When Ambrose Dared Walrus 1915

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Walrus and his wife run the Walrus Hotel, which acrobats Mr. & Mrs. Ambrose are staying at. Walrus gets a letter from his insurance broker Mr. Cinder demanding a payment. Short on cash, Walrus decides to get his tenants’ money now. Ambrose and his wife are in the middle of a domestic squabble when Walrus pays a visit, and his presence only makes things worse. Mr. Cinder visits Walrus himself, and he carelessly throws his cigarette into a trash can. After he leaves, the hotel catches on fire and the rest of the film is a thrilling five-minute race to pay off the insurance!

—Jerry Velez

Director: Walter Wright
Screenplay: Walter Wright
Production company: Keystone Studios
Producer: Mack Sennett

Stars: Mack Swain, Chester Conklin, Vivian Edwards


Ambrose’s Sour Grapes 1915

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Ambrose loses his girl-friend to Harry Gribbon in the park. When Ambrose’s “girl-friend”‘s twin sister and husband arrive everybody gets mixed-up between the two twins.
Director: Walter Wright (uncredited)

Production Co: Keystone Film Company
Stars: Mack Swain, Harry Gribbon, Miss McKinnon

Oh, What a Knight 1919


Slapstick comedy

Directed by  Fred Hibbard … (as Fred Fishback)

Cast (in credits order)
Mack Swain Mack Swain …
The Sheriff
Ethel Teare Ethel Teare
Jack Cooper Jack Cooper
Glen Cavender Glen Cavender
Produced by William Fox … executive producer
Henry Lehrman … producer

Cinematography by
Park Ries


The Shamrock and the Rose 1927

the shamrock and the rose

“The Shamrock and the Rose” is a light comedy with touches of drama directed by Jack Nelson featuring Mack Swain, Olive Hasbrouck, Edmund Burns, Maurice Costello, Otto Lederer, William Strauss, Dot Farley, Rosa Rosanova, Leon Holmes, Coy Watson and others.

The neighborly “feud” between a Jewish and an Irish families escalates when two of their youngsters fall in love.

Director: Jack Nelson
Writers: Isadore Bernstein, Owen Davis (play)
Stars: Mack Swain, Olive Hasbrouck, Edmund Burns

Willful Ambrose 1915


Marksman Ambrose accidentally shoots a beer stein his wife has bought for him as a gift, so he tries to replace it.
Director: David Kirkland
Writer: Walter Wright (scenario)

Produced by Mack Sennett
Stars: Mack Swain, Louise Fazenda, Vivian Edwards

A Rough Diamond 1916

his bitter pill

Also, know as His Bitter Pill

Rough Diamond (Aka His Bitter Pill), 1916, is a short silent drama / western parody/comedy film. Jim – a Big Hearted Sheriff (Mack Swain) pours his heart out to his lady (Louella Maxam), but she has instead to marry another (Edgar Kennedy). She gives Swain the “kiss of death” by saying she loves him as a brother! However, soon afterwards, sheriff Swain realizes Kennedy is the leader of a band of crooks, so it’s up to him to catch the bad guys and save his lady from making a big mistake.

Director: Fred Hibbard (as Fred Fishback)
Stars: Mack Swain, Louella Maxam, Ella Haines

Getting Acquainted 1914

Getting Acquainted, subsequently retitled A Fair Exchange, is a 1914 American comedy silent film written and directed by Charles Chaplin, starring Chaplin and Mabel Normand, and produced by Mack Sennett for Keystone Studios. Wikipedia
Initial release: December 5, 1914
Director: Charlie Chaplin
Screenplay: Charlie Chaplin
Production company: Keystone Studios
Producer: Mack Sennett

Stars: Charles Chaplin, Phyllis Allen, Mack Swain, Mabel Normand