Broken Hearts of Broadway 1923

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The story of a young actress trying to attain stardom on Broadway

Director: Irving Cummings
Writers: Louis D. Lighton, Hope Loring
Stars: Colleen Moore, Johnnie Walker, Alice Lake



Little Church Around the Corner 1923

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A wealthy minister in a mining town is something of an advocate for the miners’ safety, but he doesn’t really get involved in the issue. He is soon snapped out of that attitude, however, when his daughter is trapped underground in a mine explosion, along with the mine’s owner.


Director: William A. Seiter
Screenplay: Olga Printzlau
Production company: Warner Bros.
Cinematography: Homer Scott

Stars: Claire Windsor, Kenneth Harlan, Hobart Bosworth


Where the North Begins 1923

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A German Shepherd puppy is “adopted” by a wolf pack in the snowy and frozen Great North and raised by them as one of their own. A few years later he comes upon a fur trapper and saves the man from certain death, and begins to feel a kinship with him that is stronger than the one he has with his adopted pack.


Director: Chester M. Franklin
Producer: Harry Rapf
Production company: Warner Bros.
Screenplay: Chester M. Franklin, Lee Duncan, Fred Myton, Raymond L. Schrock, Millard Webb

Stars: Rin Tin Tin, Claire Adams, Fred Huntley

Derby Day 1923

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The gang is selling lemonade and hot dogs across the street from the big racetrack, where Sammyand Farina‘s father is a jockey, but since Mary‘s
father owns a horse, she can let the rest of the gang in for free. The
kids have so much fun at the track that they decide to mastermind their
own races with anything they can find to ride, which turns out to be
such noble steeds as a mule, a cow, a horse, two dogs, and a goat.
Nothing is overlooked in their kiddie race from the brass band
to the betting window (odds up to 1000 to 1). Mary’s father even offers
a five dollar purse to the winner. The only thing they miss is the
willingness of their pets to be ridden, and the race turns into a
marathon run with Farina
leading the way on his tricycle and winning! Unfortunately, the police
come to break up the play, and everyone now has something to be running
from instead of toward.

Director: Robert F. McGowan
Film series: Our Gang

Production Co: Hal Roach Studios
Music composed by: Brian Benison
Screenplay: Hal Roach, H. M. Walker

Stars: Joe Cobb, Jackie Condon, Mickey Daniels

Zaza 1923

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Director: Allan Dwan
Screenplay: Albert S. Le Vino
Cinematography: Harold Rosson
Producers: Allan Dwan, Adolph Zukor, Jesse L. Lasky

Production Co: Paramount Pictures

Stars: Gloria Swanson, H.B. Warner, Ferdinand Gottschalk

Scaramouche 1923

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A law student becomes an outlaw French revolutionary when he decides to avenge the unjust killing of his friend. To get close to the aristocrat who has killed his friend the student adopts the identity of Scaramouche the clown.

Director: Rex Ingram
Screenplay: Willis Goldbeck
Music composed by: William Axt

Stars: Lloyd Ingraham, Alice Terry, Ramon Novarro

Coeurs belges 1923


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Patriotic melodrama. Marquise Berthe de Brabant got married to a French nobleman just before the beginning of World War I. Her husband gets severely injured in an attack against the Germans and hands over the bouquet of Berthe to a German officer, before dying without revealing his name. In turn, the German soldier gets injured and is sent to a military hospital, where Berthe is taking care of war victims. Unexpectedly he tells her everything. Will Berthe take revenge, or will she fulfill her duty as a nurse? ×

Director: Aimée Navarra
Writers: Abbé De Moor, Aimée Navarra

Production Co: Belga Films
Stars: Corona, Abbé De Moor, Viviane Dhollain

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