A Daughter of Destiny 1928

Alraune (original title)

Duaghter of destiny

A scientist interested in the laws of heredity, impregnates a prostitute in a laboratory with the semen of a hanged murderer. The prostitute conceives a female child who has no concept of love, whom the professor adopts.
Director: Henrik Galeen
Writers: Hanns Heinz Ewers (novel), Henrik Galeen
Stars: Brigitte Helm, Paul Wegener, Iván Petrovich

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Enhver 1915

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In 1911 the German poet Hugo von Hofmansthal wrote a new version of the medieval morality play Everyman, and this was staged in Danish translation at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen in 1915. At the time, it was radical example of symbolist abstraction. Its success inspired a film version, Enhver [Everyman], directed by Vilhelm Glückstadt for Filmfabrikken Danmark. The film, however, was set in a modern-day environment. It depict the moral choice confronting its protagonist at struggle because two attendant spirits, one good and one bad. The protagonist is tempted by dark figure of evil and succumbs, rejecting God and leading a life of iniquity, but he is then haunted by guilty visions until he finally dies, asking God for forgiveness at the last moment.

DIRECTOR: Vilhelm Glückstadt

Cast: Peter S. Andersen Gudrun Houlberg Lilly Jansen Charles Løwaas Peter Malberg Valdemar Møller Jonna Neiiendam Rasmus Ottesen Else Schiwe Alfred Sjøholm


The Sorrows of Satan 1926

sorrows of Satan


IMDb 7.4

From 1926, comes D.W. Griffith’s most graphic work, THE SORROWS OF SATAN, conceived from Marie
Corelli’s popular book of the day. Described as “Faust in the Roaring 20’s,” Images of
nudity and excess have earned the work notoriety through the decades. A nightclub scene in the American film version
has enough clothing to pass censors. For Europe, the lead female is seen


Geoffrey, a young and impoverished writer, is desperately in love with Mavis, who lives at his boardinghouse and is also pursuing a writing career. Unable to marry her because of his poverty, in his anger he curses God for abandoning him. Soon Geoffrey meets Prince Lucio de Rimanez, a wealthy, urbane gentleman who informs Geoffrey that he has inherited a fortune, but that he must place himself in the Prince’s hands in order to enjoy the fruits of his inheritance. What Geoffrey doesn’t know is that Prince Lucio is actually Satan, who is using Geoffrey as an experiment to show God that he can corrupt anybody.


Director: D. W. Griffith
Music composed by: Hugo Riesenfeld
Story by: Marie Corelli
Screenplay: Forrest Halsey, George C. Hull, John Russell

Stars: Adolphe Menjou, Ricardo Cortez, Carol Dempster



The Student of Prague 1926


7.1/10 · IMDb

Der Student von Prag (original title)


Prague in the 1860s: Balduin is a popular, handsome student, the best fencer in town, in amicable rivalry with his friend Dahl for the affections of Lydia, the innkeeper’s niece. While the students are celebrating Lydia’s birthday, the opera singer Julia Stella arrives at the inn – and Balduin’s life begins to unravel. He is immediately infatuated with the glamorous singer – but she is already kept by an admirer, the wealthy and foppish Baron Waldis. How can a poor student hope to compete? The mysterious Dr Carpis, who also has ties to Julia and is jealous of the Baron, intervenes. But the price will be higher than Balduin can ever imagine. He risks his sanity and his life – perhaps his very soul – haunted by his own reflection.
– Written by silverwhistle <docm@silverwhistle.free-online.co.uk>

Director: Arthur Robison
Writers: Hanns Heinz Ewers, Henrik Galeen (book)
Stars: Anton Walbrook, Theodor Loos, Dorothea Wieck

Malombra 1917


Malombra is a 1917 silent Italian drama film directed by Carmine Gallone. The film was shown as part of the Silent Divas of the Italian Cinema programme at the 38th New York Film Festival in 2000. It is an adaptation of the 1881 novel Malombra by Antonio Fogazzaro, which was later adapted into a 1942 film of the same name.


Marina di Malombra (Borelli) lives in a castle prior to her wedding. She begins to read letters written by an ancestor called Cecilia. She finds out that Cecilia was driven to her death by her uncle. Marina identifies with Cecilia and take revenge on her behalf by murdering her uncle. After she has done this, Marina commits suicide.

Italian only  – No English subs

Initial release: January 1917 (Italy)
Director: Carmine Gallone
Screenplay: Antonio Fogazzaro
Story by: Antonio Fogazzaro
Cinematography: Giovanni Grimaldi
Stars: Lyda Borelli, Amleto Novelli, Augusto Mastripietri

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde 1912

Dr. Jeckel and Mr. Hyde 1912


A doctor (James Cruze) unleashes his own inner monster when he experiments with the nature of good and evil.
Initial release: January 16, 1912
Director: Lucius J. Henderson
Production company: Thanhouser Company
Story by: Robert Louis Stevenson, Thomas Russell Sullivan

Stars: James Cruze, Florence La Badie, Marie Eline

This is the oldest surviving movie adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde”.

Au Secours! 1924


au secours 1

Also known as The Haunted House in the United Kingdom; Help! in the USA

7.1/10 Filmweb
7.9/10 SensCritique
Au Secours! is a 1924 short comedy film directed by Abel Gance and starring Max Linder.

Well, this was a treat. A Max Linder comedy-horror short about a man who takes a bet that he can’t spend the night in a haunted house. Typical stuff, right? Well, it is, sort of, until it takes a quite bizarre turn
Initial release: June 17, 1924
Director: Abel Gance
Producer: Abel Gance
Written by: Max Linder, Abel Gance
Cinematography: Émile Pierre, Georges Specht

Stars: Max Linder, Jean Toulout, Gina Palerme