The Prairie Pirate 1925

The Prairie Pirate

A young woman finds herself trapped by a bandit gang. Rather than be raped by the gang, she commits suicide. When her brother finds out what happened, he turns to a life of banditry, hoping to find the gang responsible for his sister’s death.
– Written by

Director: Edmund Mortimer
Writers: Robert Dillon (adaptation) (as Anthony Dillon), W.C. Tuttle (story “The Yellow Seal”)
Stars: Harry Carey, Trilby Clark, Lloyd Whitlock

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Bucking Broadway 1917

bucking Broadway

Bucking Broadway is a 1917 American western film directed by John Ford, probably his sixth feature film. Long thought to be lost, along with about 60 of Ford’s 70 silent films, it was found in 2002 in the archives of the CNC. Wikipedia
Initial release: December 24, 1917 (USA)
Director: John Ford
Screenplay: John Ford
Music composed by: Donald Sosin
Story by: George Hively
Cast: Harry Carey, Molly Malone, Vester Pegg, L. M. Wells, William Steele



Straight Shooting 1917

straight shooting

A professional gunman (Harry Carey) helps downtrodden homesteaders during a range war.
Initial release: August 27, 1917
Director: John Ford
Production company: Universal Studios
Written by: George Hively
Cinematography: Ben F. Reynolds

Stars: Harry Carey, Duke R. Lee, George Berrell, Molly Malone