A Girl’s Folly 1917

A Girls folly

A restless young girl yearns to leave her rural environment and “get away from it all”. One day she stumbles upon a film crew shooting a western near her home. She makes friends with the film’s leading man, who encourages her to try her luck as an actress. So she leaves her small town and goes to the big city to break into the picture business. However, things don’t turn out quite the way she planned.

Director: Maurice Tourneur
Writers: Frances Marion (story and scenario), Maurice Tourneur (story and scenario)
Stars: Robert Warwick, Doris Kenyon, June Elvidge


A Clever Dummy 1917

a clever dummy

Dummy inventor Samuel Tinker has just developed a new life-sized mechanical dummy. He and his partner, Peter Clay, modeled the dummy after a janitor in their building. While the inventor’s daughter is in love and engaged to Clay, the janitor pines for the daughter. A misunderstanding breaks up the partnership, and Tinker forbids his daughter from marrying his now ex-partner. But the daughter hopes a possible lucrative purchase of the dummy from a vaudeville company will be the impetus for her father and Clay to mend their differences, and for them again to be married. The janitor, who sees this rift as an opportunity, hatches his own plan to be near the one he loves, the plan which involves him taking the place of the dummy. Not wanting to blow his cover, the janitor keeps on masquerading as the dummy even after the sale to the vaudeville company. A life-like dummy with a mind of his own on the loose has its own consequences.
– Written by Huggo

Directors: Herman C. Raymaker , Ferris Hartman

Producer: Mack Sennett
Stars: Ben Turpin, Chester Conklin, Wallace Beery


Young Mother Hubbard 1917



Young mother h

Forced by the death of her mother to care for her three brothers and sisters, little Mona Fairfax is known to farmers of her district as Young Mother Hubbard. The children’s step-father, heavily in debt and tired of the burden imposed by the little family, abandons his farm, leaving the children, penniless, to shift for themselves. The following day Daniel Banning, a wealthy “country gentleman” and owner of the Fairfax farm, calls to collect back rent. He finds Mona and her children panic-stricken over a note left by their step-father, telling of his decision to leave. Banning turns a deaf ear to Mona’s pleas that she be allowed to remain on the farm with her wards. He notifies the Children’s Welfare Society. Directors of the society go to the farm, load them into an automobile, and take them to the society’s headquarters. At headquarters the chairman calls for volunteers to take the children into their homes. A square-jawed woman, a miserly old man, a brutal fellow, with bull-dog features, and a ponderous, harsh, mannish looking women, each agree to take a child. When it dawns upon Mona and her brothers and sisters that they are to be separated they break into tears and beg piteously to be allowed to remain together. Their pleas are ignored. Finally Mona begs that they be allowed to spend a last night together on the Fairfax farm. The request finally is granted. That night Mona hitches the family horse to a rickety old wagon and the children set out to escape. They fall asleep and the horse stops near Banning’s house. The housekeeper takes them in during the master’s absence. When Banning returns he is furious. Mona offers him a wisp of flowers, which he scorns. Finally, however, the child’s smile wins his heart and he cuddles her. Later when agents of the welfare society try to take the children, Banning drives them from his place, declaring he will adopt Young Mother Hubbard and her entire family.
– Written by Moving Picture World synopsis

Director: Arthur Berthelet
Writer: Charles Mortimer Peck
Stars: Mary McAllister, William Clifford, Carolyn Irwin

Betty and the Buccaneers 1917

Betty and the Buchanners

Romantic adventure film in which the girl Betty, who dreams about pirates, and her gullible father is tricked by a set of real pirates. They are rescued by a young man who has a crush on Betty.

Director: Rollin S. Sturgeon
Writer: J. Edward Hungerford (scenario)
Stars: Juliette Day, Charles Marriott, Joe King

The Pride of the Clan 1917

The Pride of the clan

Donald MacTavish, the last chieftain of his clan on an island off the coast of Scotland, dies at sea. This leaves his only daughter, Marget, to assume the responsibilities of leadership. Marget’s burden is partially eased by her blossoming romance with Jamie Campbell. But there is a secret from Jamie’s past that neither of them know about.
– Written by Snow Leopard

Director: Maurice Tourneur
Producer: Mary Pickford
Screenplay: Charles E. Whittaker, Elaine Sterne Carrington
Cinematography: John van den Broek, Lucien Andriot

Stars: Mary Pickford, Matt Moore, Warren Cook

Move On 1917


Our hero is a police officer who gets involved in a crap game, flirting with a nurse and other amusements.
Directors: Billy Gilbert, Gilbert Pratt
Writer: H.M. Walker (titles)

Producer: Hal Roach
Cinematography: Walter Lundin
Stars: Harold Lloyd, ‘Snub’ Pollard, Bebe Daniels

All Aboard 1917

all aboard

In order to get his daughter away from her suitors, father decides to spirit her away to Bermuda. Our hero, however, stows away on the ship. When discovered, he is credited with catching a crook, thus winning a reward . . . and the girl.
Initial release: November 25, 1917
Director: Alfred J. Goulding
Screenplay: H. M. Walker
Producer: Hal Roach
Cinematography: Walter Lundin

Stars: Harold Lloyd, Bebe Daniels, Gus Leonard