Little Gray Doors 1928

This film is a heritage item from Library and Archives Canada and is only available in English

This film shows the story of a misbehaving boy and his bad dream. The film begins by introducing David, a boy who has spent the day doing his favorite things: he is seen playing with a toy boat, enjoying flowers in the garden, walking along the fence throwing stones, and climbing on the big fallen oak tree. David peers inside the shattered trunk of the tree and wonders what is inside. While David is playing his Aunt Lucy arrives for a visit; when called, David takes a very long time returning home. In the mean time, Lucy and David’s mother talk about the young boy, in particular his temper when playing the piano. When David returns home, his mother takes him to wash his hands and change his clothes; David complains bitterly throughout. Before taking him in to his aunt, David’s mother asks Lucy not to give him the toy boat she has brought him, because of his poor behavior. Later that night, David takes a bath and apologizes to his mother. After he falls asleep, David’s dreaming body leaves his room and goes to the tree. Inside the trunk he finds a ladder leading down, which he descends a long way to the bottom.At the bottom of the trunk is a corridor with little gray doors along both sides and the letters “L.O.P.” hanging on the wall. David is seen passing down this hallway until a strange little man with a large hat and beard becons him through one of the doors. Inside, this man and an identical partner destroy a piano; David protests but they ignore him. Upset, David leaves the room and walks down the corridor, seeing the letters “L.O.P.” repeatedly and wondering what they mean. Exploring other doorways, David watches a boy destroying a cake and, later, sees his mother complaining to a group of women about how tired she is. The mysterious letters “L.O.P.” appear again and again, until they finally reveal their meaning: “Land of Punishment”. As David runs away from the letters he falls to the floor and cries for his mother. In the next shot, David is seen struggling in bed with his mother standing above him. After comforting David, his mother sends him to do his chores which David pledges he will complete.