Le charmeur 1907


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A Brahman stuffs a serpent into a cocoon, and a butterfly woman comes out. She makes more butterflies come out of the same cocoon till a whole crowd of them are swarming the jungle. When the Brahman tries to catch the queen she turns him into the serpent who slinks off into the jungle.


Director: Segundo de Chomón

Director: Segundo de Chomón

Liliputian dances 1906

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A basket of flowers appears and moves by itself to the middle of a decorative arch. From the basket, a woman magician appears. From a cylinder, the magician conjures a series of tiny dancers and acrobats who perform on a table top, and in the palm of her hand. She puts dancers back into the cylinder, then stirs and shakes the contents, and out pops another dancer. She puts them back into the cylinder, then arranges six small cups in a line along the table top. She waves her wand and six tiny dancers appear and dance on a board placed across the tops of the cups. Then, one by one she makes all her props disappear and produces a basket of flowers, which she enlarges and scatters about the stage. The flowers turn into life-sized dancers. A man dressed in a tutu comes forward and takes a bow with the magician.

Produced by Pathé frères (France)

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Le theatre electrique de Bob 1909

Also known as Bob’s Electric Theatre

Three young children set up a table, and on the table is placed a miniature stage. The stage curtain opens, a carpet appears, and then the carpet unrolls by itself. Two puppet figures then come out and begin to perform a series of routines.

DIRECTOR Segundo de Chomón
SCREENWRITER Ferdinand Zecca

Production Co: Pathé Frères

Max reprend sa liberté 1912


The beauty of this affable domestic morality play by Max Linder rests entirely with the actor/director’s seemingly inexhaustible ability to balance his ineffably graceful screen presence against the character of a less than competent husband, consigned to his own dysfunctional devices after the wife runs home to Mother. Linder’s comedies were always like this; forever two steps less unhinged, even in their slapstick elements, than the lovely knockabout grotesquerie of Keystone; and with a shade more emphasis on character. Though never as wildly successful in the States as the pantheon comics (Chaplin, Arbuckle, Keaton, Lloyd, etc), they nevertheless all took away something from Linder, whithout which their work, indeed the soul of American screen comedy itself, would have been a very different, possibly less charming, species. Tom Sutpen

Director Max Linder

Cast – Max Linder, Delphine Renot, Jane Renouardt
Producer – Pathé Frères





David and Saul 1911

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Sorry this movie is no longer available

This old Bible story does not need any description. It is not, however, the story of David and Delilah, but is the tale surrounding the time when David had Saul at his mercy and cut off only a portion of Saul’s garment.

Director: Henri Andréani

Production Co: Pathé Frères


The Invisible Thief 1909

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Le voleur invisible (original title)

A man buys the novel The Invisible Man by “G.H. Wells” at a bookshop, and in it finds the recipe for Wells’ invisibility potion.

This picture, which abounds in funny situations, is a marvel for its tricks in photography and leaves the spectator spellbound with amazement over the many unique incidents which take place in the course of the story. In the first picture we see a fellow bent upon perpetrating a theft, entering the room where, after drinking a notion from a bottle, he becomes invisible…

DIRECTOR: -Ferdinand Zecca

Production Co:

Pathé Frères

Fluttering Hearts 1927

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Defying her father’s wishes, a young woman runs off to a sale at store. She’s pursued by a policeman, but wins him over with the help of a friendly millionaire. In the mean time, her father tries to retrieve a compromising letter.

Director: James Parrott
Producer: Hal Roach
Screenplay: H. M. Walker, Charley Chase
Production companies: Pathé, Hal Roach Studios

Stars: Charley Chase, Oliver Hardy, Martha Sleeper