Fräulein Else 1929

IMDb 7.3/10


German film with English subtitles

Fräulein Else (English: Miss Else) is a 1929 German silent drama film directed by Paul Czinner and starring Elisabeth Bergner, Albert Bassermann and Albert Steinrück. It was based on the 1924 novella of the same name by Arthur Schnitzler. Bergner had previously played her role on stage to great acclaim.

A young woman reluctantly decides to compromise her values in order to save her family from bankruptcy and disgrace.

Director: Paul Czinner
Producer: Paul Czinner
Screenplay: Paul Czinner, Carl Mayer
Cinematography: Karl Freund, Robert Baberske, Adolf Schlasy

Stars: Elisabeth Bergner, Albert Bassermann, Albert Steinrück



The Wrecker 1929

IMDb 7.4/10

The Wrecker

The Wrecker is a 1929 British-German silent crime film directed by Géza von Bolváry and starring Carlyle Blackwell, Joseph Striker and Benita Hume. The film was based on the play of the same title by Arnold Ridley. Wikipedia
Initial release: 17 July 1929
Director: Géza von Bolváry
Screenplay: Arnold Ridley, Benno Vigny
Producers: Michael Balcon, Arnold Pressburger, Josef Somlo, Hermann Fellner
Production companies: Gainsborough Pictures, Felsom Film

Stars: Carlyle Blackwell, Benita Hume, Joseph Striker

Incidents in the Furlong East Africa Expedition, 1929


Charles Wellington Furlong (1874–1967) was an American explorer, writer, artist and photographer from Massachusetts.

Length: 8:19
Year: 1929
Color: B/W
Library: TFA Network
Decade: 1920s
Region: Africa
Country: Congo
Subject: Explorers
Original: 35mm

The Strong Man 1929


IMDb 7/10

the strong man


Journalist Henryk Bielecki is not very talented but he desperately wants to become a famous writer. Nothing will stop him from making his dreams come true.
Director: Henryk Szaro
Writers: Jerzy Braun (screenplay), Stanislaw Przybyszewski (novel) | 2 more credits »
Stars: Gregori Chmara, Agnes Kuck, Julian Krzewinski

Polish movie with English subtitles

A Race For Ties 1929

a race forties

“A Race for Ties (at 1,600 feet of 16mm film) is authoritatively stated to be the first feature-length movie made in Canada entirely by amateurs.”

Description: Drama of competition between a small-time lumberman and a large lumbering company.

Amateur Cinema Society of Thunder Bay
M. Dorothea Mitchell
Harold Harcourt
Directors of Photography:
Fred Cooper
Fred Lovelady
Actors and Participants:
Martha Lake
Harold Saunders
M. Dorothea Mitchell
Wally McComber
Harold Harcourt
F. Duncan Roberts
Ed Lindey
Fred Lovelady
Eddie Cook
M. Dorothea Mitchell
M. Dorothea Mitchell

Dorothea Mitchell was born in England, raised in India, and immigrated to Canada in 1904. She was a “spinster” who chose the forests of Northwestern Ontario where she fought to become the first single woman in the province to be granted homestead rights. She staked her claim for a homestead at Silver Mountain where she built a sawmill, hired lumberjacks, and ran the local train station.
At the age of 42, Dorothea Mitchell’s artistic career began when she moved to Port Arthur, (now Thunder Bay), where she wrote, produced and starred in a series of silent films. She was a founding member of the Port Arthur Amateur Cinema Society and their 1929 A Race for Ties was the first amateur feature length film made in Canada. She and Fred Cooper, a successful baker who owned a camera, became members of the New York-based Amateur Cinema League, which was a serious effort by independent filmmakers throughout the world to compete with Hollywood. Dorothea sent away for scripts to produce, read them and decided she could do better. To find out more about Dorothea Mitchell and the Port Arthur Amateur Cinema Society visit


Poor Daddy 1929

poor daddy

A 1929 B&W silent comedy from Shanghai, describing a vindictive funnyman’s efforts to get back at his cheating wife, as aided by his smarter and more moralistic young son.

This film has original Chinese and English intertitles.

Yang Xiao-Zhong

C. C. Chen Zhi-Jing
Zhang Zhe-De
Liu Wei-Qun
Xu Jing-Zhen
William Ko Wai-Lim
Hong Jing-Ling
Hoh Chi-Gong

Production Company
Great Wall Film Company

Lee Man-Gwong

The White Hell of Pitz Palu 1929

7.3/10 · IMDb

Die weiße Hölle vom Piz Palü (original title)

German movie with English intertitles

white hell of pitz palu

The original version of Die weiße Hölle vom Piz Palü was lost until 1996. The film was restored in 1997 by the German Federal Film Archive

A man climbs a 12,000-foot mountain to search for his wife, who was lost on their honeymoon. Another couple makes the dangerous climb with him.

Director: Arnold Fanck, Georg Wilhelm Pabst
Music composed by: Willy Schmidt-Gentner
Cinematography: Sepp Allgeier, Hans Schneeberger, Richard Angst
Screenplay: Arnold Fanck, Ladislaus Vajda

Stars: Gustav Diessl, Leni Riefenstahl, Ernst Petersen