The Circle 1925


the circle 2

Elizabeth Cheney has a wealthy husband, social prominence and everything she could want in life . . . except Ted Lutton, the man she loves. Now, she must decide whether to give up everything and everyone to follow her heart in The Circle. At a time when divorce means a lifetime of banishment from family, friends and society–foregoing a life of ease for a life of hardship–Lady Elizabeth (Eleanor Boardman) wants to leave her husband, Arnold (Creighton Hale), for their friend Ted Lutton (Malcolm McGregor). To help convince herself to stay with her husband, she invites Arnold’s mother, Lady Catherine (Eugenie Besserer), who left Arnold’s father for Lord Porteous (George Fawcett). Everything that Elizabeth sees confirms her belief that she should forgo love and stay with her husband . . . until she witnesses the true love still shared by this couple living in social exile.

Director: Frank Borzage
Writers: Kenneth B. Clarke, W. Somerset Maugham (play)

Production Co: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM)
Stars: Eleanor Boardman, Malcolm McGregor, Alec B. Francis,  Joan Crawford


The Ingmar Inheritance( Ingmarsarvet)1925



“The Ingmar Inheritance”. The story of a group of farmers who choose to leave their homes and follow the preacher Helgum to the Holy Land.

Swedish film with English subtitles


Director: Gustaf Molander
Writers: Ragnar Hyltén-Cavallius, Selma Lagerlöf (novel)
Stars: Märta Halldén, Ivan Hedqvist, John Ekman


A Punjab Village, 1925


A silent film documentary released in 1925, it is a snapshot of life in a Punjabi village – from the production of mustard oil to the shoeing of a bullock. From the British Film Institute’s archives.

Director: James Fairgrieve

Country: UK
Language: English
Release Date: 1925 (UK)
Filming Locations: Punjab, Pakistan
Production Co: British Instructional Films (BIF)

Runtime: 13 min
Sound Mix: Silent
Color: Black and White


The Sleuth 1925


the sleuth1

An early short Stan Laurel made for Joe Rock a few years before he hooked up with Oliver Hardy. This one’s a parody of Sherlock Holmes with Stan playing Webster Dingle, a hapless private eye.


Directors: Joe Rock, Harry Sweet
Screenplay: Tay Garnett
Producer: Joe Rock
Cinematography: Edgar Lyons

Stars: Stan Laurel, Glen Cavender, Alberta Vaughn

Head Winds 1925


head winds

Synopsis by Hans J. Wollstein

A typical silent programmer, this Universal “Jewel” production features House Peters as a millionaire yachtsman whose girlfriend (Patsy Ruth Miller) falls for a fortune hunter (Richard Travers). Peters arranges for the girl to be brought aboard his yacht where, swathed in bandages, he manages to convince her that he is Travers. A wedding ceremony is performed but when she learns the truth, Patsy accuses Peters of kidnapping. Attempting to flee in a decrepit rowboat, the girl is rescued in the nick of time by Peters’ Chinese crew members (Togo Yamamotoand George Kuwa) and returned to the yacht. Near death from exposure, Patsy is nursed back to health by Peters, whom she forgives. Head Winds was directed by Herbert Blaché, the former husband of pioneering female director Alice Guy-Blaché.

Director: Herbert Blaché
Writer: Edward T. Lowe Jr.

Production Co: Universal Pictures
Stars: House Peters, Patsy Ruth Miller, Richard Travers

The Hussar of Death (El Húsar de la muerte) 1925

El Husar se la muerte

This is Chile’s most famous silent film, it is the story of freedom fighter Manuel Rodriguez and his guerrilla war against royalist forced during Chile’s war for independence.

The Death’s Hussars was a paramilitary body formed by Manuel Rodriguez after the disaster of Cancha Rayada, the 23 of March of 1818 in the period known as Patria Nueva of the Chile Independence.

