The Fair Co-Ed 1927

8.1/10 · IMDb

the fair coed

Marion (Marion Davies) decides to go to Bingham College because her crush, Bob (Johnny Mack Brown), is a women’s basketball coach there. After Marion becomes the star basketball player, she butts heads with Betty (Jane Winton), who is also chasing after Bob, and ends up quitting the team before the championship games. The team loses the first game, and Marion is spurned by the school. Realizing she’s made a mistake, she returns to the team — but not all the girls are willing to take her back.

Director: Sam Wood
Produced by Sam Wood
Story by: George Ade
Screenplay: Joseph W. Farnham, Byron Morgan

Stars: Marion Davies, Johnny Mack Brown, Jane Winton




IMDb 7.00

should men walk home

In her second last film, Mable Normand, the queen of silent comedy, teamed with Creighton Hale as jewel thieves who crash a society party. Eugene Pallette plays the dumb detective trying to catch them and Oliver Hardy has a small but funny role as one of the guests.

Director: Leo McCarey
Producer: Hal Roach
Cinematography: Floyd Jackman
Screenplay: Alfred J. Goulding, Albert Austin, H. M. Walker

Stars: Mabel Normand, Oliver Hardy, Creighton Hale

No Man’s Law 1927

No Man's Law

NO MAN’S LAW is exciting enough to hold one’s interest for its duration. The acting is very good and Oliver Hardy made a surprisingly effective villain. Rex, the Wonder Horse, was worked into the plot fairly seamlessly and realistically. He went on to act in about 6 movies during the sound era.

I like pictures that help me to suspend disbelief and I really had the sense that the characters were in a remote desert locale where the plight of the miner and his daughter was immediate and real. There was no hope of intervention by a sheriff and the cavalry was not coming to their rescue. They were on their own and death was hovering over their heads. This made the film a tense drama. Cinematography was far superior to most B Westerns and the suggestion of sensuality also make the film strikingly different…. by DeborahPainter855 (Norfolk, Virginia)

Director: Fred Jackman
Producer: Jesse J. Goldburg
Screenplay: F. Richard Jones, Frank Butler
Cinematography: George Stevens, Floyd Jackman

Stars: Rex the Wonder Horse, Barbara Kent, James Finlayson



Two thugs plot to kill an old miner to get his claim, but one of them lusts after his beautiful daughter and wants her first.
Director: Fred Jackman
Producer: Jesse J. Goldburg
Screenplay: F. Richard Jones, Frank Butler
Cinematography: George Stevens, Floyd Jackman

Stars: Rex the Wonder Horse, Barbara Kent, James Finlayson


The First Auto 1927

The First_Auto_FilmPoster.jpeg

Prosperous Hank Armstrong (Russell Simpson) owns a stable, routinely winning races with prize horse Sloe Eyes. In 1895, his small Michigan town grows excited over the invention of the car, to Hank’s disgust. Despite his prediction that the unsafe and expensive vehicles will never replace horses, automobiles still take over. His son, Bob (Charles Emmett Mack), embraces the new technology, causing a rift between them. While Bob prospers in Detroit, Hank is forced to sell his horses and property

Director: Roy Del Ruth
Story by: Darryl F. Zanuck
Producer: Darryl F. Zanuck
Screenplay: Anthony Coldeway, Jack Jarmuth


Stars: Russell Simpson, Frank Campeau, Gibson Gowland

The Drop Kick 1927

7.1/10 · IMDb

the drop kick

This movie is also known as Glitter

College football player Jack Hamill finds his reputation on the line when he pays an innocent visit to a woman whose husband kills himself.

Director: Millard Webb
Screenplay: Winifred Dunn
Producer: Richard A. Rowland
Production company: First National Pictures

Stars: Richard Barthelmess, Barbara Kent, Dorothy Revier

Hills of Kentucky 1927

hills of Kenttucky

Hills of Kentucky is a 1927 American silent drama film. The film stars the dog Rin Tin Tin.

Brief Synopsis
In a famine-striken section of Kentucky, the mountain people are forced to turn out their dogs. One dog, which becomes the leader of a foraging dog pack, is known as The Grey Ghost. Ben, a bully, and Steve, his shy and gentle half brother, vie for the attentions of Janet, their new schoolmistress, who likes Steve but considers him cowardly for enduring the childrens’ taunts. The Grey Ghost is injured in an attack and hides near a stream where little Davey is fishing. He permits the boy to bathe his wound and feed him. They secretly become friends, and The Grey Ghost saves the boy from an attack by the pack. In a jealous frenzy, Ben turns the farmers against Janet, then ties her to a canoe headed for the rapids. The Grey Ghost saves Steve from an attack by Ben and rescues Janet. All ends happily.


Director: Howard Bretherton
Screenplay: Edward Clark
Story by: Dorothy Yost
Production company: Warner Bros.

Stars: Rin Tin Tin, Jason Robards Sr., Dorothy Dwan


Sitting Bull at the Spirit Lake Massacre 1927

Sitting Bull_at_the_Spirit_Lake_Massacre

This movie was thought to be a lost film, which eventually surfaced after being unseen for over eight decades. The story takes place in the 1860s or 1870s near Spirit Lake, Iowa. Settlements of whites are growing in that region but the Sioux Indians also have professed their interest in one such settlement. Chief Sitting Bull, surveys the settlement at Spirit Lake from afar and with the advice of the Great Spirit vows to retake the land that belonged to his fathers

Director: Robert N. Bradbury
Screenplay: Ben-Allah Newman
Producer: Anthony J. Xydias
Cinematography: James S. Brown Jr.

Stars: Bryant Washburn, Chief Yowlachie, Anne Schaefer

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