snub pollard

Snub comes to town with his pet duck where people think that he has struck oil at home, and so is briefly pursued by the young women, before settling on Thelma Daniels.

Director: James D. Davis (as James Davis)
Stars: ‘Snub’ Pollard, Thelma Daniels, Bob O’Connor

The Great White Trail 1917


A husband, mistakenly believing his wife has cheated on him and that he is now the father of their newborn son, throws both her and her child out of the house. Frantic to the point of madness, she abandons her baby, and when she gains her sanity she flees to Alaska to start a new life. However, her husband finds out and follows her there.

Directors: Theodore Wharton, Leopold Wharton
Cast: Doris Kenyon, Bessie Wharton, Dick Bennard, MORE
Screenplay: Leopold Wharton, Gardner Hunting
Producers: Theodore Wharton, Leopold Wharton
Cinematography: Ray June, Levi Bacon

Stars: Doris Kenyon, Paul Gordon, Thomas Holding

Thundering Fleas 1926

thundering fleas

Professor Clements’ Trained Flea and Insect Circus comes to Greenpoint, and Farina goes to see it with his dog, Magnolia, who becomes the unwanted accomplice in the escape of Garfield,
the Professor’s star. The professor hires the Rascals to find Garfield
who escapes with the rest of the fleas to the wedding of Mary’s
older sister. The fleas are soon all over the house wreaking havoc as
everyone, including a garden statue of a discus thrower, is itching and
jumping and running for relief

Director: Robert F. McGowan
Film series: Our Gang
Screenplay: Hal Roach, H. M. Walker, Hal Yates, Carl Harbaugh
Producers: Hal Roach, F. Richard Jones

Stars: Oliver Hardy, Charley Chase, Joe Cobb


Silas Marner 1916


After having been wrongly accused of murder and robbery, a heretofore kindly and gregarious weaver becomes a nasty, bitter, lonely old miser.
Director: Ernest C. Warde (as Ernest Warde)
Writers: George Eliot (novel), Philip Lonergan (scenario)

Production Co: Thanhouser Film Corporation
Stars: Frederick Warde, Louise Bates, Morgan Jones