The Fall of Troy 1911

La caduta di Troia (original title)

La caduta_di_Troia

English subs


One of the first epics on the History of Movies, it tells the story of the Fall of Troy: Paris seduces Helen, queen of Sparta, and takes her to Troy, the city state of his father, King Priam. The Greeks declare war against the Trojans, and after ten years of siege finally, manage to invade the city with a wooden horse.
– Written by José Maria Neto

Directors: Luigi Romano Borgnetto, Giovanni Pastrone
Writer: Giovanni Pastrone
Stars: Luigi Romano Borgnetto, Giovanni Casaleggio, Madame Davesnes


Verdun, Vision of History 1928


Dramatic re-enactment of the battle of Verdun during World War I, as seen by both French and German sides.

Initial release: November 8, 1928
Director: Léon Poirier
Screenplay: Léon Poirier
Cinematography: Georges Million
Cast: Albert Préjean, Suzanne Bianchetti, Jeanne Marie-Laurent

America Goes Over 1918

Americia goes over.bTsxMTQzODAzNDtqOzE3MzIyOzEyMDA7MTUwMjsyMTUw

A film produced and distributed by the US Army Signal Corps during World War I to inform and “educate” the US population about the reasons for fighting the war. Featured are scenes with Gen. John Pershing, commander of US forces in Europe, and views of US soldiers in combat and resting up between battles.
– Written by

Initial release: 1918
Produced by: Signal Corps
Distributed by: Committee on Public Information

Mare Nostrum 1926


German spy Freya Talberg (Alice Terry) seduces Spanish sea captain Ulysses Farragut (Antonio Moreno) to use his neutral ship, the “Mare Nostrum,” to transport supplies to a German submarine. Freya assures Ulysses the submarine will respect neutrality, but soon after, the sub sinks a ship carrying Ulysses’ son. Grief-stricken and bitter, Ulysses offers his ship to the French to pursue the Germans — while Freya, guilty over her involvement with the sinking, tries to withdraw from spying.

Director: Rex Ingram
Screenplay: Vicente Blasco Ibáñez
Music composed by: William Axt
Produced by: Rex Ingram

Alice Terry as Freya Talberg
Antonio Moreno as Ulysses Ferragut
Apollon (Louis Uni) as The Triton
Álex Nova as Don Esteban Ferragut
Kada-Abd-el-Kader as Young Ulysses
Hughie Mack as Caragol
Mickey Brantford as Esteban Ferragut
Mademoiselle Kithnou as Dona Cinta (as Kithnou)
Rosita Ramírez as Pepita, Ulysses’ Niece
Frédéric Mariotti as Toni, the Mate
Pâquerette as Doctor Fedelmann (as Mme. Paquerette)
Fernand Mailly as Count Kaledine
Andrews Engelmann as Submarine Commander (as André von Engelman)

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The Four Feathers 1929


The Four Feathers is a 1929 American war film directed by Merian C. Cooper and starring Fay Wray.[1] The picture has the distinction of being one of the last major Hollywood pictures of the silent era. It was also released by Paramount Pictures in a version with a Movietone soundtrack with music and sound effects only.[2] The film is the third of numerous film versions of the 1902 novel The Four Feathers written by A. E. W. Mason, and the cast features Richard Arlen, Clive Brook, William Powell and Noah Beery, Sr.