Doktor X 1916


Felix, an introverted researcher, asks the worldly Dr. Voluntas to guide him toward worldly pleasures. Dr. Voluntas accepts the invitation and leads his laboratory rival down the path of dissipation.

One striking motif is that of a sweeping darkness associated with Voluntas’ control over Felix.

Directed By –

Robert Dinesen

Gunnar Tolnæs Doctor Voluntas
Carlo Wieth Doctor Felix
Johanne Blom Fritz-Petersen Margaret
Henry Seemann Vincent Lieutenant, Margaret’s brother
Betzy Kofoed Sara, Margaret and Vincent’s Aunt
Arne Weel Seidel, medical student
Ellen Møller maid
Agnes Lorenzen


Other titles
Doctor Voluntas [Danish], Le Docteur Voluntas [French], The Master Physician [English], Folly of Sin [English], El Dr. Voluntas [Spanish], Dammon’s Triumphe [German], Under Friendship’s Mask [English], The Victory will [Norwegian], The victorious will [Danish], the will that wins [Swedish]

Danish Silent Movie with English subtitles available

The Love Gamble 1925


Love Gamble (1925) [Edizione: Stati Uniti]

Peggy Mason, the part owner of a tearoom in Boston, falls in love with Douglas Wyman. On a walking trip, they stop at a lodge in the hills, and Peggy learns that Douglas is unhappily married. Peggy immediately leaves the lodge and is caught in a storm, from which she is rescued by an old suitor. Douglas’ wife is found murdered, and when he will not establish an alibi for fear of ruining Peggy’s reputation, Douglas is accused of and tried for the crime. Peggy learns of the trial at the last minute and hurries to the courtroom, arriving in time to clear Douglas of the charges against him. Douglas then declares his love for her, but Peggy, who has become engaged to her old suitor, must refuse him. The suitor, however, realizes that Peggy loves Douglas and releases her from the engagement; Peggy returns to Douglas and they are married

Director: Edward LeSaint (as Edward J. Le Saint)
Writers: Maysie Greig (novel), Fanny Hatton (titles)

Production Co: Banner Productions
Stars: Lillian Rich, Robert Frazer, Pauline Garon

Coeurs belges 1923


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Patriotic melodrama. Marquise Berthe de Brabant got married to a French nobleman just before the beginning of World War I. Her husband gets severely injured in an attack against the Germans and hands over the bouquet of Berthe to a German officer, before dying without revealing his name. In turn, the German soldier gets injured and is sent to a military hospital, where Berthe is taking care of war victims. Unexpectedly he tells her everything. Will Berthe take revenge, or will she fulfill her duty as a nurse? ×

Director: Aimée Navarra
Writers: Abbé De Moor, Aimée Navarra

Production Co: Belga Films
Stars: Corona, Abbé De Moor, Viviane Dhollain

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The Confession 1920

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Henry Walthall plays a priest who is duty bound to keep secret a terrible confession in this melodramatic thriller. Father Bartlett (Walthall) is concerned about his brother, Tom (Francis McDonald), a rowdy young man who drinks too much. Tom gets himself in trouble on the night he is out drinking with Jimmie Creighton (Barney Furey), the brother of his sweetheart, Rose (Margaret Landis). When Jimmie tells Tom that he has had enough to drink, it causes an argument and the two men come to blows outside the saloon. Tom drops his gun, but it is picked up by Joseph Dumont (William Clifford), who shoots Jimmie because he had wronged his sister. Dumont goes to Father Bartlett with this confession. Father Bartlett holds to the sanctity of the confessional, even though Tom is arrested for the crime, convicted, and sentenced to die. Although Father Bartlett prefers to leave the matter in the hands of a “greater judge,” Tom is not so willing, and he escapes. He is found in the Canadian Northwest and brought back to be hung. Father Bartlett saves Dumont from drowning and convinces him to come clean. Meanwhile, Rose and Tom’s mother (Margaret McWade) have begged for a pardon from the governor, to no avail. Father Bartlett and Dumont finally show up, but Dumont drops dead before he can reveal the truth. But just before the trap springs on Tom, a confession is found in Dumont’s pocket….

