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Plot Summary
Jode McWilliams, the foreman of Circle O, is in love with Peg,
the daughter of Pa Owens, the owner of the ranch.
The trouble is that daddy won’t allow! Which does not stop Jode from wanting to marry Peg.
He asks Stumpy, the cook, to help him write a love letter to the lady of his heart.
The other cowhands find it and, with a view to making fun of Jode, nail it to the door.
Two Horns, an Indian, steals it and … delivers it to Peg.
When Jode and his posse, pursuing the facetious redskin, arrive at the Owenses’ house,
Jode’s boss has already found out.
A showdown ensues and the young man, who has lost the fight, is made prisoner and held in a room.
But he is rescued by his pal Chub and a helpful parson marry the two lovebirds.
Away they ride from the reluctant father towards happiness.
Written by Guy Bellinger

Directed by John Ford
Written by William Wallace Cook, H. Tipton Steck
Pete Morrison as Jode MacWilliams
Duke R. Lee as Pa Owens
Magda Lane as Peg Owens
Edward Burnsas (credited as Ed Burns)
Jack Woods as Dutch
Harley Chambers as Fritz
Hoot Gibson as Chub
Jim Moore as Two Horns
Jack Walters as Andy
Otto Myers as Swede
Ed Jones as Stumpy


The Craving 1918

The Craving_(1918_film)

An Indian scholar seeks an American colleague who is working on a powerful explosive, trying to get to his formula by taking advantage of his drinking problem.

Directors: John Ford, Francis Ford
Story by: Francis Ford
Cinematography: Edward Gheller
Cast: Francis Ford, Duke Worne, Mae Gaston
Screenplay: John Ford, Francis Ford

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Cameo Kirby 1923


IMDb 7.6/10

Cameo Kirby

Wrongfully blamed for the death of Col. John Randall, Cameo Kirby (Gilbert) must find the true villain and clear his name before he can declare his love for Adele (Olmstead), the dead man’s daughter.

—Ben Model

Director: John Ford
Screenplay: Robert N. Lee
Story by: Booth Tarkington
Producer: William Fox

Stars: John Gilbert, Gertrude Olmstead, Alan Hale


Upstream 1927


Previously thought lost, the film was found in 2010 stored in a New Zealand film archive. According to a June 07, 2010 article in the Los Angeles Times, Upstream, unlike several other films found in the same cache, was considered so valuable, its restoration was carried out in New Zealand before it had several copies shipped to the US. The restoration was funded by 20th Century-Fox–whose predecessor, Fox Films, originally produced the picture.

This John Ford film centres on a boarding house that is home to actors and various other performing artists.  When one of the gets asked to perform Hamlet in London, the boarding house troupe is thrilled and sends him off joyously. But how will they react when success goes to his head?


Director: John Ford
Screenplay: Randall Faye
Story by: Wallace Smith
Awards: National Society of Film Critics Film Heritage Award

Stars: Nancy Nash, Earle Foxe, Grant Withers

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Riley the Cop 1928

English intertitles with Spanish subtitles with an option to turn off

riley the cop


Joe Smith, a young bakery worker, gets engaged to Mary Coronelli, who comes from a wealthy family. Her snooty aunt takes Mary to Europe, hoping to break up the couple, but Joe uses his savings to follow her there. Unfortunately, he is falsely accused of embezzling money for the trip from the bakery, and Officer Riley, a well-liked local cop, pursues Joe to Europe. While in Germany Riley falls for a young flapper in a beer garden, but he’s in for a surprise when he finds out who she really is.


Director: John Ford
Producer: John Ford
Production company: Fox Film
Screenplay: James Gruen, Fred Stanley

Stars: J. Farrell MacDonald, Nancy Drexel, David Rollins

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Bucking Broadway 1917

bucking Broadway

Bucking Broadway is a 1917 American western film directed by John Ford, probably his sixth feature film. Long thought to be lost, along with about 60 of Ford’s 70 silent films, it was found in 2002 in the archives of the CNC. Wikipedia
Initial release: December 24, 1917 (USA)
Director: John Ford
Screenplay: John Ford
Music composed by: Donald Sosin
Story by: George Hively
Cast: Harry Carey, Molly Malone, Vester Pegg, L. M. Wells, William Steele



Hangman’s House 1928




Hangman’s House is a 1928 romantic drama genre silent film set in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, directed by John Ford (uncredited) with inter-titles written by Malcolm Stuart Boylan. It is based on a novel by Brian Oswald Donn-Byrne. It was adapted by Philip Klein with scenarios by Marion Orth. The film is also notable for containing the first confirmed appearance by John Wayne in a John Ford film

Hogan (Victor McLaglen), a soldier of fortune, goes AWOL from service in the French army in Algiers to return home to Ireland, determined to take revenge on John D’Arcy (Earle Foxe), who deserted his sister. Before Hogan’s arrival, however, terminally ill Judge O’Brien (Hobart Bosworth) pleads with his daughter, Connaught (June Collyer), to marry John, although she is in love with horse racer Dermot McDermot (Larry Kent). Connaught reluctantly complies, just as Hogan appears in disguise.
Directed by John Ford
Produced by John Ford
Written by
Brian Oswald Donn-Byrne
Malcolm Stuart Boylan
Philip Klein (adaptation)
Marion Orth (scenario)
Victor McLaglen
June Collyer
Larry Kent
Earle Foxe
Hobart Bosworth
John Wayne
Cinematography George Schneiderman
Edited by Margaret C. Clancy
Distributed by Fox Film Corporation
Release date
May 13, 1928
Running time
70 minutes
Country United States
Silent film
English intertitles