The Love Gamble 1925


Love Gamble (1925) [Edizione: Stati Uniti]

Peggy Mason, the part owner of a tearoom in Boston, falls in love with Douglas Wyman. On a walking trip, they stop at a lodge in the hills, and Peggy learns that Douglas is unhappily married. Peggy immediately leaves the lodge and is caught in a storm, from which she is rescued by an old suitor. Douglas’ wife is found murdered, and when he will not establish an alibi for fear of ruining Peggy’s reputation, Douglas is accused of and tried for the crime. Peggy learns of the trial at the last minute and hurries to the courtroom, arriving in time to clear Douglas of the charges against him. Douglas then declares his love for her, but Peggy, who has become engaged to her old suitor, must refuse him. The suitor, however, realizes that Peggy loves Douglas and releases her from the engagement; Peggy returns to Douglas and they are married

Director: Edward LeSaint (as Edward J. Le Saint)
Writers: Maysie Greig (novel), Fanny Hatton (titles)

Production Co: Banner Productions
Stars: Lillian Rich, Robert Frazer, Pauline Garon


Raffles, The Amateur Cracksman 1925

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Director: King Baggot
Screenplay: Harvey F. Thew
Production company: Universal Pictures
Story by: E. W. Hornung
Cast: Stars: House Peters, Miss DuPont, Hedda Hopper

The Black Cyclone 1925


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A cowboy and a wild horse find they have some things in common: both have enemies out to get them and both must save their mates from danger.
Director: Fred Jackman
Writers: Hal Roach (story), H.M. Walker (titles) | 1 more credit »
Stars: Rex the Wonder Horse, Lady the Horse, Guinn ‘Big Boy’ Williams


The Lady 1925

the lady 1925

Reconstructed version of THE LADY starring Norma Talmadge. There is some missing footage and quite a bit of nitrate decomposition.

A young woman marries the wastrel son of a British aristocrat. Her husband, who has been disinherited by his father, loses what little money he has left gambling in casinos and then dies, leaving her penniless and with an infant son. When her former father-in-law tries to get custody of the child, she leaves him with a couple she trusts, but when she later goes to reclaim her son, she can’t find the people she left him with

Director: Frank Borzage
Screenplay: Frances Marion
Production company: Norma Talmadge Film Corporation
Producers: Norma Talmadge, Joseph M. Schenck

Stars: Norma Talmadge, Wallace MacDonald, Brandon Hurst

The Goose Woman 1925

The Goose woman

IMDb 7.1/10

A famous opera singer lost her voice when her son was born, and has drowned her sorrows in drink. When a murder is committed near her house, she invents a story in order to get herself back in front of the public again. However, the story she comes up with results in her son being arrested for the murder.

Director: Clarence Brown
Story by: Rex Beach
Production company: Universal Pictures
Screenplay: Frederica Sagor Maas, Melville W. Brown, Dwinelle Benthall

Stars: Jack Pickford, Louise Dresser, Constance Bennett

Our Heavenly Bodies 1925


our heavenly bodies

The original name of this film is ….”Wunder der Schöpfung” (Germany, 1925). No English intertitles

Wunder der Schöpfung is an extraordinary, fascinating Kulturfilm trying to explain the whole human knowledge of the 1920s about the world and the universe. 15 special effects experts and 9 cameramen were involved in the production of this film which combines documentary scenes, historical documents, fiction elements, animation scenes and educational impact. It its beautifully colored, using tinting and toning in a very elaborated way. Some visual ideas in the sequences with a space shuttle visiting different planets in the universe seem to have to be the inspiration for Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. ×

Director: Hanns Walter Kornblum
Writers: Hanns Walter Kornblum, Ernst Krieger
Stars: Paul Bildt, Willy Kaiser-Heyl, Theodor Loos


Up the ladder 1925

IMDb 7.1/10


up the ladder


Brief Synopsis
Jane Cornwall, a young heiress, is in love with James Van Clinton and sacrifices her fortune to enable him to perfect an invention he calls “Tele-vision-scope.” Jim’s invention is successful and he and Jane are married. After 5 years of domestic life, Jim begins to neglect both his business and his wife, directing his attentions toward Helen Newhall, Jane’s best friend. Jane learns of Jim’s infidelity but does not confront him with her knowledge of it. Jim finds himself in serious financial trouble and again needs Jane’s assistance. Jane walks out on him, and he is forced to assume a subordinate position in his own business. Jim then settles down to hard work and is promoted to the head of the firm. He and Jane are later reconciled.

Director: Edward Sloman

Production Co: Universal Pictures
Writers: Grant Carpenter (adaptation), Owen Davis (play)
Stars: Virginia Valli, Forrest Stanley, Margaret Livingston, George Fawcett