The Great White Trail 1917


A husband, mistakenly believing his wife has cheated on him and that he is now the father of their newborn son, throws both her and her child out of the house. Frantic to the point of madness, she abandons her baby, and when she gains her sanity she flees to Alaska to start a new life. However, her husband finds out and follows her there.

Directors: Theodore Wharton, Leopold Wharton
Cast: Doris Kenyon, Bessie Wharton, Dick Bennard, MORE
Screenplay: Leopold Wharton, Gardner Hunting
Producers: Theodore Wharton, Leopold Wharton
Cinematography: Ray June, Levi Bacon

Stars: Doris Kenyon, Paul Gordon, Thomas Holding


King of Paris(Korol Parizha) 1917

The king ofparis

Korol Parizha (King of Paris) with Russian and English intertitles. This is Yevgeni Bauer’s last film and it can also be regarded as the end of the Silver Age in Russian cinema.

The astute Rascol Venkov convinces young cardsharp Roger Brémond to ally with him and together loot Parisian high society cheating in casinos.

Directors: Yevgeni Bauer, Olga Rakhmanova
Screenplay: Yevgeni Bauer
Story by: Georges Ohnet
Producer: Aleksandr Khanzhonkov
Cast: Emma Bauer, Nikolai Radin, Vjacheslav Svoboda

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp 1917

Aladdin and his wonderful lamp

Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp is a 1917 silent film fantasy directed by Chester and Sidney Franklin and produced and distributed by Fox Film Corporation. Wikipedia

The story of Aladdin and the Princess Badr al-badr’s adventures as told through child actors.


Director: Sidney Franklin
Screenplay: Bernard McConville
Producer: William Fox
Production company: Fox Film

Stars: Francis Carpenter, F.A. Turner, Virginia Lee Corbin


Cupid’s Rival 1917

cupids rival

A bumbling janitor in a fleabag hotel drives the residents crazy, and a poor artist believes that his girlfriend is having an affair with a wealthy artist living across the hall, and takes unorthodox measures to find out what’s going on.

Director:  Arvid E. Gillstrom

Production Co: King Bee Studios
Producer: Louis Burstein
Cast: Oliver Hardy, Billy West, Mary Ross

Reaching for the Moon 1917

reaching for the moon

A factory worker has always dreamed that he was meant for better things, to be rich and famous and in “the company of kings”. One day he discovers that he is indeed the only heir to the throne of a small European kingdom. However, there are forces at work who don’t want him to survive to take the throne.


Director: John Emerson

Production Co: Douglas Fairbanks Pictures
Writers: John Emerson, Joseph Henabery (story)
Stars: Douglas Fairbanks, Eileen Percy, Richard Cummings

A Girl’s Folly 1917

A Girls folly

A restless young girl yearns to leave her rural environment and “get away from it all”. One day she stumbles upon a film crew shooting a western near her home. She makes friends with the film’s leading man, who encourages her to try her luck as an actress. So she leaves her small town and goes to the big city to break into the picture business. However, things don’t turn out quite the way she planned.

Director: Maurice Tourneur
Writers: Frances Marion (story and scenario), Maurice Tourneur (story and scenario)
Stars: Robert Warwick, Doris Kenyon, June Elvidge

A Clever Dummy 1917

a clever dummy

Dummy inventor Samuel Tinker has just developed a new life-sized mechanical dummy. He and his partner, Peter Clay, modeled the dummy after a janitor in their building. While the inventor’s daughter is in love and engaged to Clay, the janitor pines for the daughter. A misunderstanding breaks up the partnership, and Tinker forbids his daughter from marrying his now ex-partner. But the daughter hopes a possible lucrative purchase of the dummy from a vaudeville company will be the impetus for her father and Clay to mend their differences, and for them again to be married. The janitor, who sees this rift as an opportunity, hatches his own plan to be near the one he loves, the plan which involves him taking the place of the dummy. Not wanting to blow his cover, the janitor keeps on masquerading as the dummy even after the sale to the vaudeville company. A life-like dummy with a mind of his own on the loose has its own consequences.
– Written by Huggo

Directors: Herman C. Raymaker , Ferris Hartman

Producer: Mack Sennett
Stars: Ben Turpin, Chester Conklin, Wallace Beery