The Flying Ace 1926




When a war hero returns to his former job as a railroad company detective, he must capture a gang of railroad thieves and recover $25,000 of company cash.

Director: Richard E. Norman
Producer: Richard E. Norman
Screenplay: Richard E. Norman
Cast: Laurence Criner, Kathryn Boyd, Harold Platts


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The Lads of the Village 1919

the lads of the vikllage 1



British WW1  Comedy

Director: Harry Lorraine
Writer: Kenelm Foss (scenario)

Production Company Atlantic Film Company
Stars: Bernard Dudley, Maudie Dunham, Jimmy Learmonth

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We’re in the Navy Now 1926

were in the navy now

We’re in the Navy Now is a 1926 silent film comedy directed by A. Edward Sutherland and starring Wallace Beery and Raymond Hatton. Beery and Hatton previously appeared as a comedy team in Sutherland’s Behind the Front and are reunited here. Wikipedia

“Stinky” Smith makes off with the prize money when his buddy, “Knockout” Hansen loses a fight with Percival “Sailor” Scruggs. Hansen pursues him him to a U.S. Navy recruiting office, and, the next thing they know, both are in the Navy and aboard an overseas transport ship. Madelyn Phillips is on board and Scruggs is the the ship’s Master-of-Arms. They overhear a mysterious conversation between Madelyn and the ship’s radio officer. Later, Madelun induces the pair to take her off the ship and into a row boat. She disappears and they are picked up by a French ship, which sinks a German U-Boat. When the war ends they learn that Madelyn was an operative of the U.S. Secret Service.

—Les Adams
Initial release: November 6, 1926 (USA)
Director: A. Edward Sutherland
Story by: Monte Brice
Screenplay: George Marion Jr., John McDermott
Producers: Adolph Zukor, Jesse L. Lasky

Director: A. Edward Sutherland (as Edward Sutherland)
Writers: Monte Brice (original story), John McDermott (scenario)
Stars: Wallace Beery, Raymond Hatton, Chester Conklin


The Heart of Humanity 1919


The heart of humanity

An American woman is terrorized by the ravages of war and a lecherous Prussian lieutenant when she becomes a Red Cross nurse overseas during the Great War.
Director: Allen Holubar
Writers: Allen Holubar, Olga Linek Scholl (as Olga Scholl)
Stars: Dorothy Phillips, William Stowell, Robert Anderson

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The Silent Command 1923

the silent command

The Silent Command is a 1923 American silent drama film directed by J. Gordon Edwards and features Bela Lugosi as a foreign saboteur in his American film debut. The film, written by Anthony Paul Kelly and Rufus King, also stars Edmund Lowe. Wikipedia

Director: J. Gordon Edwards
Producer: William Fox
Distributed by: Fox Film
Screenplay: Rufus King, Anthony Paul Kelly

Stars: Edmund Lowe, Alma Tell, Martha Mansfield, Bela Lugosi

The Fall of Troy 1911

La caduta di Troia (original title)

La caduta_di_Troia

English subs


One of the first epics on the History of Movies, it tells the story of the Fall of Troy: Paris seduces Helen, queen of Sparta, and takes her to Troy, the city state of his father, King Priam. The Greeks declare war against the Trojans, and after ten years of siege finally, manage to invade the city with a wooden horse.
– Written by José Maria Neto

Directors: Luigi Romano Borgnetto, Giovanni Pastrone
Writer: Giovanni Pastrone
Stars: Luigi Romano Borgnetto, Giovanni Casaleggio, Madame Davesnes

Verdun, Vision of History 1928


Dramatic re-enactment of the battle of Verdun during World War I, as seen by both French and German sides.

Initial release: November 8, 1928
Director: Léon Poirier
Screenplay: Léon Poirier
Cinematography: Georges Million
Cast: Albert Préjean, Suzanne Bianchetti, Jeanne Marie-Laurent