Doktor X 1916


Felix, an introverted researcher, asks the worldly Dr. Voluntas to guide him toward worldly pleasures. Dr. Voluntas accepts the invitation and leads his laboratory rival down the path of dissipation.

One striking motif is that of a sweeping darkness associated with Voluntas’ control over Felix.

Directed By –

Robert Dinesen

Gunnar Tolnæs Doctor Voluntas
Carlo Wieth Doctor Felix
Johanne Blom Fritz-Petersen Margaret
Henry Seemann Vincent Lieutenant, Margaret’s brother
Betzy Kofoed Sara, Margaret and Vincent’s Aunt
Arne Weel Seidel, medical student
Ellen Møller maid
Agnes Lorenzen


Other titles
Doctor Voluntas [Danish], Le Docteur Voluntas [French], The Master Physician [English], Folly of Sin [English], El Dr. Voluntas [Spanish], Dammon’s Triumphe [German], Under Friendship’s Mask [English], The Victory will [Norwegian], The victorious will [Danish], the will that wins [Swedish]

Danish Silent Movie with English subtitles available

Alsace 1916

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French war propaganda in the form of a family drama in the German government. Nationalist sentiments severely test the young marriage between a French and a German. Directed by Henri Pouctal. One might loosely say a Romeo and Juliet type story

Alsace is one of Pouctal’s propagandist war films and, with a majestic performance by Gabrielle Réjanne, recreating the part she had played on the stage.


Director: Henri Pouctal
Writer: Gaston Leroux (play)

Production Company – Le Film d’Art
Stars: Gabrielle Réjane, Albert Dieudonné, Barbier


A Model Husband 1916

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Mr. Cherub is believed to be a model husband and ideal citizen. But his behavior in private does not correspond with his public image.

Director: Harry Myers
Writer: Samuel Greiner (scenario)
Stars: Harry Myers, Rosemary Theby, Nora Cecil

Bobby Bumps Starts a Lodge 1916

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Bratty Bobby Bumps tells his friend that he’s starting a lodge in order to trick him. But Bobby soon gets his comeuppance when they encounter a bear!
Director: Earl Hurd
Writer: Earl Hurd

Napoleon and Sally 1916


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Short animal comedy starring the chimpanzees Napoleon and Sally. Napoleon is called up to the army, and says goodbye to Sally, and to the people in the film studio. He leaves. But Sally quickly chases after him, and together they arrive at “Fort Skiddoo”. The chaotic army unit is composed of men in old-fashioned uniforms and a woman. The chimp Napoleon has to stand guard, and sees the enemy. He sounds the alarm. In a frantic battle, Sally is injured, and Napoleon ensures that the enemy retreats. Sally is carried inside, and she is hungry more than anything else.

Production Co: E & R Jungle Film Co.

Stars: Lillian Leighton, Napoleon, Sally

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Hasta despues de Muerta 1916

Also known as Until after death 1916

Poster Until After Dead

Until after death is a 1916 Argentine silent film, shot in black and white. It was directed by Ernesto Gunche and Eduardo Martínez de la Pera and written by Florencio Parravicini. Wikipedia

Beginning at the grave of a young woman, the film is a long flashback that tells the story of that young woman with a couple of medical students in a comical way at times and dramatic in others. Transcript of the multiple personality of Florencio Parravicini, scriptwriter and leading actor. It was a bourgeois and citizen theme, with touches of comedy alternating the melodramatic context.

—Sebastian Incaurgarat


Director : Florencio Parravicini
Written by : Florencio Parravicini
Cinematography : Eduardo Martinez de la Pera
Language : Spanish Language
Stars: Argentino Gómez, María Fernanda Ladrón de Guevara, Silvia Parodi
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C’est pour les Orphelins 1916

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English title – For the Children (1916)

The artist awakens. His maid brings him a letter from the Gaumont Studio. After a quick glance to it, he hastens to get dressed and runs to the studio followed by his wife, his maid and his son, Bout-de-Zan who want a part in the movie. When he finally finds a director, a cameraman and a script, the roles were assigned to everyone and everyone is partially satisfied. Bout-de-Zan gets the final word showing them a bundle of turnips : another “navet” (Joke about turnip which means also a bad movie in French)


Director: Louis Feuillade
Writer: Roger Lion
Stars: Marcel Lévesque, Musidora, René Poyen