Papa’s Boy 1927

Papa's boy

Lloyd Hamilton chasing a butterfly in the slapstick comedy “Papa’s Boy

Director: Norman Taurog
Writer: Norman Taurog
Stars: Lloyd Hamilton, Glen Cavender, Al Thompson

I’m The Sheriff 1927


Ben Model – silent film accompanist/historian
Only a handful of the Gump series survive — both with Joe Murphy and with Slim Summerville as Andy. This was transferred from the only surviving print, a 1930s 16mm “Kodascope” edition made for home movie rentals.

Director: Erle C. Kenton
Writer: Sidney Smith (cartoon)
Stars: Joe Murphy, Fay Tincher, Billy Butts

Seelische Konstruktionen 1927


Avant- Garde Abstract animation

Director: Oskar Fischinger

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La marche des machines 1927

La Marche de M

A short film by Eugene Deslav in which various industrial machines are filmed in action creating a marching feel.

Semi-abstract art film filmed by Boris Kaufma
Director: Eugene Deslaw

La p’tite Lili 1927

La p'tite lili

A black and white silent short which tells the tragic story of a young girl named Lili.

The film tells the story of Lili ( Frau Catherine Hessling ), a 16 year old orphan who has lost her whole family but has retained her purity and innocence. Alas, a terrible doom awaits this optimistic child: in the slums of Paris she will meet a man who will lead her into prostitution

Sorry no English subs for this Film
Director: Alberto Cavalcanti
Stars: Catherine Hessling, La Petite Lily, Guy Ferrant

Charleston Parade 1927

sur un air de charleston

Sur un air de Charleston (original title)
Shot in three days, this surreal, erotic silent short shows a native white girl teaching a futuristic African airman the Charleston dance.
Director: Jean Renoir
Writers: André Cerf (idea by), Pierre Lestringuez (scenario)
Stars: Catherine Hessling, Johnny Hudgins, Pierre Braunberger

Prelude 1927

Prelude 1927

Rachmaninov’s wonderfully disturbing Prelude in C Sharp Minor sets the tone for Castleton Knight’s silent, nightmarish reverie on Poe’s ‘The Premature Burial’. A man listening to the famous Prelude is transported to a hellish avant-garde setting, replete with funny angles, skulls and a corpse-eye view.
Producer Castleton Knight
Audio/Visual sound, color