Director: Bertram Bracken
Writers: Hal Reid (play), Franklin Hall (as Franklyn Hall)

Production Co: National Film Corporation of America
Stars: Henry B. Walthall, Francis McDonald, William Clifford

Smouldering Fires 1925

Smouldering Fires_lobby_card

7.1/10 · IMDb

At 40, Jane Vale, a domineering and successful businesswoman, falls in love with Robert Elliott, a young man employed in the factory she manages. She makes him her private secretary, and he soon asks her to marry him, both out of gratitude and to defend her reputation against the ugly gossip of his fellow workers. Before the wedding, Jane’s younger sister, Dorothy, returns from college, and she and Robert fall in love, but they lack the courage to tell Jane. Robert and Jane are married, and he tries to make her happy, but everything conspires to make her feel the difference in their ages: she is worn out and worried, unsuccessfully trying to look young and unable to mingle easily with Robert’s young friends. When Jane finally realizes that Robert, though he is faithful and attentive to her, is really in love with Dorothy, she pretends that she no longer loves him and asks for a divorce. Robert and Dorothy, alike in age and inclination, are thus free to find the happiness that has eluded Jane.

Director: Clarence Brown

Producer: Carl Laemmle

Story by: Margaret Deland, Howard Higgin
Writers: Dwinelle Benthall (titles), Melville W. Brown
Stars: Pauline Frederick, Laura La Plante, Malcolm McGregor

Queen Kelly 1929


7.8/10 IMDb
100% Rotten Tomatoes
In Kronberg, Ruritania, the planned wedding of Queen Regina (Seena Owen) and Prince Wolfram (Walter Byron) is halted when the prince falls in love with Patricia Kelly (Gloria Swanson), a beautiful orphan at the convent. The prince kidnaps Patricia and takes her to the palace, but the queen drives her out. After a failed suicide attempt, Patricia unwillingly allows her scurrilous aunt to marry her off to a decrepit scoundrel. Undaunted, Wolfram follows Patricia to her new home in East Africa.

Initial release: January 1, 1929 (USA)
Directors: Erich von Stroheim,  Sam Wood, Edmund Goulding, Richard Boleslawski
Producers: Erich von Stroheim, Gloria Swanson, Joseph P. Kennedy Sr.
Screenplay: Edmund Goulding, Delmer Daves, Marian Ainslee, Paul L. Stein
Music composed by: Ugo Derouard, Adolph Tandler

Stars: Gloria Swanson, Walter Byron, Seena Owen

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Hangman’s House 1928




Hangman’s House is a 1928 romantic drama genre silent film set in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, directed by John Ford (uncredited) with inter-titles written by Malcolm Stuart Boylan. It is based on a novel by Brian Oswald Donn-Byrne. It was adapted by Philip Klein with scenarios by Marion Orth. The film is also notable for containing the first confirmed appearance by John Wayne in a John Ford film

Hogan (Victor McLaglen), a soldier of fortune, goes AWOL from service in the French army in Algiers to return home to Ireland, determined to take revenge on John D’Arcy (Earle Foxe), who deserted his sister. Before Hogan’s arrival, however, terminally ill Judge O’Brien (Hobart Bosworth) pleads with his daughter, Connaught (June Collyer), to marry John, although she is in love with horse racer Dermot McDermot (Larry Kent). Connaught reluctantly complies, just as Hogan appears in disguise.
Directed by John Ford
Produced by John Ford
Written by
Brian Oswald Donn-Byrne
Malcolm Stuart Boylan
Philip Klein (adaptation)
Marion Orth (scenario)
Victor McLaglen
June Collyer
Larry Kent
Earle Foxe
Hobart Bosworth
John Wayne
Cinematography George Schneiderman
Edited by Margaret C. Clancy
Distributed by Fox Film Corporation
Release date
May 13, 1928
Running time
70 minutes
Country United States
Silent film
English intertitles