Mountaineers romance 1912

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Stormy affairs of the heart breed jealousy and a desire for bloody vengeance in this beautifully-shot romantic drama. When a mountain guide takes a group of Americans on a Peak District climbing trip (the famous Dove Holes Caves in Dovedale are on the itinerary), his sweetheart mistakenly believes he has eyes for a female mountaineer. Her enraged brother desires bloody redress. It can only end in tears.

Director: Charles Raymond
Writer: Percy Moran (story)
Stars: H.O. Martinek, Ivy Martinek, Percy Moran





Twinkletoes 1926

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“Twinkletoes” Minasi wants to be a great dancer like her deceased mother. Twink meets Chuck Lightfoot, a noted prizefighter, who falls in love with her at first sight. She tries to avoid falling in love with Chuck, whose wife, Cissie, is a drunken harridan and more than a little bit spiteful. Meanwhile, Twink has secured a job in a singing-dancing act in a Limehouse theater, under the auspices of Roseleaf, who has more than just a protective interest in the girl. The jealous Cissie discovers that Twink’s sign-painting father also has a night job as a burglar, and she turns him into the police. While a big success dancing on the stage, the arrest of her father has left her somewhat down in the dumps, and she decides to toss herself into the Thames. Possibly, the now-free Chuck, since Cissie has been killed in an accident, might come along and rescue her.

—Les Adams <>

Director: Charles Brabin
Production company: First National Pictures
Producer: John McCormick
Screenplay: Mervyn LeRoy, Winifred Dunn

Stars: Colleen Moore, Kenneth Harlan, Tully Marshall

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Le theatre electrique de Bob 1909

Also known as Bob’s Electric Theatre

Three young children set up a table, and on the table is placed a miniature stage. The stage curtain opens, a carpet appears, and then the carpet unrolls by itself. Two puppet figures then come out and begin to perform a series of routines.

DIRECTOR Segundo de Chomón
SCREENWRITER Ferdinand Zecca

Production Co: Pathé Frères

The Chechahcos 1924

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A fire engulfs a shipload of prospectors and adventurers making their way to Alaska. In the confusion, Mrs. Stanlaw is separated from her young daughter, who ends up in the care of ‘Horseshoe’ Riley and Bob Dexter. Mrs. Stanlaw is told by gambler Richard Steele that her daughter is lost. Flash forward 10 years; Riley and Dexter are running a prosperous gold mine, and Steele has just come to town to run the local saloon. Ruth, meanwhile, has grown into a beautiful young woman, and finds herself falling in love with Dexter. Between Steele sending his henchman Pierre to kill Dexter, Dexter discovering that Steele tried to kill him on the ship, and the reunion of Mrs. Stanlaw and Ruth, there’s plenty of drama even without the dramatic Alaskan scenery, including the majestic glaciers.

—Jon Reeves <>

Director: Lewis H. Moomaw
Screenplay: Harvey Gates
Story by: Lewis H. Moomaw
Cast: Albert Van Antwerp, William Dills, Eva Gordon, Baby Margie

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Max reprend sa liberté 1912

The beauty of this affable domestic morality play by Max Linder rests entirely with the actor/director’s seemingly inexhaustible ability to balance his ineffably graceful screen presence against the character of a less than competent husband, consigned to his own dysfunctional devices after the wife runs home to Mother. Linder’s comedies were always like this; forever two steps less unhinged, even in their slapstick elements, than the lovely knockabout grotesquerie of Keystone; and with a shade more emphasis on character. Though never as wildly successful in the States as the pantheon comics (Chaplin, Arbuckle, Keaton, Lloyd, etc), they nevertheless all took away something from Linder, whithout which their work, indeed the soul of American screen comedy itself, would have been a very different, possibly less charming, species. Tom Sutpen

Director Max Linder

Cast – Max Linder, Delphine Renot, Jane Renouardt
Producer – Pathé Frères


Elliott Dexter

Silent Room

e2002eb8aa3a7e02d28d3b73cf17b5aeElliott Dexter, the gentlemanly star of a dozen films for Cecil B. De Mille, appeared in some of the biggest hits of the silent era and co-starred with some of the great divas, but his name is not well remembered. He retired from the screen in 1925

Dexter’s birth year has been reported as anywhere from 1879 to 1870. He was a stage actor and appeared in seven Broadway plays between 1905 and 1915, the year he quit the stage and entered films. He was between 35 and 45 years old. It was also the year he married the stage and film star, Marie Doro (who was born in 1882.

See Fritzi Kramer’s blog for more on the birth date issue

MV5BNzRmZmZjNjktNzg2Mi00ZWJkLWE4OWUtNGI5YmUwNTFhNGEyXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTcyODY2NDQ@._V1_His first film was for Famous Players (later Paramount) with Marguerite Clark in a “north woods” drama called Helene of the North. The next year he starred…

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El ultimo Malon 1917

Also known as The Last Malon or The Last Indian Attack (1917)

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“El Último Malón” it is one of the early Argentinean silent films that has survived until today. It was the only film that was directed by Herr Alcides Greca, a man with many cultural interests as a journalist and writer and with other more useful interests as a lawyer and politician.

The film El ultimo malón which was made in Santa Fe, Argentina, in 1917 is about the uprising of the Mocovi Indians
Writer: Alcides Greca

Production Company – Greca Films
Stars: Mariano López, Salvador López, Rosa Volpe