Their uniform was identical to Hussars of Galicia’s, but in black, with a skull over two femurs in the neck. Manuel Rodríguez had already used a captain uniform when he was part of the Hussars of the Great National Guard in their 1813 campaign in Southern Chile; his friend José Miguel Carrera pushed him to use it.

The film tells the tale of Manuel Rodriguez’s dramatic guerrilla campaign and showcases his magnetism and idealism. In the movie you will see him wear the black uniform with the skulls.

Intertitles are in Spanish only

Directed by Pedro Sienna
Produced by Alfredo Wolnitzki
Written by Pedro Sienna
Hugo Silva
Pedro Sienna
Piet Van Ravenstein
Clara Werther
María de Hanning
Dolores Anziani
Hugo Silva
Piet van Ravebstein
Luis Baeza
Octavio Soto
Federico Geimza
Guillermo Barrientos
Emilia Sierra
Ángel Díaz
Víctor Véjar
Cinematography Gustavo Bussenius
Distributed by Andes Films.
Release date
November 24, 1925
Country Chile
Language Silent



The Hussar of death

Intertitles are in Spanish only

El Húsar de la Muerte (Spanish: The Hussar of the Death) is a 1925 Chilean silent film movie. El Húsar de la Muerte was directed and starred by Pedro Sienna.

The movie narrates the adventures of the guerrilla leader Manuel Rodríguez during the Reconquista, until his death in 1818.[1]

The movie lasts 65 minutes, and was premiered in Santiago, Chile, on November 24, 1925.

Of around 78 silent films made in Chile only three survive; the fate of most was to be sold to comb factories for their celluloid content and El Húsar de la Muerte escaped only thanks to the diligence of restorer Sergio Bravo. Chilean cinema had been fired by the showing of the Lumières’ films in Santiago in 1896, and although never prolific or developing an industry infrastructure, native films began to appear in a steady trickle. El Húsar de la Muerte is a rough and ready account of the life of Manuel Rodriguez, legendarily instrumental in the country’s liberation in the early 1800s; his life had inspired the very first Chilean feature, and Sienna had already taken the lead for Arturo Marion in the second version of 1920. His return to the story was hugely popular and immediately hailed as the greatest of all Chilean films. It may lack in sophistication, but the tale is told with some pace and wit; now declared a National Historic Monument, it enjoyed popular revivals in the 1960s and 1970s, when the time for a revolutionary hero had returned. A rare and valuable survivor both for cinema history and for the history of its people.

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Director: Pedro Sienna
Writers: Pedro Sienna, Hugo Silva
Stars: Pedro Sienna, Clara Werther, Piet Van Ravenstein

The Mad Whirl 1925


7.9/10 · IMDb

The Mad_Whirl_poster

The Mad Whirl is a 1925 jazz age black-and-white silent film drama film about the “loosening of youth morals” that took place during the 1920s. Wikipedia


Cathleen Gillis (May McAvoy)falls in love with Jack Herrington (Jack Mulhall).Martin Gillis (George Fawcett),
Cathleen’s loving father, is stern, very religious, and runs an ice cream shop. Cathleen is an obedient daughter and conservative in her views as well.
Jack however, has a routine that includes wild parties hosted by his parents, Gladys and John (Myrtle Stedman and Alec B. Francis),
who think it is better to be their son’s friend by their providing bootleg whiskey and a place to have all-night parties. Jack’s lifestyle places him at
odds with Cathleen’s, but he promises her his will change his ways. He backslides several times, but in the end is reformed by Cathleen’s love, and they
elope. After the elopement, Gladys and John get a stern lecture on temperance and sobriety from Martin and reform their ways as well.

Director: William A. Seiter
Story by: Richard Washburn Child
Producer: Carl Laemmle
Screenplay: Lewis Milestone, Edward T. Lowe, Jr., Frederick Hatton, Fanny Hatton, Harvey F. Thew

Stars: May McAvoy, Jack Mulhall, Myrtle Stedman


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