Riley the Cop 1928

English intertitles with Spanish subtitles with an option to turn off

riley the cop


Joe Smith, a young bakery worker, gets engaged to Mary Coronelli, who comes from a wealthy family. Her snooty aunt takes Mary to Europe, hoping to break up the couple, but Joe uses his savings to follow her there. Unfortunately, he is falsely accused of embezzling money for the trip from the bakery, and Officer Riley, a well-liked local cop, pursues Joe to Europe. While in Germany Riley falls for a young flapper in a beer garden, but he’s in for a surprise when he finds out who she really is.


Director: John Ford
Producer: John Ford
Production company: Fox Film
Screenplay: James Gruen, Fred Stanley

Stars: J. Farrell MacDonald, Nancy Drexel, David Rollins




Synd 1928

Also Known as “Sin” This Movie has English subtitles

Synd is a Swedish Film


French silent star Gina Manès played a femme fatale in Gustaf Molander’s film “Synd” (The Sin), based on August Strindberg’s Brott och brott (Crime and crime).

A married writers luck turns when he gets a play produced at Théâtre de Paris. He meets the femme fatale who should play the lead in his play. Passion and conflict occurs.


Director: Gustaf Molander
Screenplay: Paul Merzbach
Cinematography: Julius Jaenzon

Production Companies
Film AB Minerva
British Instructional Films (BIF)
Hisa-Film-Vertrieb GmbH
Svenska Film (II)

Stars: Lars Hanson, Elissa Landi, Anita Hugo

Ships of the Night 1928

IMDb 7,1

shipsof thenight

Donald Hearne flees Borneo and it’s island justice when he fears he has killed a man. Later his name is cleared and it is up to his sister Johanna to risk sea, sailors, pirates, and capricious fate as she makes way to the notorious Derelicts’ Island to bring her brother back home, her only ally is Dan Meloy a rough but honest ship captain.

Director: Duke Worne

Production Co: Trem Carr Pictures
Writers: Arthur Hoerl (screenplay), Arthur Hoerl (titles)
Stars: Jacqueline Logan, Sôjin Kamiyama, Jack Mower, J.P. McGowan


Idle Eyes 1928

idle eyes


The film begins with Ben Turpin looking for some food. He’s a hobo and is resorting to trying to steal food from a baby. That ‘baby’ is actually four year-old midget, Billy Barty.

Director: Leslie Goodwins
Stars: Ben Turpin, Georgia O’Dell, Helen Gilmore

The Eyes Have It 1928

the eyes have it

A beautiful young woman is rescued by Ben and gives him her photo. When it is found in his pocket, his henpecking wife and shrewish mother-in-law immediately jump to the wrong conclusion and go on the warpath.

Director: Leslie Goodwins
Cast: Ben Turpin, Jack Lipson, Helen Gilmore, Georgia O’Dell

the best man 1928

the best_man_s-901111324-large

A bride and groom are all set to get married, but they can’t until the best man shows up. When the best man eventually does show up, he causes a few problems since he ran through some tar just before entering the church. The groom doesn’t seem to mind too much, just as long as the best man brought the ring, which he did. But as the wedding proceeds, that sticky tar just can’t help but get the best man into one disastrous incident after another, including with the ring. That havoc, which leads into the reception, the wedding night and the honeymoon send off, may end the marriage even before it begins… or at least the couple’s friendship with their best man.
– Written by Huggo

Director: Harry Edwards
Writers: Dudley Early, Harry Edwards | 6 more credits »
Stars: Billy Bevan, Vernon Dent, Alma Bennett

Carry on, Sergeant! 1928

carry on sergant


Two Canadians (Jimmy Savo, Hugh Buckler) enlist in a Highlands regiment at the start of World War I. They indulge themselves in the side benefits to being soldiers, and one of them marries a French waitress.
Director: Bruce Bairnsfather
Writer: Bruce Bairnsfather
Stars: Jimmy Savo, Hugh Buckler, Nancy Ann Hargreaves