Glory to Us, Death to the Enemy 1914


glory to us death to the enemy

This 1914 drama set in the WWI-era relates a heroic act carried out by a war nurse for the Red Cross (Dora Tschitorina) who has witnessed the death of her husband (Ivan Mozzhukhin).

Production Co: Khanzhonkov & Co.

Directed by Yevgeni Bauer
Produced by Aleksandr Khanzhonkov
Music by Franz Bauer
Cinematography by Boris Zavelev

Dora Tschitorina as Olga, Charity Sister
Ivan Mozzhukhin as Her groom, officer




A Helpful Sisterhood 1914

norma tal.jpg

Morality tale of a young college girl who is made a fuss of by a society sorority because she happens to have known a woman in society. She is very flattered and despite being in over her head in terms of financially keeping up with her wealthier sisters, she schemes how to do just that, stooping to theft….

Director: Van Dyke Brooke
Story by: Margaree P. Dryden
Production company: Vitagraph Studios

Stars: Norma Talmadge, Mary Maurice, Marie Weirman

The Wrath of the Gods 1914

the wrath of the gods.jpg

An American sailor falls in love with a fisherman’s daughter and convinces her that Jesus is more powerful than the gods who have cursed her.
Director: Reginald Barker

Produced by Thomas H. Ince
Writers: William H. Clifford, Thomas H. Ince
Stars: Sessue Hayakawa, Tsuru Aoki, Frank Borzage

Fatty’s Magic Pants 1914

Also Known As: Fatty’s Suitless Day



‘Fatty’ is looking forward to attending a formal occasion. But in order to go, he has to be properly dressed, and he encounters unexpected difficulties in getting himself ready.
Director: Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle (uncredited)

Production Co: Keystone Film Company
Stars: Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle, Charley Chase, Minta Durfee

Julius Caesar 1914


Also known as Cajus Julius Caesar.

The film has English subs

A  colossal epic film like this that tries to depict the life and glory of Julius Caesar, must have a variety of scenery appropriate to the film’s hero. This includes the Senate and its conspirators..or .. strange places beyond Rome full of barbarians that must fall under the Rome yoke. Let’s not forget the sequences depicting the masses mentioned before.. or.. the human side of Caesar and his troublesome relationship with his son Brutus

Director: Enrico Guazzoni
Screenplay: Raffaello Giovagnoli, William Shakespeare (play)
Producer: Enrico Guazzoni
Production company: Cines
Cast: Amleto Novelli, Pina Menichelli, Bruto Castellani, Augusto Mastripietri, Gianna Terribili-Gonzales, Ignazio Lupi, Lia Orlandini


Mute Witnesses 1914

Mute Witness 1914


On a large upper-class estate, the young Baron von Rehren, after his rejection by Ellen, whom he deeply loves, he becomes smitten with the innocent Nastia, the house porter’s only daughter. She becomes his challenge and means of killing time.

Director: Yevgeni Bauer
Writer: Aleksandr Voznesensky
Stars: Aleksandr Chargonin, Aleksandr Kheruvimov, Dora Tschitorina

This movie has English subtitles



The Spoilers 1914


The spoilers

While wealthy Alaskan mine owner Roy Glenister (William Farnum) and his partner vacation in the States, Washington politician Alex McNamara (Tom Santschi) plans a claim-jumping scheme throughout Alaska. When the envoy McNamara intends to send falls ill, his unwitting niece, Helen (Bessie Eyton), agrees to carry the documents to Alaska in his place. Upon Roy’s return to Alaska, Helen soon attracts his attention — to the dismay of Roy’s longtime girlfriend, dancer Cherry (Kathlyn Williams).

Directors: Colin Campbell, Alfred E. Green
Box office: 1 million USD
Screenplay: Lanier Bartlett
Story by: Rex Beach
Cast: William Farnum, Kathlyn Williams, Tom Santschi