The Island of the Blessed 1913


Also known as Die Insel der Seligen (English captions)

Max Reinhardt’s ‘Isle of the Blessed’ (1913) attracted attention due to its erotic nature. Its ancient mythical setting included sea gods, nymphs, and fauns, and the actors appeared naked. The actors had to live up to the demands of double roles.

Not a great print. However, it is watchable, and it is fun.  Worth a look.

Director: Max Reinhardt
Writer: Arthur Kahane
Stars: Paul Davidson, Erika De Planque, Wilhelm Diegelmann




Fantômas IV: contre Fantômas 1914


As inspector Juve seems to be unable to put Fantômas behind bars the Press comes up with the idea Juve must be Fantômas himself! Juve is soon jailed as an attempt to ease the stress on his case. But Fantômas is free and having his old archrival convicted is certainly an evil dream he wants to come true.
– Written by viktor-18 <>

Director: Louis Feuillade
Writers: Marcel Allain (novel), Louis Feuillade
Stars: René Navarre, Georges Melchior, Laurent Morléas


Fantômas III: Le Mort Qui Tue 1913



After a body disappears from inside the prison, a series of crimes take place, all seemingly by the dead man. With Juve presumed dead, Fandor must investigate alone. Will Fantomas finally be brought to justice?
Director: Louis Feuillade
Writers: Marcel Allain (novel), Louis Feuillade
Stars: René Navarre, Edmund Breon, Georges Melchior

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Fantômas Part 1 In the Shadow of the Guillotine 1913



French serial in five separate parts over the next 5 days

For the arch-criminal Fantômas, no crime is too daring, too adventurous. A master of disguise, he has no trouble relieving the Princess Danidoff of her priceless pearl necklace at the Royal Palace Hotel. Inspectator Juve is determined to capture Fantômas and put an end to his limitless villainy. Whilst investigating the disappearance of Lord Beltham, Juve finds himself on the trail of his arch-enemy once more. He discovers that Beltham’s widow has been having a secret affair with a mysterious stranger, Gurn. In Gurn’s apartment, Juve discovers the dead body of Lord Beltham and business cards bearing the name Fantômas. A triumphant Juve makes an easy arrest of Gurn, alias Fantômas, and is sure that nothing can save the evil-doer from the guillotine. But Lady Beltham has an ingenious plan to save her lover, using an actor Valgrand who closely resembles Gurn. ×

Director: Louis Feuillade
Writers: Marcel Allain (novel), Louis Feuillade
Stars: René Navarre, Edmund Breon, Georges Melchior

<p><a href=”″>Fantomas – A l’ombre de la guillotine (1913)</a> from <a href=”″>George Morbedadze</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Max speaks English 1913

Max Speaks English

Pathe comedy by Max Linder. Cast: Max Linder, Cecile Guyon, Louis Baron
Premiered in Berlin on Dec. 25, 1913.
UK title: Max and the daughter of Albion, rel.: Jan. 22, 1914.

“Scene, a first-class railway carriage. Max and delightful girl alone. “May I smoke?” breaks the ice, and then Max brings all the arts of fascination to bear on the lady, who is by no means shy. Max calls next day. Her father is in the enamel bath and geyser line. Max is making love; a customer enters. Girlie hides Max in portable shower bath. Enter father, who is a good salesman. He turns on the shower – and Max. What a delightful comedian Linder is.” (The Bioscope, Nov. 22, 1917)



Run time 10 minutes 11 seconds

Max Takes a Picture 1913

Max takea a picture

The dapper Max is excited to sneak shots of a Rubenesque beauty, because he’s bored, with nothing else to photograph on the deserted French beach. But she pays him off, not to even peak at her in her bathing suit. As she’s attempting to get ashore, she desperately tries to avoid his snapping away. Swimming back out, she disappears under the ocean, driving Max frantic with guilt.
– Written by David Stevens

Director: Lucien Nonguet

Star: Max Linder



The Pickwick Papers 1913

The pickwick papers

The Pickwick Papers is a 1913 American-British silent historical comedy film directed by Laurence Trimble and starring John Bunny, James Prior and Sidney Hunt. It is based on the Charles Dickens novel The Pickwick Papers. Wikipedia
Initial release: 1913
Director: Laurence Trimble
Story by: Charles Dickens
Production company: Vitagraph Studios
Cinematography: Arthur Ross

Stars: John Bunny, James Prior, Sidney Hunt