Be Reasonable 1921

Billy Bevan

A woman wakes up to find a man in her house rummaging through her belongings which sparks a manic police chase across the town.
Director: Roy Del Ruth
Stars: Billy Bevan, Mildred June, Eddie Gribbon




Is Money Everything? 1923

A farmer, unhappy with his life, decides to go the city to try and make his fortune. He takes a friend along with him. The two of them become successful, but that success brings other, unforeseen problems into their lives.

Director: Glen Lyons
Writer: Glen Lyons
Stars: Norman Kerry, Miriam Cooper, Andrew Hicks


Lorraine of the Lions 1925

Lorraine of the Lions

A ship carrying a touring circus troupe sinks at sea, and Lorraine, a young girl, is washed up on a deserted island. Her only companion is a gorilla from the circus, Bimi, who raises her as its own. Several years later Lorraine’s wealthy grandfather, who has hired a psychic to help find her, is led by the psychic to Lorraine’s island, and she and Bimi are taken back to “civiliation” in San Francisco, but things don’t work out exactly as planned.
– Written by

Director: Edward Sedgwick
Writers: Isadore Bernstein (screenplay), Isadore Bernstein (story)
Stars: Norman Kerry, Patsy Ruth Miller, Fred Humes


The Taking of Luke McVane 1915


After a shoot-out in a saloon, Luke McVane goes on the lam from the sheriff who vows to catch him. During his search, the sheriff is ambushed by Indians and seriously wounded, and McVane risks his own safety to tend to the lawman.

Directors: William S. Hart, Clifford Smith
Writers: Thomas H. Ince (scenario), Thomas H. Ince (story) | 2 more credits ยป
Stars: William S. Hart, Enid Markey, Clifford Smith


Soldier Man 1926

soldier man

Harry Langdon and the Great War, in a film that anticipates the opening sequences of the Laurel and Hardy classic “Block-Heads” (1938): the soldier does not realize that there was the armistice and continues to fight – against a scarecrow and against nothing, not militaristic enthusiasm but to mental laziness.

Director: Harry Edwards
Music composed by: Andrew Earle Simpson
Producer: Mack Sennett
Screenplay: Frank Capra, Arthur Ripley, Al Giebler
Stars: Harry Langdon, Natalie Kingston, Vernon Dent

The Invaders 1912

The Invaders

The U.S. Army and the Indians sign a peace treaty. However, a group of surveyors trespass on the Indians’ land and violate the treaty. The army refuses to listen to the Indians’ complaints, and the surveyors are killed by the Indians. A vicious Indian war ensues, culminating in an Indian attack on an army fort.
– Written by

Directors: Francis Ford, Thomas H. Ince
Stars: Francis Ford, Ethel Grandin, Ann Little, Art Acord, Ray Myers


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 1913


Dr.Jekyll & Mr. Hyde 1913


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a 1913 horror film, directed by Herbert Brenon and Carl Laemmle, written by Brenon and produced by Laemmle. Wikipedia
Initial release: March 6, 1913
Director: Herbert Brenon
Screenplay: Herbert Brenon
Story by: Robert Louis Stevenson
Production company: Independent Moving Pictures

Stars: King Baggot, Jane Gail, Matt Snyder