Fox Trot Finesse 1915

fox trot finesse

Ferdie’s wife is fox-trot crazy, wanting to go dancing all the time. To get out of it, Ferdie fakes an ankle injury. When his wife spies him walking without his crutch, she writes a letter to her stern mother, inviting her to stay with them while Ferdie heals. Rather than face his mother-in-law, Ferdie admits he was faking his injury, and tears up the letter.

Director: Sidney Drew
Producer: Sidney Drew
Production company: Vitagraph Studios
Cast: Mrs. Sidney Drew, Sidney Drew, Ethel Lee
Screenplay: Maurice Morris, M.W. Pool


Short -The Lily of Belgium 1915

The Lily of Belgium


When a young girl finds a beautiful dead lily in the woods, she asks her grandfather to tell her about it. The lily stands in splendour beside a stream, admired by the creatures of the woods. But an army of beetles, bent on conquering new territories, wants to cross the stream – and the lily is blocking their way. An unashamed allegory of the German rape of Belgium.


Director: Wladyslaw Starewicz
Writer: Wladyslaw Starewicz
Stars: Irene Starewicz, Jan Wichniekski

This short movie has English subtitles

Ladislas Starevich
French-Polish-Russian animator
Władysław Starewicz was a Russian, Polish and French stop-motion animator notable as the author of the first puppet-animated film. He also used dead insects and other animals as protagonists of his films. Wikipedia


The Lure of Drink 1915

the lure of drink

The Lure of Drink is a 1915 British silent drama film directed by A. E. Coleby and starring Blanche Forsythe and Roy Travers. Wikipedia

A married man’s mistress has her revenge by making him an insane dipsomaniac.

Director: A.E. Coleby
Writer: Rowland Talbot

Production Companies
Sherwood (UK) (theatrical)
Stars: Blanche Forsythe, Roy Travers, A.E. Coleby


Jane Shore 1915

Jane shore

Jane Shore is a 1915 British silent historical film directed by Bert Haldane and F. Martin Thornton and starring Blanche Forsythe, Roy Travers and Robert Purdie. Wikipedia. It is an adaptation of the 1714 play The Tragedy of Jane Shore by Nicholas Rowe and is based on the life of Jane Shore, the mistress of Edward IV

Initial release: March 1915
Director: Bert Haldane
Screenplay: Rowland Talbot
Producer: Will Barker
Language: English language
Cast: Blanche Forsythe, Roy Travers, Thomas H. MacDonald,

Enhver 1915

This movie is in English



In 1911 the German poet Hugo von Hofmansthal wrote a new version of the medieval morality play Everyman, and this was staged in Danish translation at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen in 1915. At the time, it was radical example of symbolist abstraction. Its success inspired a film version, Enhver [Everyman], directed by Vilhelm Glückstadt for Filmfabrikken Danmark. The film, however, was set in a modern-day environment. It depict the moral choice confronting its protagonist at struggle because two attendant spirits, one good and one bad. The protagonist is tempted by dark figure of evil and succumbs, rejecting God and leading a life of iniquity, but he is then haunted by guilty visions until he finally dies, asking God for forgiveness at the last moment.

DIRECTOR: Vilhelm Glückstadt

Cast: Peter S. Andersen Gudrun Houlberg Lilly Jansen Charles Løwaas Peter Malberg Valdemar Møller Jonna Neiiendam Rasmus Ottesen Else Schiwe Alfred Sjøholm


Sage Brush Tom 1915

sage bush tom

Tom see a post card of an actress he at a kiosk and decided he’s in love. He obsesses over the photo and shows his cowboy friends who laugh at him. He goes ahead and writes a letter to her. She reads it at the recording studio on “The East”. She gets so excited that she convinces her movie company to go to his ranch in Arizona to film. He is initially to shy to approach her, but eventually does a gets in a scuffle with the lead man and ends up throwing a punch and knocking him out and injuring his jaw. Seeing the the lead man’s jaw is injured, the director asks Tom to fill in. The lead man decided to get even with Tom at this point. He convinces Tom that any good actor can wrestle a bull. Tom is afraid but decided to do it to prove himself to his love interest and be in a film with her. Tom learns to challenge the bull successfully and says he’s ready to film with the heroine. The lead male now informs him that she got a telegram from her husband that her youngest son is sick and she decided to return home. Tom sits down clearly upset and embarrassed and tosses her photo. The end.

Director: Tom Mix
Writer: Tom Mix (story)

Produced by William Nicholas Selig
Stars: Tom Mix, Goldie Colwell, Ed Brady

On the Night Stage 1915


On the night stage

When Alexander Austin, the new parson come to a small frontier town, he attracts the attention of Belle Shields, a dance-hall girl who is the sweetheart of “Texas” Smith, an outlaw. The barflies in the saloon rib Smith about being beat out by a sky-pilot (preacher), and Smith takes on the crowd but Austin, a trained boxer takes his side and they prevail. The two men become good friends. Belle and Austin marry and are happy. Belle goes to a neighboring town to visit a friend. Texas learns that “Handsome Jack” Malone, a gambler and former lover of Belle’s, is threatening to tell her husband unless Belle meets him clandestinely.

—Les Adams

Director: Reginald Barker
Producer: Thomas H. Ince
Cast: William S. Hart, Rhea Mitchell, Robert Edeson
Screenplay: Thomas H. Ince, C. Gardner Sullivan