Crazy To Act 1927

crazy to act

Crazy to Act 1927  – Starring Oliver Hardy – Produced by Gordon Bagley wants to marry the female star of his latest production, whilst she is in love with her Co star…

Director: Earle Rodney
Producer: Mack Sennett
Screenplay: Earle Rodney, Mildred June, Harry McCoy, Carl Harbaugh, Jefferson Moffitt

Stars: Matty Kemp, Mildred June, Oliver Hardy


The Monkey Talks 1927

The Monkey talks 1927

7/10 · IMDb
Fano, a member of a French traveling circus, dresses up as a talking chimpanzee to make money.
Initial release: February 20, 1927
Director: Raoul Walsh
Production company: Fox Film
Cinematography: L. William O’Connell
Screenplay: Gordon Rigby, Elizabeth Pickett Chevalier, Malcolm Stuart Boylan

Stars: Olive Borden, Jacques Lerner, Don Alvarado


Magic Umbrella 1927


Genre parody, filmed in Rome; color and sound added in 1965

American avant-garde film

Directed by Jerome Hill

<p><a href=”″>Magic Umbrella</a> from <a href=””>Jerome Foundation</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>