The Human Fly 1902

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An energetic Russian Cossack dancer who knows how to impress his audience with his extraordinary set of moves has a trick up his sleeve designed to capture applause.
Director: Georges Méliès

Production company : Star Film Company
Star: Georges Méliès

On Patrol 1922

on patrol

When Kalla Pasha persuades Billy Bevan to handcuff himself so Kalla can steal the contents of the safe, Billy finds himself on patrol, where an escaping prisoner steals his uniform and stuffs Billy into his own striped prison garb. After that, things get very silly in this high-speed Sennett comedy.

The indefatigable David Glass has done a “reconstruction” of this comedy — whatever that may mean — and posted the 10-minute result to Youtube. His sources may include the 1940s short “Happy Times and Jolly Moments”, but no matter whence this came, it’s a highly enjoyable end result. Bevan was at this point Sennett’s leading utility comic; he also had a fine career after the silent era as a supporting player. This one is definitely worth the six hundred seconds it will take to watch….by boblipton (New York City)

Director: Roy Del Ruth
Producer: Mack Sennett
Editor: Allen McNeil
Cinematography: Slim Padgett, J.R. Lockwood

Stars: Billy Bevan, Mildred June, James Donnelly

The False Max Linder (Un idiot qui se croit Max Linder), 1914

the false max l

Comica/Pathe production, written and directed by Romeo Bosetti. Starring Jules Vial, Romeo Bosetti.

“A somewhat original comic trifle, dealing with the endeavours of an imitation Max Linder to win fame by the methods of the great original. Needless to say, he is a very inferior imitation and, his spuriousness having been discovered, he suffers badly at the hands of those he has attempted to deceive.” (The Bioscope, Oct. 15, 1914)



Note: Although the film was made by Romeo Bosetti as part of the “Gaetan”-series, and Linder features only in an excerpt from one of his films; due to the title, it was regarded as being a part of the Max Linder filmography, right from the first release.
An interesting side note: Jules Vial was not the only impostor seen in this film. The publicity photos, used in the film, showed neither Max Linder nor Jules Vial, but the actor Andre Sechan. He was about to start a career as a Max “double” at the time of this film.