A miracle under the inquisition 1904

Un miracle sous l’inquisition (original title)

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An executioner attempts to burn a woman at the stake but his victim comes back as an angel and gives him what he deserves.
Director: Georges Méliès
Star: Georges Méliès

Rip Van Winkle 1896


The first film adaptation of Washington Irving’s “Rip Van Winkle”, a short story about a man who awakes after a 20 year long sleep to a huge white beard on his face and a much changed world. In this footage, Joseph Jefferson, the actor most associated with the character on the 19th century stage, makes a series of short films recreating scenes from his stage adaptation.

This film is important in that it captures the work of Joseph Jefferson III, a significant comic in the American stage of the 19th century. Rip Van Winkle is the role most associated with him; he debuted it in 1859 in Washington and played it for 40 years.
He was also a teacher to actor James O’Neill, the father of playwright Eugene O’Neill.

Director W.K.L. Dickson

Production – American Mutoscope Co

starring Joseph Jefferson.

Temptations Of a great city 1911


Ved Fængslets Port (original title) – This movie has English and Danish Intertitles

temptations of a great city

A man who is used to depending on his mother to solve his financial debts becomes involved with the daughter of a lender.

what’s fascinating about Temptations of the Great City is how well it’s structured. August Blom shows he was among Denmark’s first great directors with how he stages a basic story and makes it work so well. The acting deserves credit too. Valdemar Psilander puts on a comfortable and down to earth performance. No wonder he was such a big star in his native country. While it might not be the most remarkable movie one will ever watch, appreciate the time it was made and how well they made it considering the limited experimentation there had been on movies at such length.
Director: August Blom

Production Co: Nordisk Film Kompagni
Writers: Ljut Steensgaard, Erling Stensgaard
Stars: Valdemar Psilander, Clara Pontoppidan, Augusta Blad





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