On the Night Stage 1915


On the night stage

When Alexander Austin, the new parson come to a small frontier town, he attracts the attention of Belle Shields, a dance-hall girl who is the sweetheart of “Texas” Smith, an outlaw. The barflies in the saloon rib Smith about being beat out by a sky-pilot (preacher), and Smith takes on the crowd but Austin, a trained boxer takes his side and they prevail. The two men become good friends. Belle and Austin marry and are happy. Belle goes to a neighboring town to visit a friend. Texas learns that “Handsome Jack” Malone, a gambler and former lover of Belle’s, is threatening to tell her husband unless Belle meets him clandestinely.

—Les Adams

Director: Reginald Barker
Producer: Thomas H. Ince
Cast: William S. Hart, Rhea Mitchell, Robert Edeson
Screenplay: Thomas H. Ince, C. Gardner Sullivan


Willful Ambrose 1915


Marksman Ambrose accidentally shoots a beer stein his wife has bought for him as a gift, so he tries to replace it.
Director: David Kirkland
Writer: Walter Wright (scenario)

Produced by Mack Sennett
Stars: Mack Swain, Louise Fazenda, Vivian Edwards

Young Romance 1915

Young Romance_(1915)_-_2

Young Romance is an American silent romance film directed and produced by George Melford. The film is based on the play of the same name by William C. deMille who also wrote the screenplay. Young Romance, released in 1915, is a recent rediscovery

Director: George Melford
Screenplay: William C. deMille
Cinematography: Walter Stradling
Cast: Edith Taliaferro, Florence Dagmar, Tom Forman
Producers: George Melford, Jesse L. Lasky

The Captive 1915

the captive

The Captive is an American silent-era film released on April 22, 1915. It was released on five reel

Cecil B. DeMille’’s thought-to-be-lost 1915 silent film The Captive, is a found treasure. Set during the Balkan Wars, The Captive tells the story of Sonia (Blanche Sweet, The Woman in White), a young woman living in Montenegro and left to care for her younger brother Milos (Gerald Ward, The Warrens of Virginia) and the family farm when older brother Marko (Page Peters, Davy Crockett) goes off to battle. Unable to handle the day-to-day tasks following her brother’’s tragic death, help comes in the form of Mahmud Hassan (House Peters, Prisoners of the Storm) a captured Turk nobleman now a prisoner of war. Tasked with helping Sonia, their initial frosty relationship soon melts into love. As the war rages on Sonia, Mahmud and Milos will face near-insurmountable obstacles in their quest for a better life amidst the hell of war.

Director: Cecil B. DeMille
Box office: 56,074.9 USD
Budget: 12,153.5 USD
Cast: Blanche Sweet,  House Peters, Gerald Ward
Screenplay: Cecil B. DeMille, Jeanie MacPherson

Hearts in Exile 1915

hearts in exile

Hearts in Exile is a 1915 American film directed by James Young. It was produced by Peerless Studios when it and many other early film studios in America’s first motion picture industry were based in … Wikipedia

Director: James Young
Story by: William Arthur Dunkerley
Language: English language
Screenplay: James Young, Owen Davis
Stars: Clara Kimball Young, Montagu Love, Claude Fleming


A Hash House Fraud 1915 – Keystone Cops

a hash house fraud

A swindle in a tiny downtown restaurant leads to a classic Keystone Kops finale. One and all have an easy time with the pretty and flirtatious cashier.
Director: Charley Chase (as Charles Parrot)

Produced by Mack Sennett
Stars: Hugh Fay, Louise Fazenda, Fritz Schade

Their One Love 1915

Fairbanks twins

In the 1850s twin girls fall in love with the same young man, and must struggle with their feelings once he goes off to fight in the Civil War.

One of the numerous Civil War films made 50 years after the end of the war. The film industry was not yet 10 years old and the first motion picture theater to exclusively show films was not built until 1905. Released by Thanhouser Company only weeks after Griffith’s Birth of a Nation, the night battle scenes with 11 shots of pyrotechnics and electric lighting effects made Their One Love a much more elaborate drama than Griffith’s film. Their One Love is considered to be the first film to fully utilize night cinematography.
Film makers were becoming very aware of the emotional effect their work could have on an audience and none were better than playing to an audience’s passion and sensibilities than Edwin and Gertrude Thanhouser, the company’s founders. Their One Love was written by Gertrude Thanhouser.
The film stars Madeline and Marion Fairbanks who were barely 14 during the shooting of the film and the girls became immensely popular in the US becoming known as the Thanhouser Twins. From 1912 to 1916, the twins made 48 movies for the Thanhouser Company and after Thanhouser no longer existed, appeared in several more films for studios such as Warner Brothers. The movie was shot in and around New Rochelle, NY. This movie was first legally exhibited in 1915 and all movies legally exhibited before December 31, 1922 are in the public domain. For more of these Thanhouser movies visit http://www.thanhouser.org~~!they also have a facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/thanhouse
Director: Jack Harvey
Writer: Gertrude Thanhouser

Production Co: Thanhouser Film Corporation
Stars: Madeline Fairbanks, Marion Fairbanks, Robert Wilson