Napoleon and Sally 1916


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Short animal comedy starring the chimpanzees Napoleon and Sally. Napoleon is called up to the army, and says goodbye to Sally, and to the people in the film studio. He leaves. But Sally quickly chases after him, and together they arrive at “Fort Skiddoo”. The chaotic army unit is composed of men in old-fashioned uniforms and a woman. The chimp Napoleon has to stand guard, and sees the enemy. He sounds the alarm. In a frantic battle, Sally is injured, and Napoleon ensures that the enemy retreats. Sally is carried inside, and she is hungry more than anything else.

Production Co: E & R Jungle Film Co.

Stars: Lillian Leighton, Napoleon, Sally

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A Rag Doll Romance 1922

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A short film with all kinds of comic complications between poor Mr. Ras, his nephew Jimmy, a monkey, a girl with a doll carriage, and a large dog. A farce in two parts. Mr. Ras and his nephew Jimmy are sleeping in a train car. The monkey, who is travelling with them, wakes them up. Mr. Ras takes a shower, while Jimmy goes out looking for food. But Jimmy has written a note saying that he has gone out looking for work. He leaves with the monkey. A girl is out for a walk with her doll carriage and a large dog, but she loses her grip on the doll carriage goes and it rolls down a hill. Jimmy manages to stop it. She takes Jimmy along with her, because he can probably work for the girl’s grandmother. The grandmother agrees, and Jimmy is given some new clothes to try on. Soon the monkey and the dog begin quarrelling over the doll, which leads to the doll getting broken. Jimmy orders the animals to calm down, and then helps the grandma with the laundry. The animals also help out. Then a man sneaks into the grandma’s room, but the dog sees this

Director: William Campbell (as William S. Campbell)
Stars: Jack Cooper, Pal the Dog, Lawrence Licalzi

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The Automatic Motorist 1911

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The Automatic Motorist is a 1911 British short silent comedy film, directed by Walter R. Booth, featuring a robot chauffeur taking an inventor and a young honeymooning couple on a wild ride around the planets and under the sea. Wikipedia

Director: Walter R. Booth

Production Company Kineto


Released online as part of the BFI’s Sci-Fi: Days of Fear and Wonder season, ‘Automatic Motorist’ is free to watch, like 60% of content on the BFI Player site. Other highlights include The Airship Destroyer from 1909 and this brilliant film about a futuristic, monorail-strewn London from 1924.





The Pride Of Pikeville 1927

ThePride of Pikeville

In Pikeville, the on again off again engagement between Ruth Hawkins and Walter Yates is off again after Ruth calls it off because of him laughing at her singing voice, which she believes is beautiful. She sees a photo of Baron Bonamo, international ladies man, in a magazine, he who travels the world on his brand of horseback making a name for men everywhere. To make Walter jealous, she writes herself a letter signed by Bonamo, stating that he is in love with her because of her singing voice. Meanwhile, Pearl Pepper, a plain Jane of a woman who is also from Pikeville, runs across Baron Bonamo in her travels and falls under his spell, although he has no interest in her. Pearl’s roughneck father, Colonel Pepper who is traveling with her, believes there is impropriety between Bonamo and his daughter for which he will not stand – they get married or else. When they collectively arrive in Pikeville, complications ensue with now two women who are so-called in Bonamo’s life, one he doesn’t…
Director: Alfred J. Goulding (as Alf Goulding)

Production Co: Mack Sennett Comedies
Writers: Randall Faye (story), Al Giebler (titles) (as A.H. Giebler)
Stars: Ben Turpin, Thelma Hill, Andy Clyde

A Millionaire for a Minute 1915

a million aire for a minute

Gale, the Village Schoolmarm, wants to marry Ezekial Brown, but her Uncle objects to the match.

A Rare film issued by The Universal Film Manufacturing Company in 1915. Not many of these films survive in any format. It is posted here for your enjoyment
Director: Allen Curtis

Production Co: Universal Film Manufacturing Company
Writer: James Dayton (scenario)
Stars: Gale Henry, Max Asher, Billy Franey

Rip Van Winkle 1896


The first film adaptation of Washington Irving’s “Rip Van Winkle”, a short story about a man who awakes after a 20 year long sleep to a huge white beard on his face and a much changed world. In this footage, Joseph Jefferson, the actor most associated with the character on the 19th century stage, makes a series of short films recreating scenes from his stage adaptation.

This film is important in that it captures the work of Joseph Jefferson III, a significant comic in the American stage of the 19th century. Rip Van Winkle is the role most associated with him; he debuted it in 1859 in Washington and played it for 40 years.
He was also a teacher to actor James O’Neill, the father of playwright Eugene O’Neill.

Director W.K.L. Dickson

Production – American Mutoscope Co

starring Joseph Jefferson.