The Night Bird 1928


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The night bird

Stars Reginald Denny as a prizefighter who is picked up by Italian girl Madelina, played by a very un-Italian girl, Betsy Lee. The subtitles for the Italian characters are decidedly silly and unrealistic, but hey, that’s part of the fun of watching pre-PC movies, isn’t it?

Director: Fred C. Newmeyer
Writers: Nicholas T. Barrows, Albert DeMond (titles)
Stars: Reginald Denny, Betsy Lee, Sam Hardy

Modeling 1921


The Clown causes trouble for the Cartoonist, and a sculptor using the studio, when he escapes from his backdrop and hides in the wet clay of a bust.
Director: Dave Fleischer
Star: Max Fleischer


Love Never Dies 1921


John and Tilly’s happy marriage is ruined when Tilly’s father finds out about the scandalous past of John’s mother. John, unaware of his father-in-law’s meddling, thinks Tilly has left him, and he leaves town. Her father leads Tilly to believe that John has died in an accident, and he pushes her to marry someone else…

Director: King Vidor
Writers: William Nathaniel Harben (story “The Cottage of Delight”), King Vidor (adaptation)
Stars: Lloyd Hughes, Madge Bellamy, Joseph Bennett



The Tantalizing Fly 1919

The Tantalising fly

Max Fleischer was one of the pioneers of classic cartoons, we owe him mainly Betty Boop, Popeye the Sailor, first adaptation of Superman in animations (Superman was created in comic strips in 1936 by Jerry Siegel & Joe Shuster), now we can see him in person at 1919 “The Tantalizing fly”.

Director: Max Fleischer
Writer: Max Fleischer
Star: Max Fleischer

The Woman One Longs for 1929


Also known as Die Frau, nach der man sich sehnt (original title)

The Three Lovers

The Woman Men Yearn For

A must for Marlene Dietrich fans – the movie has English subs

Director: Curtis Bernhardt (as Kurt Bernhardt)
Writers: Max Brod (book), Ladislaus Vajda
Stars: Marlene Dietrich, Fritz Kortner, Frida Richard

Southern France, the present. About to marry, Charles Leblanc glimpses beautiful Stascha with her autocratic older companion, Karoff. They meet shortly after on a train. Stascha confesses she and Karoff murdered her husband, and asks for his help to escape from Karoff. She introduces Leblanc as her cousin, and the three go to an alpine hotel for a frantic New Year’s eve party. The police arrive next morning. Karoff draws a gun and kills Stascha, leaving a distraught Leblanc cradling her body

Director: Curtis Bernhardt (as Kurt Bernhardt)
Writers: Max Brod (book), Ladislaus Vajda
Stars: Marlene Dietrich, Fritz Kortner, Frida Richard

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A Hash House Fraud 1915 – Keystone Cops

a hash house fraud

A swindle in a tiny downtown restaurant leads to a classic Keystone Kops finale. One and all have an easy time with the pretty and flirtatious cashier.
Director: Charley Chase (as Charles Parrot)

Produced by Mack Sennett
Stars: Hugh Fay, Louise Fazenda, Fritz Schade