C’est pour les Orphelins 1916

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English title – For the Children (1916)

The artist awakens. His maid brings him a letter from the Gaumont Studio. After a quick glance to it, he hastens to get dressed and runs to the studio followed by his wife, his maid and his son, Bout-de-Zan who want a part in the movie. When he finally finds a director, a cameraman and a script, the roles were assigned to everyone and everyone is partially satisfied. Bout-de-Zan gets the final word showing them a bundle of turnips : another “navet” (Joke about turnip which means also a bad movie in French)


Director: Louis Feuillade
Writer: Roger Lion
Stars: Marcel Lévesque, Musidora, René Poyen


Zan’s butt and the sniper 1915

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Also known as Bout De Zan Et L’Embusqué

Next to his well-known thriller serials, Fantomas, Les Vampires and Judex, Louis Feuillade directed a number of short comedies with a little boy called Bout-de-Zan, often wiser than the adults around him. In this episode, filmed in France during WWI, Bout-de-Zan unmasks a hunter who pretends to be a sharp shooter and advises him to enlist to fight the Germans rather than telling tales.

This film is typical of short comedies produced in France at the time. While it only uses a static camera, the outdoor filming and the use of cross-cutting and alternating between full shot and medium shots gives a rather modern look. Child actor René Poyen, acting in a very expressive and natural way, is the main asset of the film. The film also shows how cinema was already used in war time to carry a patriotic message with the call to enlist and fight the Germans. Louis Feuillade had himself been drafted but had been sent back home just before shooting this film because of heart problems

Director : Louis Feuillade
Production company : Gaumont
Producer : Léon Gaumont
Cast : René Poyen
Distributor : Gaumont

Moliere 1909


A film about the life of Molière (1622-1673).

An early film adaptation of the life of Molière, the famous French actor and playwright of the 17th century. This was done in 1909 by director Léonce Perret and with writing assistance from two other great French directors, Louis Feuillade & Abel Gance! Gance even has a role in this film! It’s a simple biographical film showing his main life events from getting into showbiz to writing his successful plays, marrying and dying. A brief look at his life done in a basic but elegant 1909 set-up.

Director: Léonce Perret
Writers: Louis Feuillade, Abel Gance
Stars: André Bacqué, Abel Gance, René d’Auchy

Fantômas V: Le Faux Magistrat 1914


Fantômas has been arrested and is jailed in Brussels, but inspector Juve wants him arrested and sentenced for all his crimes in France. Thus Juve settles Fantômas’ escape so he can be traced to his gang’s, in Saint-Calais – France, where apaches Paulet and Ribonard have just robbed the diamonds of the broke Marquis de Tergall. On his way Fantômas kills justice Pradier and decides to go under this disguise when he finds that Pradier had just been appointed to Saint-Calais’ court.

Director: Louis Feuillade
Writers: Marcel Allain (novel), Louis Feuillade
Stars: René Navarre, Edmund Breon, Georges Melchior


Fantômas IV: contre Fantômas 1914


As inspector Juve seems to be unable to put Fantômas behind bars the Press comes up with the idea Juve must be Fantômas himself! Juve is soon jailed as an attempt to ease the stress on his case. But Fantômas is free and having his old archrival convicted is certainly an evil dream he wants to come true.
– Written by viktor-18 <viktor_p@mail.com>

Director: Louis Feuillade
Writers: Marcel Allain (novel), Louis Feuillade
Stars: René Navarre, Georges Melchior, Laurent Morléas


Fantômas III: Le Mort Qui Tue 1913



After a body disappears from inside the prison, a series of crimes take place, all seemingly by the dead man. With Juve presumed dead, Fandor must investigate alone. Will Fantomas finally be brought to justice?
Director: Louis Feuillade
Writers: Marcel Allain (novel), Louis Feuillade
Stars: René Navarre, Edmund Breon, Georges Melchior

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Fantômas II: Juve contre Fantômas 1913



In Part Two of Louis Feuillade’s 5 1/2-hour epic follows FantÃ’mas, the criminal lord of Paris, master of disguise, the creeping assassin in black, as he is pursued by the equally resourceful Inspector Juve.
Director: Louis Feuillade
Writers: Marcel Allain (novel), Louis Feuillade | 1 more credit »
Stars: René Navarre, Edmund Breon, Georges Melchior