Brown of Harvard 1926


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Tom Brown shows up at Harvard, confident and a bit arrogant. He becomes a rival of Bob McAndrew, not only in football and rowing crew, but also for the affections of Mary Abbott, a professor’s daughter.

—Jim Beaver

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John Wayne makes his screen debut in this movie in the uncredited role of a Yale footballer 

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19 year-old John Wayne on the set of Brown of Harvard


Director: Jack Conway
Production company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Screenplay: Donald Ogden Stewart, Joseph W. Farnham, A. P. Younger
Producers: Irving Thalberg, Harry Rapf

Stars: William Haines, Jack Pickford, Mary Brian


Old Ironsides 1926

Old Ironsides

The feud between the U.S. Navy and the Barbary pirates is the backdrop for this tale of adventure featuring a boy (Charles Farrell) who sets off to sea on a ship named Esther. Once aboard, the boy earns his nickname, “the Commodore,” and falls in love with a woman named Esther (Esther Ralston), for whom the ship was named. Problems arise when the ship is captured by pirates. The USS Constitution — aka Old Ironsides — soon turns up with Lt. Decatur (Johnnie Walker) to try to save the day.

Director: James Cruze
Production company: Paramount Pictures
Screenplay: Dorothy Arzner, Walter Woods, Harry Carr, Rupert Hughes
Music composed by: John Stepan Zamecnik, Hugo Riesenfeld

Stars: Charles Farrell, Esther Ralston, Wallace Beery

Shinel 1926

Also Known as  The Overcoat. The film has English subtitles

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One of the most acknowledged film interpretations of classic short story “The Overcoat” (1842) by Nikolai Gogol, describing a fate of a “small person”. The tragicomic tale of the government clerk Akakiy Akakievich and his ill-fated overcoat unfolds on the snowy streets

Directors: Grigori Kozintsev, Leonid Trauberg

Production Co: Leningradkino
Writers: Nikolay Gogol (novel) , Yuri Tynyanov
Stars: Antonina Eremeeva, Emil Gal, Sergey Gerasimov

The Clinging Vine 1926

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Mannish ultra-efficient A.B. is the real force behind the Bancroft paint business. But on a weekend house-party when she overhears the boss’s grandson (Jimmy)’s unflattering opinion of her (unseen) lack of charms, she’s hurt. Jimmy’s grandmother takes her under her wing, makes her over, and teaches her to flutter her eyelashes and only say the two phrases to win a man: “Do go on!” and “Aren’t you wonderful?”. And Jimmy falls hard, not knowing his darling girl is the dreaded A.B. But can A.B. maintain her girlish guise while setting Jimmy on the right track to financial security and a proposal?

—Kathy Li

Director: Paul Sloane
Screenplay: Rex Taylor
Story by: Zelda Sears
Producers: Cecil B. DeMille, Paul Sloane

Stars: Leatrice Joy, Tom Moore, Robert Edeson

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For Heaven’s Sake 1926

IMDb 7.6/100


Wealthy ladies’ man J. Harold Manners (Harold Lloyd) enjoys a privileged, sheltered life. So, when he finds out his name is being used to bring people into a mission in the poorer part of town, Harold sets out to get his moniker removed from the project. Instead, he meets the priest’s daughter, Hope (Jobyna Ralston), and is smitten. That Hope is from the wrong side of the tracks doesn’t dissuade Harold from pursuing her. The question is whether this uptown boy can win over a downtown girl.

Director: Sam Taylor
Music composed by: Robert Israel
Producer: Harold Lloyd
Screenplay: Clyde Bruckman, Ted Wilde, Ralph Spence

Stars: Harold Lloyd, Jobyna Ralston, Noah Young


Crazy like a Fox 1926

crazy like a fox

Crazy like a Fox is a 1926 American short film starring Charley Chase. The two-reel silent comedy stars Chase as a young man who feigns insanity in order to get out of an arranged marriage, only to find out that his sweetheart is the girl he has been arranged to marry. Chase would remake the film as The Wrong Miss Wright (1937) in the sound era during his tenure at Columbia Pictures.

The film features Oliver Hardy in a small role filmed shortly before his teaming with Stan Laurel.

Director: Leo McCarey
Producer: Hal Roach

Production Co: Hal Roach Studios
Cinematography: Len Powers
Screenplay: H. M. Walker, Charley Chase, Charles Alphin

Stars: Charley Chase, Oliver Hardy, William V. Mong


The Flying Ace 1926




When a war hero returns to his former job as a railroad company detective, he must capture a gang of railroad thieves and recover $25,000 of company cash.

Director: Richard E. Norman
Producer: Richard E. Norman
Screenplay: Richard E. Norman
Cast: Laurence Criner, Kathryn Boyd, Harold Platts


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