Do You Love Your Wife? 1919

do you love your wife.jpg

One of the few movies in which Stan and his future wife Lois Neilson appeared together. Produced and directed by Hal Roach at Rolin (Roach/Linthicum) before the days of Hal Roach studios. Stan and some other cast members in this movie also joined Hal Roach at the new studios. In later life, if you asked Stan “Do You Love Your Wife?” he’d have to say: “which one?”.
Director: Hal Roach
Stars: Stan Laurel, Bunny Bixby, Mary Burns


Crazy like a Fox 1926

crazy like a fox

Crazy like a Fox is a 1926 American short film starring Charley Chase. The two-reel silent comedy stars Chase as a young man who feigns insanity in order to get out of an arranged marriage, only to find out that his sweetheart is the girl he has been arranged to marry. Chase would remake the film as The Wrong Miss Wright (1937) in the sound era during his tenure at Columbia Pictures.

The film features Oliver Hardy in a small role filmed shortly before his teaming with Stan Laurel.

Director: Leo McCarey
Producer: Hal Roach

Production Co: Hal Roach Studios
Cinematography: Len Powers
Screenplay: H. M. Walker, Charley Chase, Charles Alphin

Stars: Charley Chase, Oliver Hardy, William V. Mong


Long Fliv the King 1926

Long livethe king

Long Fliv the King is a 1926 American silent comedy short film starring Charley Chase and featuring Oliver Hardy and Max Davidson in supporting roles. Wikipedia
Initial release: 13 June 1926

This offbeat comedy from future Hollywood screwball director McCarey is about a princess who must find a husband in 24 hours or forfeit her throne. She quickly marries a condemned man–but the man is pardoned
Director: Leo McCarey
Story by: Charles Alphin
Producer: Hal Roach
Screenplay: H. M. Walker, Charles Alphin

Stars: Charley Chase, Oliver Hardy, Martha Sleeper

Oranges and Lemons 1923

oranges and lemons


After getting into a scuffle with his boss and some co-workers, an orange packer tries to help another co-worker, only to wind up in a conflict with him as well. Trying to elude his boss, he heads inside the packing house, and visits with the women who are packing fruit into cases. Then he heads to a storage area, and tries to use the machinery to escape his pursuers

Director: George Jeske
Producer: Hal Roach
Cinematography: Frank Young

Production Co: Hal Roach Studios

Stars: Stan Laurel, Katherine Grant, Eddie Baker

Isn’t Life Terrible? 1925

Isn't Life Terrible

Isn’t Life Terrible? is a 1925 American film starring Charley Chase and featuring Oliver Hardy and Fay Wray. It is the debut of director Leo McCarey. This short is a parody on D. W. Griffith’s 1924 drama Isn’t Life Wonderful. Wikipedia
Initial release: July 5, 1925
Director: Leo McCarey
Producer: Hal Roach
Distributed by: Pathé Exchange
Cinematography: Fred Jackman, Len Powers

Stars: Charley Chase, Oliver Hardy, Katherine Grant

Dog Days 1925

This long-lost (until recently) Our Gang comedy is filled with elements that make the silent Our Gangs so special


In a nutshell, this deals with the Gang enjoying their dogs “p’forming” some interesting tricks until one of them comes to the rescue of our lady of cuteness Mary Kornman, playing a rich girl as she did in “Mary Queen of Tots” and “Derby Day.” The cute one invites the poor kids of the Gang to her birthday party as a reward, and LOOK OUT! On the whole, none of this will cause you to bust your guts and bang on the floor in hysterical laughter, but it’s all quite charming in its simplicity and I would highly recommend it….by Damon Fordham (United States)

Director: Robert F. McGowan
Film series: Our Gang
Producer: Hal Roach
Cast: Peggy Ahern
Screenplay: Hal Roach, H. M. Walker

It’s a gift 1923

IMDb 7.4

It's a gift

A group of oil magnates are trying to think of new ways to attract business. One of them suggests that they contact the inventor Pollard, who has devised a new gasoline substitute. Pollard himself lives in a home filled with his eccentric inventions. When he gets the message from the oil company, he is excited about the opportunity to demonstrate his innovation.

—Snow Leopard

Director: Hugh Fay

Produced by Hal Roach
Stars: ‘Snub’ Pollard, Marie Mosquini, William Gillespie