Im Lebenswirbel 1918

Also known as In the Life Spine

German film with English subtitles

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Marriage between Margit and artist Erik Lind is interrupted by her infatuation with squire *Arvid Sund. She gives up the relationship because of Erik’s illness and death. Arvid’s brother however, brings the two back together.

Director: Heinz Schall
Writer: Louis Levy (screenplay)
Stars: Asta Nielsen, Bruno Eichgrün, Walter Wolffgram


The Floor Below 1918

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The Floor Below is an American silent film starring Mabel Normand, Tom Moore and Helen Dahl. It was long thought lost, until a print was found “in the estate of a Dutch collector” by the Nederlands Filmmuseum. Wikipedia

Patricia O’Rourke, a good-natured prankster who works as a copy girl for the Sentinel , angers her co-worker Stubbs and is about to lose her job when the managing editor offers her one more chance. Her assignment is to explain the clue that links the Hope Mission, a derelict home run by millionaire Hunter Mason and his secretary, Monty Latham, with a series of local robberies. When Hunter discovers Patricia in his office, he assumes that she is a crook in need of reforming and takes her into his home to be cared for by his mother….. ×

Director: Clarence G. Badger
Producer: Samuel Goldwyn
Production company: Goldwyn Pictures
Story by: Elaine Sterne Carrington

Stars: Mabel Normand, Tom Moore, Helen Dahl

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Hell Bent 1918

Also Known as El barranco del diablo

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Hell Bent is a 1918 American Western film directed by John Ford and featuring Harry Carey. A print of the film exists in the Czechoslovak Film Archive. Wikipedia

Hell Bent” is a Western starring Harry Carey, Duke Lee, Neva Gerber, Joseph Harris and others. A cowboy must save his girlfriend from captivity and then cross the desert on foot with a single waterhole on the way

Director: John Ford
Cinematography: Ben F. Reynolds
Screenplay: John Ford, Harry Carey

Stars: Harry Carey, Duke R. Lee, Neva Gerber

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Rilka: Or The Gypsy Queen 1918

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Romance. In Scotland a colonel’s son who has been tortured in Africa is in love with the gyspy girl Rilka, but questions about his courage lead to complications.

Director F. Martin Thornton
Production Company Harma and Company
From a story by Reuben Gillmer

Cast:  Marjorie Villis, James Knight, Bernard Dudley


The Rose of Rhodesia 1918

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This is one of the earliest feature films made in South Africa

A five-reel romance centred on a stolen diamond, an interracial friendship, and an anti-colonial uprising, The Rose of Rhodesia impressed contemporary reviewers with its daring realism, spectacular outdoor locations, and casting of African actors in prominent roles. Considered lost for most of the last century, the film may claim to be the first fictional treatment of Zimbabwe in cinema.

Now fully restored by the Nederlands Filmmuseum, The Rose of Rhodesia is being streamed together with a new musical soundtrack by acclaimed silent film composer Matti Bye. Accompanying the film is a special issue of Screening the Past, edited by Stephen Donovan and Vreni Hockenjos, in which specialists from a range of disciplines offer the first detailed analysis of this remarkable cinematic discovery.

Director: Harold M. Shaw
Stars: Edna Flugrath, M.A. Wetherell, Chief Kentani


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Gornichnaya Jenny 1918

Also known as Maid Jenny

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Yakov Protazanov directs a feel-good movie! Or a Russian movie in reverse, as it starts with a death. A Count. Leaving his wife and daughter without means to support themselves. This leads to Jenny the daughter having to find a job. She finally does…. as a maid. While there are a few hick-ups she adjusts well to her new life and also sparks starts developing between her and the son in the house. But she’s just a maid and they don’t know she’s a daughter of a Count, so they can’t do anything about it…. or maybe someone will tell…. 😉


It’s a simple movie and it does what it sets out to do. To please. Never anything amazing creatively, but one for the romance crazy people out there.

Director: Yakov Protazanov
Writer: Yakov Protazanov
Stars: Olga Gzovskaya, S. Pavlova, Vladimir Gajdarov


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‘Twas Henry’s Fault 1918

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Henry wanted a sport roadster – Betty wanted a sedan. Financially, the prospect suggested their compromising on a pushcart. But Betty had saved a few dollars toward some lovely headlights and, seized by a sudden inspiration, she invested them in an old flivver and rushed into Henry’s office with “Henry, we have a car!” Henry and the others rushed out to see the car and then poor Henry had to stand for a lot of kidding. However, it ran – occasionally. Henry brought the crowd home that night for a home-cooked dinner only to find that the car and Betty had run way out to the country, where the former had stopped for a good long rest. Many complications resulted but it all came out right in the end, and even Henry had to admit there was some good in his flivver.

Director: Scott Sidney
Writer: G. Austin Gench
Stars: Harry Depp, Elinor Field