The Man from Home 1922

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The Man From Home is a 1922 British drama film directed by George Fitzmaurice. The story had been filmed before in 1914 by Cecil B. DeMille as The Man From Home. Alfred Hitchcock was credited as a title designer on the 1922 production. Wikipedia

A fairly conventional romance of an American heiress, loved by boy back home, bedazzled by a glamorous prince in beautiful Italian surrounding

Director: George Fitzmaurice
Cinematography: Roy Overbaugh
Distributed by: Famous Players-Lasky
Screenplay: Booth Tarkington, Harry Leon Wilson, Ouida Bergère

Stars: James Kirkwood, Anna Q. Nilsson, Geoffrey Kerr



Reckless Youth 1922

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Alice Schuyler, a feckless, not too sympathetic flapper, rushes into marriage to escape from her family. But she is still way too immature and careless and routinely takes off from her husband to go dancing with friends or out to drinks.
Director: Ralph Ince
Writers: Cosmo Hamilton (story), Edward J. Montagne
Stars: Elaine Hammerstein, Niles Welch, Myrtle Stedman

A Rag Doll Romance 1922

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A short film with all kinds of comic complications between poor Mr. Ras, his nephew Jimmy, a monkey, a girl with a doll carriage, and a large dog. A farce in two parts. Mr. Ras and his nephew Jimmy are sleeping in a train car. The monkey, who is travelling with them, wakes them up. Mr. Ras takes a shower, while Jimmy goes out looking for food. But Jimmy has written a note saying that he has gone out looking for work. He leaves with the monkey. A girl is out for a walk with her doll carriage and a large dog, but she loses her grip on the doll carriage goes and it rolls down a hill. Jimmy manages to stop it. She takes Jimmy along with her, because he can probably work for the girl’s grandmother. The grandmother agrees, and Jimmy is given some new clothes to try on. Soon the monkey and the dog begin quarrelling over the doll, which leads to the doll getting broken. Jimmy orders the animals to calm down, and then helps the grandma with the laundry. The animals also help out. Then a man sneaks into the grandma’s room, but the dog sees this

Director: William Campbell (as William S. Campbell)
Stars: Jack Cooper, Pal the Dog, Lawrence Licalzi

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