Down on the Farm 1920

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The day starts off as any normal day on Roach’s farm, where Teddy, the farmhouse dog, is doing more productive work than everyone else combined. But the day changes when Roach’s farmhand sees an opportunity to be the knight in shining armor to Louise, Roach’s daughter, who he wants to marry. Roach, however will not have his daughter marry a lowly farmhand, although Louise loves the farmhand. It’s also rent day, and their landlord – the mortgage holder of the farm – is making his rounds to collect the moneys. He uses his position of power to garner sexual favors from women in return for non-eviction. Having never met Louise, the landlord immediately falls in love with her, who he too wants to marry. Louise hatches a plan to throw off the landlord’s unwanted advances. That plan has unintended consequences. Add to the mix Louise’s fear of mice, the landlord intercepting an important letter to Roach, a collar salesman and his missing infant son, and it becomes unclear who Roach will allow marry his daughter and if she will get married at all.


Directors: Erle C. Kenton, F. Richard Jones, Ray Grey
Producer: Mack Sennett
Cinematography: Fred Jackman
Screenplay: Mack Sennett, Ray Grey, Raymond Griffith

Stars: Louise Fazenda, Harry Gribbon, Bert Roach


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When Ambrose Dared Walrus 1915

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Walrus and his wife run the Walrus Hotel, which acrobats Mr. & Mrs. Ambrose are staying at. Walrus gets a letter from his insurance broker Mr. Cinder demanding a payment. Short on cash, Walrus decides to get his tenants’ money now. Ambrose and his wife are in the middle of a domestic squabble when Walrus pays a visit, and his presence only makes things worse. Mr. Cinder visits Walrus himself, and he carelessly throws his cigarette into a trash can. After he leaves, the hotel catches on fire and the rest of the film is a thrilling five-minute race to pay off the insurance!

—Jerry Velez

Director: Walter Wright
Screenplay: Walter Wright
Production company: Keystone Studios
Producer: Mack Sennett

Stars: Mack Swain, Chester Conklin, Vivian Edwards

A Versatile Villain 1915

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After being falsely accused of theft, Pete, the station master’s assistant, rescues his girlfriend from the genuine villain, marauding crook Desperate Dan.

Director: Frank Griffin (as Frank C. Griffin)

Produced by Mack Sennett
Keystone Film Company
Writer: Edwin Frazee (scenario)
Stars: Charley Chase, Louise Fazenda, Harry Bernard