Dog Factory 1904

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Two men are operating a ‘dog factory’, using a device that they call a Dog Transformator. A man brings three dogs into their shop, which they purchase from him. They place the dogs one by one into the machine, which turns each dog into a string of sausages. As their customers come in, they are then able to select the kind of dog that they want, and the machine changes the corresponding string of sausages back into a dog.

Director: Edwin S. Porter
Production company: Edison Studios
Cinematography: Edwin S. Porter

La prima biciclette di Robinet (Tweedledum on his first bicycle), 1910

The Robinet-films were produced by “Ambrosio”, Turin and featured Marcel Fabre as Robinet (Tweedledum).
Tweedledum’s attempts to master the bicycle lead him into situations both thrilling and comical, and the ride proves most adventurous. He barely escapes with his life, and causes a mad scramble on the part of pedestrians who cross his path. (Moving Picture World, Oct. 15, 1910)


Robinet aviatore (Tweedledum, aviator), 1911

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The “Robinet” films were produced by the Società Anonima Ambrosio, Turin (Italy) and featured Marcel Fabre in the role of Robinet (Tweedledum).

Tweedledum builds an airship and makes a flight. Chimneys are tumbled down, the fragments striking pedestrians in the street, buildings are wrecked, and finally the machine collapses. His downward flight ends after he has been precipitated through a roof and the floors below, and his career as an aviator ends when the police put him in a cell.

—Moving Picture World synopsis


Robinet Boxeur (Tweedledum as a boxer) 1913

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The “Robinet” films were produced by the Società Anonima Ambrosio, Turin and featured Marcel Fabre in the role of Robinet (Tweedledum).
As “Robinet” Marcel Fabre (1885 – 1927) appeared in at least 137 films between 1910 and 1915.
Tweedledum is witness of a boxing bout between a white man and a negro, in which the latter is successful, and, full of anger at the indignity to his own race, the comedian challenges the black to a fight to a finish, and straightway goes into training. His work with the ball is so heavy that he shatters the walls of his gymnasium, punches off the head of inoffensive pedestrians, causes others to explode by a terrific body blow, sends a tram hustling back the way it has come by a sturdy thump, and when he gets into the ring causes the negro to shrink with fear, and easily puts him out. (The Cinema – News and Property Gazette, Mar. 12, 1913)

Production Co: Società Anonima Ambrosio

Starring: Marcel Fabre