Five Brides 1929

five brides

The followers of ∗Petlura capture a village. The gang commander threatens to kill everyone if people don’t give them five hostage girls in wedding dresses. Under the pressure of the rich Jews fathers give away their daughters to the drunken officers. Fortunately, a detachment of partisans comes in and frees the village.

∗Symon Vasylyovych Petliura was a publicist, writer, journalist, Ukrainian politician, statesman of the Ukrainian People’s Republic, and nationalist leader who led Ukraine’s struggle for independence following the Russian Revolution of 1917

writing credit: David Maryan

directed by Alexander Solovyov

cinematography: Albert Kyun

production design: Yosif Shipnel

Tamara Adelgeym, Amvrosi Buchma, Yu. Koshevskaya, Matvei Lyarov, Anna Mesherskaya, I. Mindlin, R. Rami-Shor, Stepan Shagaida, Tatyana Tokarskaya, Z.Tsiss, D. Tyurchin



Departure of a Grand Old Man 1912

departures ofa grand oldman

A group of peasants comes to see Leo Tolstoy and his wife, the Countess, to request some land. Tolstoy must explain to them that it is his wife who has authority over their land-holdings, and she will not help them. Stung by their negative reaction to him, Tolstoy becomes increasingly preoccupied with the problems of the poor. This leads to a number of conflicts with his wife, and then to a deep despondency, as the noted writer continues vainly to search for answers to the sufferings he sees around him.

Director: Yakov Protazanov
Screenplay: Isaak Borissowitsch Feinerman
Producer: Paul Timan
Cinematography: Aleksandr Levitsky
Cast: Olga Petrova,  Vladimir Shaternikov, Mikhail Tamarov

After Death 1915

after death


Posle smerti (original title)

Andrei lives a secluded life with his aunt, studying and thinking about his now-deceased mother. His friend Tsenin is concerned, and tries to get Andrei to accompany him to social events. After watching the actress Zoya Kadmina perform, Andrei is fascinated with her, and is then astounded to receive a note from her. He has only one brief meeting with her, and then three months later he is shocked to learn of her death. He now becomes obsessed with her memory, and he decides that he must find out all that he can about her.

After Death (1915) movie

Genre: Drama
Production Co: Khanzhonkov

Directed by Yevgeni Bauer
Writing Credits: Yevgeni Bauer, Ivan Turgenev (novel)
Produced by Aleksandr Khanzhonkov
Cinematography by Boris Zavelev

Vitold Polonsky as Andrei Bagrov
Olga Rakhmanova as Kapitolina Markovna, his aunt
Vera Karalli as Zoya Kadmina
Mariya Khalatova as Her mother
Tamara Gedevanova as Her sister
Marfa Kassatskaya as Princess Tarskaya
Georg Asagaroff as Andrei’s friend

Love’s Berries 1926

Love’s Berries is a 1926 Soviet comedy film by Ukrainian director Alexander Dovzhenko. The film was Dovzhenko’s debut and the screenplay was written in three days. Wikipedia
Initial release: 1926
Director: Alexander Dovzhenko
Screenplay: Alexander Dovzhenko
Cinematography: Danylo Demutsky
Editor: Alexander Dovzhenko
Cast: Dmitri Kapka, Margarita Barskaja, Nikolai Nademsky


The House on Trubnaya 1928


Imdb 7.4

In the Russian countryside, Parasha Pitunova (Vera Maretskaya) longs for adventure and sets off to find her uncle in Moscow. When she is unable to stay with him upon arrival, Parasha finds work as a maid with the barber Golikov (Vladimir Fogel) and his idle wife (Yelena Tyapkina). The Golikovs are quick to take advantage of Parasha’s youth and inexperience, and work her mercilessly. But Parasha’s fortunes take a turn when a young union representative arrives and explains that she has rights.

Director: Boris Barnet

Music composed by: Robert Israel
Production company: Gorky Film Studio
Writers: Nikolay Erdman, Anatoli Marienhof | 3 more credits »
Stars: Vera Maretskaya, Vladimir Fogel, Yelena Tyapkina

The Queen of Spades 1916


While hosting a game of cards one night, Narumov tells his friends a story about his grandmother, a Countess. As a young woman, she had once incurred an enormous gambling debt, which she was able to erase by learning a secret that guaranteed that she could win by playing her cards in a certain order. One of Narumov’s friends, German, has never gambled, but he is intrigued by the story about the Countess and her secret. He soon becomes obsessed with learning this secret from her, and he starts by courting her young ward Lizaveta, hoping to use her to gain access to the Countess.
– Written by Snow Leopard

Director: Yakov Protazanov
Writers: Alexander Pushkin (short story “The Queen of Spades”), Fyodor Otsep
Stars: Tamara Duvan, Ivan Mozzhukhin, Vera Orlova

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The Forty-First 1927


IMDB 7.0

Also known as Sorok pervyy

Tragic romance between a female Red Army sharpshooter and a White Army officer.
Director: Yakov Protazanov
Writers: Boris Lavrenyev (novel), Boris Lavrenyev (screenplay)
Stars: Ivan Koval-Samborsky, Ivan Shtraukh, Ada Vojtsik

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