Almost a Scandal 1915

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Billie enjoys flirting with the ladies, and so does Henry, although he’s married. Trouble erupts when both men bring dates to the same beer garden, and Billie’s date turns out to be Henry’s wife.

Director: Henry Lehrman
Stars: Billie Ritchie, Henry Bergman, Hank Mann



Zan’s butt and the sniper 1915

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Also known as Bout De Zan Et L’Embusqué

Next to his well-known thriller serials, Fantomas, Les Vampires and Judex, Louis Feuillade directed a number of short comedies with a little boy called Bout-de-Zan, often wiser than the adults around him. In this episode, filmed in France during WWI, Bout-de-Zan unmasks a hunter who pretends to be a sharp shooter and advises him to enlist to fight the Germans rather than telling tales.

This film is typical of short comedies produced in France at the time. While it only uses a static camera, the outdoor filming and the use of cross-cutting and alternating between full shot and medium shots gives a rather modern look. Child actor René Poyen, acting in a very expressive and natural way, is the main asset of the film. The film also shows how cinema was already used in war time to carry a patriotic message with the call to enlist and fight the Germans. Louis Feuillade had himself been drafted but had been sent back home just before shooting this film because of heart problems

Director : Louis Feuillade
Production company : Gaumont
Producer : Léon Gaumont
Cast : René Poyen
Distributor : Gaumont

Nobleza Gaucha 1915

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Nobleza gaucha is a 1915 Argentine silent film


Don José Gran, a rich businessman from Buenos Aires, travels to La Pampa in search for horses. He hires Juan, a noble gaucho that tames horses for a living, to aid him in his search. On that very day, Juan rescues a damsel in distress, María, from a crazed horse. Don José Gran then kidnaps María and goes back to Buenos Aires with her. Juan decides to go uptown and rescue her; a fellow ranch hand, Don Genaro, tags along.

Juan and Don Genaro try to go by cart to Buenos Aires, but the vehicle gets stuck, so they take the train instead. Once in Buenos Aires, they ask for directions and end up chasing a fleeing streetcar that takes them all the way to Gran’s mansion. Don Genaro gets in trouble for smoking in the streetcar, and decides not to be involved in María’s rescue, preferring instead to go shopping for supplies. Juan infiltrates the mansion and waits for Don Gran to arrive; he then fights him and overpowers him. María, who had been previously assaulted by Gran, is supposed dead by Juan and mourns her.

As María wakes up, Gran creeps up behind Juan, ready to kill him, but Juan blocks the stab and overcomes him once more. As he is about to kill him, María stops him, claiming that a gaucho would never kill a defenseless man. They escape the mansion and happily board the train home. The last shot shows Don Genaro on his way to the train, losing his step and scattering the supplies over the street. He picks them up, waving young boys away, and picks his way up.

After María and Juan return to the country, Gran plans a revenge. He talks the ‘comisario’ and accuses falsely Juan of being a ‘cuatrero’. The ‘comisario’ begins a search of Juan. María tells Juan to escape. Juan finds Gran and starts a pursuit on horses. Gran reaches a ‘zanja’ and falls down. Juan goes down and try to help him, but Gran dies. Justice wins. The film ends.

Initial release : 1915 ( Argentina )
Directors : Eduardo Martinez de la Pera , Humberto Cairo , Ernesto Gunche
Music composed by : Francisco Canaro
Cinematography : Eduardo Martinez de la Pera , Ernesto Gunche
Story by : José Hernández , Rafael Obligado


Alexandra 1915



Henny Porten


Alessandra, illegitimate daughter of a count, is raised in a circus. Everyone would like her to marry Anton, a rough gamekeeper, but she escapes helped by Count Erwin.  The young girl falls in love with her savior but he has no serious intentions. …..

Director: Curt A. Stark
Writer: Richard Voß (play)
Stars: Ernst Bretschke, Friedrich Feher, Max Maximilian, Henny Porten

To View please click on the link below!QBRjhYjb!ZZ5JKgw-LW-J0UBIvnbRACxjfkUDiW8YWX9toaVVLbk




The Dinosaur and the Missing Link 1915

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The Dinosaur and the Missing Link: A Prehistoric Tragedy is a 1915 American comedy silent film animated by Willis O’Brien. The film was distributed by Thomas Edison’s film company Conquest Pictures in 1917. Wikipedia
Initial release: 1915
Director: Willis H. O’Brien
Producer: Herman Wobbler
Cinematography: Willis H. O’Brien


When Ambrose Dared Walrus 1915

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Walrus and his wife run the Walrus Hotel, which acrobats Mr. & Mrs. Ambrose are staying at. Walrus gets a letter from his insurance broker Mr. Cinder demanding a payment. Short on cash, Walrus decides to get his tenants’ money now. Ambrose and his wife are in the middle of a domestic squabble when Walrus pays a visit, and his presence only makes things worse. Mr. Cinder visits Walrus himself, and he carelessly throws his cigarette into a trash can. After he leaves, the hotel catches on fire and the rest of the film is a thrilling five-minute race to pay off the insurance!

—Jerry Velez

Director: Walter Wright
Screenplay: Walter Wright
Production company: Keystone Studios
Producer: Mack Sennett

Stars: Mack Swain, Chester Conklin, Vivian Edwards

Ambrose’s Sour Grapes 1915

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Ambrose loses his girl-friend to Harry Gribbon in the park. When Ambrose’s “girl-friend”‘s twin sister and husband arrive everybody gets mixed-up between the two twins.
Director: Walter Wright (uncredited)

Production Co: Keystone Film Company
Stars: Mack Swain, Harry Gribbon, Miss McKinnon