The unwanted 1924

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The Unwanted is a 1924 British silent drama film directed by Walter Summers and starring C. Aubrey Smith, Lillian Hall-Davis and Nora Swinburne. Wikipedia

A colonel’s bastard son pretends his cowardly brother died a hero……

Director: Walter Summers
Screenplay: Walter Summers
Producer: G. B. Samuelson
Production company: G. B. Samuelson Productions

Stars: C. Aubrey Smith, Lillian Hall-Davis, Nora Swinburne


War Is Hell 1914

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Also known as

Maudite soit la guerre

Accursed be War

Produced by Alfred Machin for Pathé on the eve of WWI, this Belgian classic shows two friends on opposing sides of a European apocalyptic conflict. Back home a young woman awaits news of both – her brother and her lover. Shot just before Europe exploded into chaos, this neglected classic of anti-war cinema is both deeply human and devastatingly prophetic. The challenge in the restoration of this film was the application of modern digital restoration tools without losing the film’s delicate and magical stenciled colors which remind today’s audiences to those tinted postcards from that era.

This is probably the oldest anti-war film ever made: it was shot and released before WWI and anticipates aerial warfare

Director: Alfred Machin
Writer: Alfred Machin
Stars: Baert, Suzanne Berni, Fernand Crommelynck


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Related period – First World War (production), First World War (content)
Creator – War Office (Production sponsor)
British Topical Committee for War Films (Production company)
Jury, William F (Production individual)
Malins, Geoffrey H (Production individual)
McDowell, J B (Production individual)
Production date -1917-01
Place made – GB
whole: Number Of Items/reels/tapes 5

Catalogue number
IWM 116

Object description
British operations in the Somme offensive between the Battle of Flers-Courcelette and the Battle of the Ancre, Western Front, September-November 1916.

Full description
(Reel 1) Material from various phases of the Somme offensive without regard for logical or chronological continuity. The film opens with the unloading of supply trains, and soldiers on the march to the battlefield, horses being used to carry 18-pounder shells to the guns in saddle-panniers as the mud is impassable for wheeled transport, and the first appearance of the tanks. Includes brief footage of black servicemen of the British West Indies Regiment amongst a team of men loading the train. (Reel 2) 18-pounder guns, 6-inch and 8-inch howitzers fire under the control of battery officers and forward observation officers. A sequence of “Irish troops” attacking Martinpuich is shown (fake ?). (Reel 3) The tanks and Highlanders take Martinpuich on 15 September. (Reel 4) Scenes of ruins and a field dressing station after the battle. A German colonel captured with his staff on 13th November. Men of 63rd (Royal Naval) Division rest after capturing Beaumont Hamel. (Reel 5) General views of the Ancre battlefield and troops cleaning up and resting in the aftermath. The final sequence is of silhouetted supply columns moving on up the road. Among the various units in the film, those which are identified are three tanks, HMLS ‘Oh I Say !’, HMLS ‘Daphne’ and HMLS ‘Dodo’, the Australian 1st and 2nd Divisions, Howe and Hawke Battalions from 63rd (Royal Naval) Division, 29th Division, and several Infantry regiments. These include 4th Battalion, the Worcestershire Regiment, 2nd Battalion, the Northamptonshire Regiment, 2nd Battalion, the West Yorkshire Regiment, 7th and 8th Battalions, the King’s Own Scottish Borderers, 13th Battalion, the Royal Scots, 11th Battalion, the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, 6th and 10th Battalions, the Cameron Highlanders, 8th and 9th Battalions, the Durham Light Infantry, the Essex Regiment and the Royal Welch Fusiliers

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Barbed Wire 1927

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During World War I, French peasant girl Mona (Pola Negri) is left with her father (Claude Gillingwater) to manage the family farm when her brother (Einar Hanson) enlists. Soon after, the French military commandeers the farm for a prisoner-of-war camp. Although resentful of the Germans, Mona befriends German prisoner Oskar (Clive Brook), who defends her from a lecherous French sergeant. Mona’s sympathy for Oskar rouses anger in the village, but provokes a surprise when her brother returns.

Director: Rowland V. Lee
Screenplay: Rowland V. Lee, Jules Furthman
Production companies: Paramount Pictures, Famous Players-Lasky
Producers: Rowland V. Lee, Jesse L. Lasky, Erich Pommer

Stars: Pola Negri, Clive Brook, Claude Gillingwater

Coeurs belges 1923


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Patriotic melodrama. Marquise Berthe de Brabant got married to a French nobleman just before the beginning of World War I. Her husband gets severely injured in an attack against the Germans and hands over the bouquet of Berthe to a German officer, before dying without revealing his name. In turn, the German soldier gets injured and is sent to a military hospital, where Berthe is taking care of war victims. Unexpectedly he tells her everything. Will Berthe take revenge, or will she fulfill her duty as a nurse? ×

Director: Aimée Navarra
Writers: Abbé De Moor, Aimée Navarra

Production Co: Belga Films
Stars: Corona, Abbé De Moor, Viviane Dhollain

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The war and the dream of Momi 1917

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A young boy, after reading letters from the front, dreams of a war fought by puppets and of saving his father, whom he finds has returned upon waking.

Directors: Segundo de Chomón (co-director), Giovanni Pastrone (co-director) (as Piero Fosco)
Writers: Giovanni Pastrone (screenplay), Giovanni Pastrone (story)
Stars: Guido Petrungaro, Alberto Nepoti, Valentina Frascaroli

The Flying Ace 1926




When a war hero returns to his former job as a railroad company detective, he must capture a gang of railroad thieves and recover $25,000 of company cash.

Director: Richard E. Norman
Producer: Richard E. Norman
Screenplay: Richard E. Norman
Cast: Laurence Criner, Kathryn Boyd, Harold Platts


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