The other half 1919

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Brief Synopsis
Donald Trent, the son of an iron works owner, loses his belief in class distinction, and recognizes his debt to others while fighting in the trenches. At home, he tells his father, who abhors sentiment in business, that he wants to start at the bottom and becomes a mill hand, working near his army buddy, Colonel Jimmy, a machinist. While Donald and his sweetheart Katherine Boone are helping Jimmy care for his sick girlfriend Jennie Jones, known as “The Jazz Kid,” Donald learns that his father has died and that he must take over the business. Donald’s attitude soon changes, and when Jimmy, now foreman, demands repairs be made to protect lives, Donald refuses. When a wall collapses on Jimmy and he goes temporarily blind, the men strike. Katherine refuses to marry Donald, and works for an uplifting newspaper popular among the poor. After an article by Katherine changes Donald, he orders reforms and they marry. Jimmy’s sight returns and he marries Jennie.


Director: King Vidor
Screenplay: King Vidor
Story by: King Vidor
Producer: Joe Pasternak

Stars: Florence Vidor, Charles Meredith, Zasu Pitts


Bud’s Recruit 1918

Bud's recruit

This WWI home-front comedy is the earliest surviving film of King Vidor, who would later go on to make such classics as The Big Parade and The Crowd. A two-reeler, it’s a propaganda comedy involving a little boy who can’t wait to go fight against the Kaiser, and who sets an unrelentingly patriotic (and militaristic) example for his draft-age, feminized brother and peace-lovin’ mother.

Director: King Vidor
Produced by: Judge Willis Brown
Screenplay: King Vidor, Judge Willis Brown

Stars: Wallace Brennan, Robert Gordon, Ruth Hampton

Wine of Youth 1924

7.9/10 · IMDb

wine of youth

Wine of Youth is a 1924 American silent comedy-drama film directed by King Vidor, and released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, shortly after the merger which created MGM in April 1924. Wikipedia


Unlike earlier generations of Marys who used every trickery to secure husbands, Mary the Third questions the validity of marriage in her search for adventure. Unable to decide between quiet, polite Lynn and aggressive Hal, she follows her suitors, along with sweethearts Max and Tish, on an outing, but an attempted seduction sends her home, where she becomes disillusioned by the quarreling of her parents. When they are reconciled, however, she regains her ideals and accepts Lynn.

Director: King Vidor
Production company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Screenplay: Rachel Crothers, Carey Wilson
Producers: King Vidor, Louis B. Mayer

Stars: Eleanor Boardman, James Morrison, Johnnie Walker


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