Fabiola 1918


Fabiola is a 1918 Italian silent historical film with English subtitles

The Palatino Film production is an adaptation of the 1854 novel Fabiola by Cardinal Nicholas Patrick Wiseman. The story is set in Rome in the early 4th century AD, during the time of the persecution of Christians under the Roman Emperor Diocletian.

The heroine of both book and film is Fabiola, a young beauty from a noble Roman family. She is spoiled by her father Fabius, who cannot deny her anything. Fabiola seems to have everything, including a superior education in the philosophers, yet under the surface, she is not content with her life.

One day, in a fit of rage, she attacks and wounds her slave girl Syra, who is secretly a Christian. The proud, spoiled Roman girl is humbled by Syra’s humility, maturity and devotion to her in this situation, and a slow transformation begins, which finally culminates in her conversion to Christianity, brought on by her own cousin Agnes, whom she adores and dotes on.

Another thread of the novel deals with the young boy Pancratius (in the film called Pancrazio), a pious Christian and son of a martyr, who is himself preparing for martyrdom. Pancratius’ nemesis is Corvinus, a bullying schoolmate who is irritated by the young Christian’s saintliness. He does everything to bring him and the Christian community of the catacombs of Rome down. This includes the orchestrating of the lynching of their former teacher Cassianus, who is secretly Christian. Yet Pancratius shows his enemy the meaning of Christian forgiveness when he saves his life shortly after Corvinus had Cassianus killed.

Another major villain in the book is the enigmatic Fulvius (in the film called Fulvio), an apparently rich young man from the East who soon reveals himself to be a hunter of Christians who turns them in to the authorities for money. His aim on the one hand is to gain the hand of either Fabiola or Agnes, and on the other hand, to uproot the Christian community in Rome.

After some dramatic events that reveal his surprising connections to Syra, who is his long-lost younger sister Myriam, Fulvius rejects his evil ways, converts to Christianity and becomes a hermit. The story also weaves a number of martyrdom accounts and legends of real-life Christian saints into the fictitious story. These include St. Agnes and St. Sebastian (Sebastiano in the film).

Director: Enrico Guazzoni
Cinematography: Alfredo Lenci
Adapted from: Fabiola

Writers: Fausto Salvatori (adaptation), Nicholas Patrick Wiseman (novel)
Stars: Giulia Cassini-Rizzotto, Bruto Castellani, Giorgio Fini


Carmen 1918

This film is also known as Gypsy Blood

carmen 1918

The tragic story of Don Jose, a Spanish cavalryman, who falls under the spell of a gypsy girl, Carmen, who treats him with both love and contempt and leads him into temptation and thus damnation.

Director: Ernst Lubitsch
Writers: Grete Diercks, Norbert Falk
Stars: Pola Negri, Harry Liedtke, Leopold von Ledebur

Hear ‘Em Rave 1918

hear em rave

Hear ‘Em Rave is a 1918 short comedy film featuring Harold Lloyd

Director: Gilbert Pratt
Producer: Hal Roach

Stars: Harold Lloyd, ‘Snub’ Pollard, Bebe Daniels


Are Crooks Dishonest? 1918


Are crooks dishonest

A pretty straightforward Lloyd film in which he and Snub are con man buddies and meet their match in com woman Bebe Daniels. As fun as this sounds there isn’t anything terribly distinctive about it. I did like the tandem handstand kick that Harold and Snub do toward the end to escape an attacker.
Director: Gilbert Pratt (as Gil Pratt)
Stars: Harold Lloyd, Bebe Daniels, ‘Snub’ Pollard

The City Slicker 1918

the city slicker

Our hero gets a job at a hotel in the country and proceeds to introduce some changes, installing gadgets and time-saving devices.
Director: Gilbert Pratt (as Gil Pratt)
Stars: Harold Lloyd, ‘Snub’ Pollard, Bebe Daniels

Knocknagow 1918



The agent of an absentee landlord resorts to underhand means in order to evict tenants from land that could be more profitably used for cattle. Adapted from the 1879 novel of the same name

Director: Fred O’Donovan

Produced by: Jim Sullivan
Writer: Charles Kickham (play)
Stars: Brian Magowan, Fred O’Donovan, Kathleen Murphy

For more information please consult the very excellent site … http://humphrysfamilytree.com/OMara/knocknagow.html

Another excellent site for information on this film



Dunces and Dangers 1918


A man and his wife are having trouble financially and barely have anything to eat. The grocer and butcher visit and, seeing that the couple cannot pay them, take things from their apartment. Next, a group of men arrive and the couple quickly lock the door to the room, put on disguises and escape to the roof though the window. After a series of incidents, they discover that the men are actually there to tell the man that he has inherited a fortune.

Director: Larry Semon (as Lawrence Semon)
Writer: Larry Semon (scenario) (as Lawrence Semon)
Stars: Larry Semon, Madge Kirby, William Hauber