Bucking Broadway 1917

bucking Broadway

Bucking Broadway is a 1917 American western film directed by John Ford, probably his sixth feature film. Long thought to be lost, along with about 60 of Ford’s 70 silent films, it was found in 2002 in the archives of the CNC. Wikipedia
Initial release: December 24, 1917 (USA)
Director: John Ford
Screenplay: John Ford
Music composed by: Donald Sosin
Story by: George Hively
Cast: Harry Carey, Molly Malone, Vester Pegg, L. M. Wells, William Steele




Hangman’s House 1928




Hangman’s House is a 1928 romantic drama genre silent film set in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, directed by John Ford (uncredited) with inter-titles written by Malcolm Stuart Boylan. It is based on a novel by Brian Oswald Donn-Byrne. It was adapted by Philip Klein with scenarios by Marion Orth. The film is also notable for containing the first confirmed appearance by John Wayne in a John Ford film

Hogan (Victor McLaglen), a soldier of fortune, goes AWOL from service in the French army in Algiers to return home to Ireland, determined to take revenge on John D’Arcy (Earle Foxe), who deserted his sister. Before Hogan’s arrival, however, terminally ill Judge O’Brien (Hobart Bosworth) pleads with his daughter, Connaught (June Collyer), to marry John, although she is in love with horse racer Dermot McDermot (Larry Kent). Connaught reluctantly complies, just as Hogan appears in disguise.
Directed by John Ford
Produced by John Ford
Written by
Brian Oswald Donn-Byrne
Malcolm Stuart Boylan
Philip Klein (adaptation)
Marion Orth (scenario)
Victor McLaglen
June Collyer
Larry Kent
Earle Foxe
Hobart Bosworth
John Wayne
Cinematography George Schneiderman
Edited by Margaret C. Clancy
Distributed by Fox Film Corporation
Release date
May 13, 1928
Running time
70 minutes
Country United States
Silent film
English intertitles


Straight Shooting 1917

straight shooting

A professional gunman (Harry Carey) helps downtrodden homesteaders during a range war.
Initial release: August 27, 1917
Director: John Ford
Production company: Universal Studios
Written by: George Hively
Cinematography: Ben F. Reynolds

Stars: Harry Carey, Duke R. Lee, George Berrell, Molly Malone

Just Pals 1920


Small-town tramp befriends runaway boy.
Director: John Ford
Writers: John McDermott (story), Paul Schofield
Stars: Buck Jones, Helen Ferguson, Georgie Stone



The Blue Eagle 1926


The Blue Eagle is a 1926 American action film directed by John Ford. Prints of the film exist in the Library of Congress film archive and in the UCLA Film and Television Archive, but one reel is missing. Wikipedia

Director: John Ford

Stars: George O’Brien, Janet Gaynor, William Russell

Four Sons 1928

A family saga in which three of a Bavarian widow’s sons go to war for Germany and the fourth goes to America, Germany’s eventual opponent.
Director: John Ford
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The Iron Horse 1924

Imdb 7.3


As crews labor to finish the first transcontinental railroad, Pony Express rider Davy Brandon (George O’Brien) returns to his hometown. There a childhood friend, Miriam (Madge Bellamy) — fiancée of the chief engineer (Cyril Chadwick) and daughter of the principal contractor — convinces him to aid in the project’s completion. Although his father, a murdered railroad surveyor, passed on the knowledge needed for the job, a slew of saboteurs attempt to thwart Brandon in his efforts.