Father Sergius 1918


Father Sergius with English subtitles is a 1918 Soviet silent film directed by Yakov Protazanov and Alexandre Volkoff. It is based on the eponymous story by Leo Tolstoy.
Prince Kasatsky is a just and proud youth, shock and disappointment with the world bring him to church, he becomes father Sergius. It is a story of his piety and temptation.

Directors: Yakov Protazanov, Alexandre Volkoff
Screenplay: Alexandre Volkoff
Music composed by: Y. Bukke
Producer: Joseph N. Ermolieff

Stars: Ivan Mozzhukhin, Olga Kondorova, V. Dzheneyeva


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The Craving 1918

The Craving_(1918_film)

An Indian scholar seeks an American colleague who is working on a powerful explosive, trying to get to his formula by taking advantage of his drinking problem.

Directors: John Ford, Francis Ford
Story by: Francis Ford
Cinematography: Edward Gheller
Cast: Francis Ford, Duke Worne, Mae Gaston
Screenplay: John Ford, Francis Ford

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Nelson;The Story of England’s Immortal Naval Hero 1918


Timed to bolster public morale at the end of the Great War, Maurice Elvey’s biopic of Nelson frequently steps out of its period setting to give us historical background or contemporary relevance. There are some nice locations but resort to cheap sets and episodic structure don’t quite do justice to the subject.

Director: Maurice Elvey
Featuring:Donald Calthrop, Malvina Longfellow,Ivy Close
Genres: Biopic and Historical drama
Released: 1918
Country: United Kingdom

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Bright and Early 1918


Bright and Early is a 1918 short comedy film featuring Oliver Hardy. This short is preserved in the Library of Congress’s collection. Wikipedia

Director: Charley Chase
Producer: Louis Burstein
Cast: Oliver Hardy, Billy West


How to Make Movies 1918


This film was never released for the general public. It was hidden in Chaplin’s private vaults for forty years until he included some parts of it in his compilation ‘The Chaplin Revue’ in 1959.

Review by Patrick Terry
Nice performance piece, that does yield a few nice moments of late teens film production. Would love to have seen more of the studio and acting style prep over the character work that takes over the last third of the picture.

Director: Charles Chaplin (uncredited)
Writer: Charles Chaplin
Stars: Albert Austin, Henry Bergman, Eric Campbell


Seeing London 1918

burton holmes

This movie was filmed in 1918 and released sometime in the early 1920’s

A unique glimpse at London in 1918, some months before the end of World War I. The film shows some of the famous sights of the city, from Westminster to St Paul’s Cathedral, from Clepotra’s Needle to the Tower of London where military exercises are being held. The film was shot by the American traveler Elias Burton Holmes (1870–1958) who photographed and filmed his travels abroad, later holding lectures and screening the films to paying audiences. Other than providing unique early documentation of London’s top sights, the film also shows a baseball match played between the US Army and US Navy where King George V is seen attending and greeting the players. The match was played at the Chelsea Football Ground on July 4th, the American Independence Day, and was attended by 18,000 spectators, including the King and Queen.


The Married Virgin 1918

French language only

The Married_Virgin_ad

In order to save her wealthy father from disgrace and a possible prison sentence, a daughter agrees to marry the gigolo who’s been blackmailing him. What the daughter doesn’t know, however, is that the gigolo is actually in cahoots with her father’s new wife, a conniving schemer who plans to fleece her new husband for everything he has, then flee the country with her lover. Written by frankfob2@yahoo.com

Director: Joseph Maxwell
Screenplay: Hayden Talbot
Story by: Hayden Talbot
Producer: Maxwell Productions

Stars: Vera Sisson, Rudolph Valentino, Frank Newburg