Sorrows of Sarah 1913

Original title – Gore Sarry

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Synopsis / Plot
This film captures a stage production at Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, accompanied by the choir of Moscow Synagogue. Brothers Isaak and Borukh are both in love with Sarra, but Sarra chooses Isaac and they got married. However, Sarra could not conceive for ten years, and their Rabbi tells them that according to Jewish law, they must divorce. Isaak’s parents push him to sign the divorce paper, then their Rabbi drops the divorce paper to Sarra’s feet. She tells Isaac about her grief, and Isaak commits suicide. Soon after-wards, Sore realizes that she is pregnant, but she is now single
Director Aleksandr Arkatov
Screenwriter V. Toddi

Cast – Tatyana Shornikova, Aleksandr Kheruvimov, Praskovya Maksimova, Ivan Mozzhukhin, Pavel Knorr, Antonina Pozharskaya, Viktor Tourjansky
Producer – Khanzhonkov

Russian silent movie – no English subs


Léonce loves morels 1913


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Beaten to a tasty portion of wild morel mushrooms by a determined Englishman, Léonce and Poupette sneakily substitute the mushrooms for cut-up pieces of sponge, with surprising results.
Director: Léonce Perret
Stars: Léonce Perret, Suzanne Le Bret, Alice Tissot

Granddad 1913

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Old Jabez Burr is shown with his little grand-daughter, Mildred. She receives a letter from her father that he is coming home with a new mamma for her, and telling her to warn grand-dad to hide his black bottle, as the lady is a great church worker and is opposed to liquor. Jabez is a veteran of the civil war, and has been wont to meet his old army cronies and fight again the great battles in which they took part, and his fast ebbing strength has been stimulated by liquor. Mrs. Burr arrives, and soon becomes a leader in the church work of the neighborhood. Grand-dad slyly hides his bottle. Mrs. Burr nags grand-dad frequently, and finally in an outburst of anger she tells him that he is contaminating Mildred. The old man is crushed, and resolves to go away. That night, when all is still, he quietly kisses Mildred good-bye as she sleeps, and starts out. Mr. Burr hears him moving about, and thinks burglars are in the house. He finds his father and pleads with him to stay, but the old man… Written by Moving Picture World synopsis

Director: Thomas H. Ince
Writer: William H. Clifford

Production Co: Broncho Film Company
Stars: J. Barney Sherry, Mildred Harris, Frank Borzage


Léonce cinématographiste 1913

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Leonce works at the Gaumont studios as star actor and his wife suspects him of being unfaithful. She finds ladies’ hair on his coat, fan letters in his pocket…

Featuring Léonce Perret, Ernest Bourbon, Gaston Modot
Director Léonce Perret
Country France
Year 1913
Genre Comedy

The Wooing of the Sales Lady 1913

Oscar et Kiki la midinette (original title)

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Oscar is in love with Kiki, a girl employed in the showrooms of Messrs. Lasson. He pays her a visit and is surprised by the return of the manager, whom he thought was at lunch. The girls disguise Oscar in feminine clothes, and tell the manager he is a new “trotter.” He is sent with some hats to deliver to Madame Hammersmith, a manicurist, who insists upon treating the trotter kindly, and Oscar forgetting his identity unconsciously exposes his mustache to view. Madame Hammersmith incontinently subsides off her chair in a paroxysm of indignation, and Oscar takes a somersault through the open window to escape her incivilities. He makes his way back to the showroom, to find that the manicurist is already there, and has caused Kiki’s dismissal. Oscar, with the gallantry which he alone knows so well how to display, assumes proprietorship over the tearful Kiki, and calmly informs the company at large that she is the future Mrs. Oscar Walker. Written by Moving Picture World synopsis

Director: Léonce Perret
Stars: Léon Lorin, Mademoiselle Davrières, Marie Dorly

Drama on the Volga 1913


drama on the volga

This remarkably bleak melodrama was based on a real murder scandal. Natalia, the title character, has fallen in love with Egorov, a young clerk who works in her father’s shop. The patriarchal Bashkirov, however, has already arranged her marriage to one of his colleagues…

Directed by Nikolai Larin

Producer – Grigory Libken

Script-writer – Nikolay Larin

Camera-man – Jan (Janis) Dared

Cast – Actors unknown

Robinet Boxeur (Tweedledum as a boxer) 1913

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The “Robinet” films were produced by the Società Anonima Ambrosio, Turin and featured Marcel Fabre in the role of Robinet (Tweedledum).
As “Robinet” Marcel Fabre (1885 – 1927) appeared in at least 137 films between 1910 and 1915.
Tweedledum is witness of a boxing bout between a white man and a negro, in which the latter is successful, and, full of anger at the indignity to his own race, the comedian challenges the black to a fight to a finish, and straightway goes into training. His work with the ball is so heavy that he shatters the walls of his gymnasium, punches off the head of inoffensive pedestrians, causes others to explode by a terrific body blow, sends a tram hustling back the way it has come by a sturdy thump, and when he gets into the ring causes the negro to shrink with fear, and easily puts him out. (The Cinema – News and Property Gazette, Mar. 12, 1913)

Production Co: Società Anonima Ambrosio

Starring: Marcel Fabre