The Mating Call 1928

the mating call 1928

Farmer turned WWI hero Leslie returns home hoping to reunite with his wife Rose, but it turns out her parents had the unconsummated marriage annulled so she could wed the rich Lon Henderson. Rose throws herself at Leslie, itching for an affair due to her husband’s penchant for infidelity, but he spurns her, marrying a young French immigrant named Catherine to get her off his back. When one of Lon’s lovers commits suicide after he has cast her aside, he pins it all on Les and has his KKK-inspired group take action against him… Written by cupcakes

Director: James Cruze
Production Co: The Caddo Company
Story by: Rex Beach
Screenplay: Walter Woods, Herman J. Mankiewicz

Stars: Thomas Meighan, Evelyn Brent, Renée Adorée



Beautiful Flappers – 1920’s Color Fashion Film

Stunning colour fashion feature from 1928 – discovered by film archivist Murray Glass.
The image of the flapper had given way to much more sophisticated styles in women’s dresses and hats, including the famous cloche hat, made popular in recent years by Angelina Jolie.Features lovely examples if women’s beauty looks from the 1920s. Women featured are Corliss Palmer,Rachel Torres,Laura la Plante and Ruth Elder.
Music by Annette Hanshaw

The Lost Laugh 1928

The lost laugh

A man rises to a day in which everything seems to go wrong. He handles it all in good humor, but does he have a breaking point?
Director: Stephen Roberts
Stars: Wallace Lupino, Lucille Hutton, Monte Collins

Un chapeau de paille d’Italie (1928)

un chapeau de paille D'italie


THE FLORENTINER HaT is a silent film comedy by director René Clair from the year of publication 1928 (production year 1927), based on the stage play A Florentine Hat (1851) by Eugène Labiche and Marc Michel.

Film Details:

Fadinard ( Albert Préjean ) is about to marry the beautiful
Hélène ( Maryse Maia :). But his luck is put to the test when his horse
eats the straw hat of a walker …

The Film was positively received by the critics, and it proved to be one of the most durable of French silent films. By transposing the action to the 1890s when the play had found particular success with audiences, the film was seen as a satire of the play itself and of the kind of audience that would have enjoyed it



French Intertitles and German subtitles. No English subs.

Director : René Clair
Screenplay : René Clair
Cast : Albert Préjean , Olga Chekhova , Paul Ollivier , Geymond Vital

The Viking 1928

the viking

The film was based on the novel The Thrall of Leif the Lucky, itself based on Viking history, written by Ottilie A. Liljencrantz.

Yes, it’s true, an all color silent movie! The title refers to Leif Ericsson, who leaves Norway to search for new lands west of Greenland. On the way he vies for the love of Helga with his companion Egil and Alwin, an English slave. More conflict arises when he stops at the colony of his father (Eric the Red) in Greenland, for Leif has converted to Christianity, which his father hates. He also has to deal with the unrest of his crew, who fear falling off the edge of the Earth. Written by Robert Tonsing <>

Director: Roy William Neill
Producer: Herbert Kalmus
Screenplay: Jack Cunningham, Randolph Bartlett, Ottilie A. Liljencrantz
Music composed by: William Axt, Richard Wagner, Edvard Grieg

Stars: Donald Crisp, Pauline Starke, LeRoy Mason

The Chaser 1928

the chaser

A wife, tired of her husband’s non-stop carousing, sues him for divorce. The judge, however, comes up with a novel solution–he makes the husband take his wife’s place in the household–including dressing like her–for 30 days to see what it’s like to be his wife.


Director: Harry Langdon
Writers: Robert Eddy, Al Giebler (titles) (as A.H. Giebler)

Production Co: Harry Langdon Corporation
Stars: Harry Langdon, Gladys McConnell, Helen Hayward

Lonesome 1928

IMDb 8/10


Two lonely people in the big city meet and enjoy the thrills of an amusement park, only to lose each other in the crowd after spending a great day together. Will they ever see each other again?

Director: Paul Fejos
Story by: Mann Page
Screenplay: Edward T. Lowe, Jr., Tom Reed
Producers: Carl Laemmle Jr., Carl Laemmle, Oskar Schubert-Stevens

Stars: Barbara Kent, Glenn Tryon, Fay Holderness


Lonesome is a 1928 part-talkie film

Two versions below the putlocker version is the better of the two

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