Thundering Fleas 1926

thundering fleas

Professor Clements’ Trained Flea and Insect Circus comes to Greenpoint, and Farina goes to see it with his dog, Magnolia, who becomes the unwanted accomplice in the escape of Garfield,
the Professor’s star. The professor hires the Rascals to find Garfield
who escapes with the rest of the fleas to the wedding of Mary’s
older sister. The fleas are soon all over the house wreaking havoc as
everyone, including a garden statue of a discus thrower, is itching and
jumping and running for relief

Director: Robert F. McGowan
Film series: Our Gang
Screenplay: Hal Roach, H. M. Walker, Hal Yates, Carl Harbaugh
Producers: Hal Roach, F. Richard Jones

Stars: Oliver Hardy, Charley Chase, Joe Cobb



An Eastern Westerner 1920

an eastern westerner

Blase eastern boy is shipped off to a ranch in the ‘wild west ‘ by his father.
Director: Hal Roach
Writers: Frank Terry (story), H.M. Walker (titles)
Stars: Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis, Noah Young |

The King of the Wild Horses 1924

the king of the wildhorses

A stallion known as “The Black” is the leader of a band of wild horses. A cowboy is determined to capture and break him.

Director: Fred Jackman
Screenplay: Carl Himm
Story by: Hal Roach
Producer: Hal Roach
Cast:  Rex the Wonder Horse, Edna Murphy, Charley Chase, Léon Bary, Sidney De Gray, Sidney D’Albrook, Frank Butler

Hustling For Health 1919

hustling for health

Stan’s holiday plans go haywire when he misses his train and accepts an invitation to stay with a complete stranger

Initial release: February 2, 1919 (USA)
Director: Frank Terry
Producer: Hal Roach
Cinematography: Robert Doran
Editor: Thomas J. Crizer
Stars: Stan Laurel, Dorothy Coburn, Mrs. Fleming

Collars and Cuffs 1923

collars and cuffs

Collars and Cuffs is a 1923 silent comedy film starring Stan Laurel. Wikipedia

Director: George Jeske
Screenplay: Frank H. Young
Producer: Hal Roach
Cinematography: Frank Young

Stan Laurel, Mark Jones, Eddie Baker

Be Your Age 1926

be your age

Charley needs $10,000 right away. Mrs. Schwartzkopple has inherited $2 million from her late husband and wants to marry a younger man. Mr. Blaylock, her attorney, sees a way to solve both their problems, and keep control of her $2 million

Director: Leo McCarey
Screenplay: H. M. Walker
Producer: Hal Roach
Cinematography: Len Powers

Stars: Charley Chase, Oliver Hardy, Gladys Hulette

Mum’s the Word 1926

Mum's the word

A widow has married rich, but didn’t tell her husband about her son. And he’s coming for a surprise visit. To hide his identity he is introduced as the husband’s new valet, but still the husband has some doubts about a few strange scenes. And during the night, when the son tries to visit his mother, the husband always starts interfering, but the new maid also behaves strangely, trying to sneak into the husband’s room…

—Stephan Eichenberg

Director: Leo McCarey (uncredited)

Produced by  Hal Roach
Stars: Charley Chase, Virginia Pearson, Anders Randolf