Upstream 1927


Previously thought lost, the film was found in 2010 stored in a New Zealand film archive. According to a June 07, 2010 article in the Los Angeles Times, Upstream, unlike several other films found in the same cache, was considered so valuable, its restoration was carried out in New Zealand before it had several copies shipped to the US. The restoration was funded by 20th Century-Fox–whose predecessor, Fox Films, originally produced the picture.

This John Ford film centres on a boarding house that is home to actors and various other performing artists.  When one of the gets asked to perform Hamlet in London, the boarding house troupe is thrilled and sends him off joyously. But how will they react when success goes to his head?


Director: John Ford
Screenplay: Randall Faye
Story by: Wallace Smith
Awards: National Society of Film Critics Film Heritage Award

Stars: Nancy Nash, Earle Foxe, Grant Withers

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A Kiss from Mary Pickford 1927

A kiss for Mary Pickford

A Kiss From Mary Pickford (1927) is a comedy film made in the Soviet Union, directed by Sergei Komarov and co-written by Komarov and Vadim Shershenevich. The film, starring Igor Ilyinsky, is mostly known today because of a cameo by the popular film couple Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks. The footage of the couple was shot during their visit to the USSR, with the couple knowingly participating as a gesture towards the Russian film industry.


Goga Palkin is a theatre check-taker in love with an undiscovered actress named Dusya. She has a crush on Douglas Fairbanks and only wants to date someone famous like a Hollywood star. After a chance meeting and a kiss from Mary Pickford, Goga becomes a local celebrity, and a lot of girls chase him through the streets. The popularity of her admirer makes Dusya jealous, and she falls for him.

Director: Sergei Komarov
Production company: Mezhrabpom-Rus
Cinematography: Yevgeni Alekseyev
Screenplay: Sergei Komarov, Vadim Shershenevich

Stars: Igor Ilyinsky, Anel Sudakevich, Mary Pickford, Douglas Fairbanks




Breezing Along 1927

breezing along

This is a better than average Hamilton film thanks to the presence of a bratty kid who makes Lloyd’s life miserable. It seems that Lloyd was hired as a combination chauffeur, butler, cook, etc. and isn’t particularly adept at any of these tasks. however, to make things worse, there is a bratty kid in the home who does his best to ruin everything.

Director: Norman Taurog
Writer: Norman Taurog
Stars: Lloyd Hamilton, Estelle Bradley, Al Thompson


For the Term of His Natural Life 1927

for the term of his natural life

Based on the Australian classic by Marcus Clarke, the story of convict Rufus Dawe was based on fact and reflects that of many convicts of Australia’s early days. Rufus Dawe has been wrongfully accused of a crime he did not commit, and sent to the harsh penal colony of Van Diemen’s Land, Australia – for the term of his natural life. In his attempts to escape the colony forever, he falls in love with a warden’s daughter, Sylvia, confronts his sinister lookalike John Rex, and the evil convict Gabbet. American director Norman Dawn’s movie adaptation strays from the original book but retains a strong visual style, especially in climactic crowd scenes. It is notorious as the movie that was meant to launch Australia into the world movie market, but instead cost investors thousands after the coming of sound stymied its potential for overseas success. Written by Camille Scaysbrook <>

Director: Norman Dawn
Box office: 40,000 GBP (by 1928)
Story by: Marcus Clarke
Screenplay: Norman Dawn, Gayne Dexter

Stars: George Fisher, Eva Novak, Dunstan Webb

El dos de mayo 1927

Also known as “The Two of May”

Intertitles are in Spanish no English subtitles

el dos demayo

With great resources for the period, this is the first film version of the events of “dos de mayo” (the second of May) in the Spanish War of Independence. It recreates the popular uprising in the city of Madrid on the second of May 1808, which was cruelly put down by the French army. This historic event sparked the armed insurrection in the rest of the country that led to the War of Independence. The shooting in real settings makes for spectacular epic scenes, such as the executions by firing squad in Moncloa and the defence of the Monteleón Artillery Park.

Director: José Buchs
Writers: José Buchs, Federico de Oliván (story)
Stars: Maximiliano F. Alaña, Alberto Barrena, María Comendador


The Sensation Seekers 1927

sensation seekers

Ray Sturgis, leader of the fashionable Long Island jazz set, is engaged to “Egypt” Hagen, an up-to-date girl in every respect. Egypt is arrested at a roadhouse raid, and at her mother’s bidding, the Reverend Norman Lodge arranges for her freedom. At a fancy-dress ball, when Ray wears a costume made of newspaper headlines concerning her arrest, Egypt is offended. Seen constantly in the company of Reverend Lodge, her reputation causes church people to take up the matter with the bishop. Leaving the country club, Egypt goes to the Lodge home and hides behind the door when the bishop arrives; Reverend Lodge wants to marry her, and they admit their love; but humiliation causes her to leave with Sturgis that night. Their yacht is wrecked, but Lodge and the bishop follow and rescue Egypt, though Sturgis is drowned. The bishop, realizing the depth of their love, consents to marry them. ×

Director: Lois Weber
Screenplay: Lois Weber
Producer: Carl Laemmle

Writers: Ernest Pascal (story “Egypt”), Lois Weber
Stars: Billie Dove, Huntley Gordon, Raymond Bloomer

Daring Deeds 1927

Daring deeds

“Young flyer displeases his dad, an aeroplane manufacturer. The youth leaves home in search of adventure. Develops romance with daughter of an inventor, and saves her father from a man bent on ruining him. He wins airplane race and government contract.” ( Motion Picture News Booking Guide, 13:25, Oct 1927.)

Director: Duke Worne

Produced by Duke Worne
Writer: George W. Pyper
Stars: Billy Sullivan, Molly Malone, Earl Metcalfe