Le charmeur 1907


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A Brahman stuffs a serpent into a cocoon, and a butterfly woman comes out. She makes more butterflies come out of the same cocoon till a whole crowd of them are swarming the jungle. When the Brahman tries to catch the queen she turns him into the serpent who slinks off into the jungle.


Director: Segundo de Chomón

Director: Segundo de Chomón

Le theatre electrique de Bob 1909

Also known as Bob’s Electric Theatre

Three young children set up a table, and on the table is placed a miniature stage. The stage curtain opens, a carpet appears, and then the carpet unrolls by itself. Two puppet figures then come out and begin to perform a series of routines.

DIRECTOR Segundo de Chomón
SCREENWRITER Ferdinand Zecca

Production Co: Pathé Frères

L’insaisissable pickpocket 1908

Also Known as Diabolical Pickpocket

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A pickpocket in a plaid suit is constantly on the run from the police. He doesn’t have any trouble evading the cops, as his magic powers can get him out of the tightest situations. Using special effects, the pickpocket can jump into tight suitcases, unravel into a plaid rug, and disappear into thin air, among other things.


Director: Segundo de Chomón




The Cigar Box 1907

La boîte à cigares (original title)

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Out of a spin-around door on a cylinder-shaped box comes a magician, who proceeds to conjure dancing girls out of the box. At one point he also lights 5 cigars from the box, which magically transform into more dancing girls. Tinted remarkably.



Director: Segundo de Chomón


Les Lunatiques 1908

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Also Known as Whimsical People

A Pierriette, standing near a crescent moon, snatches five pink suits from the air, and shaking each, it becomes a clown, who seats himself on the moon. In military unison they push their faces through a series of grimaces, and then leaning forward too far, they all go falling down from the moon. It is a long drop, but they reach some kind of bottom and there they execute a peculiar dance; as each jumps over the other in a game of leap-frog, he is transformed into a grotesquely attired negro minstrel, and from that guise into that of a Chinaman. Several dances, in the course of which they also change to girls, follow each other, after which, coming back to their own again, the five clowns begin to fall upward, and are soon back on the moon again.

—Moving Picture World synopsis

Color hand-coloured
Director Segundo de Chomón

Writer: Segundo de Chomón


The Invisible Thief 1909

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Le voleur invisible (original title)

A man buys the novel The Invisible Man by “G.H. Wells” at a bookshop, and in it finds the recipe for Wells’ invisibility potion.

This picture, which abounds in funny situations, is a marvel for its tricks in photography and leaves the spectator spellbound with amazement over the many unique incidents which take place in the course of the story. In the first picture we see a fellow bent upon perpetrating a theft, entering the room where, after drinking a notion from a bottle, he becomes invisible…

DIRECTOR: -Ferdinand Zecca

Production Co:

Pathé Frères

A Trip to Jupiter 1909

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Le voyage sur Jupiter (original title)

The King and his official astronomer are alone in the study viewing the heavenly bodies through the monstrous telescope. They go out on the balcony and the gay old ruler is much absorbed in the phenomenon, and spends some time in studying the stars and planets. The evening has been well spent with the many mysteries which have made such a deep impression upon the King’s mind that they are still with him in his dreams. (Moving Picture World synopsi

Director: Segundo de Chomón

Pathé Frères


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