Derby Day 1923

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The gang is selling lemonade and hot dogs across the street from the big racetrack, where Sammyand Farina‘s father is a jockey, but since Mary‘s
father owns a horse, she can let the rest of the gang in for free. The
kids have so much fun at the track that they decide to mastermind their
own races with anything they can find to ride, which turns out to be
such noble steeds as a mule, a cow, a horse, two dogs, and a goat.
Nothing is overlooked in their kiddie race from the brass band
to the betting window (odds up to 1000 to 1). Mary’s father even offers
a five dollar purse to the winner. The only thing they miss is the
willingness of their pets to be ridden, and the race turns into a
marathon run with Farina
leading the way on his tricycle and winning! Unfortunately, the police
come to break up the play, and everyone now has something to be running
from instead of toward.

Director: Robert F. McGowan
Film series: Our Gang

Production Co: Hal Roach Studios
Music composed by: Brian Benison
Screenplay: Hal Roach, H. M. Walker

Stars: Joe Cobb, Jackie Condon, Mickey Daniels


Fluttering Hearts 1927

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Defying her father’s wishes, a young woman runs off to a sale at store. She’s pursued by a policeman, but wins him over with the help of a friendly millionaire. In the mean time, her father tries to retrieve a compromising letter.

Director: James Parrott
Producer: Hal Roach
Screenplay: H. M. Walker, Charley Chase
Production companies: Pathé, Hal Roach Studios

Stars: Charley Chase, Oliver Hardy, Martha Sleeper

A One Mama Man 1927

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IMDb 7.5

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The film starts on a boat with Charley and some ladies having fun. He gets up and walks off to sit on a deck chair when another guy comes along and kicks the legs off the chair. Charley punches the man in the face, sending him hurtling into some chairs. A seaman (this could be Ham Kinsey?) delivers Charley a telegram and Charley tells him he is spoilt for choice over which invitation he should choose.
One of the ladies on board the boat, Miss Glutz (Gale Henry) begins to engage in conversation with a fellow on deck when a sailor (Chet Brandenburg) comes by ringing the dinner bell, causing her to freeze on account of a previous car accident where she is shocked into a trance by the sound of a bell. Determined to take Charley’s photograph, she gets into position to take his picture when the sound of the bell causes her to freeze again as Charley patiently waits. Her mother (I am assuming it’s her mother?) informs Charley of the situation and eventually Miss Glutz takes his photo.
We are introduced to “The Girl” (Eugenia Gilbert) who is at home, bored and being ‘entertained’ by her suitor (Vernon Dent) playing the piano. Her well-to-do parents are delighted to note that Count Tosky (Chase) has consented to be their guest. Well, the mother is excited, at least! The father (Burr McIntosh) is not so.

Director: James Parrott

Production Co: Hal Roach Studios
Stars: Charley Chase, Eugenia Gilbert, Gale Henry


The Black Cyclone 1925


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A cowboy and a wild horse find they have some things in common: both have enemies out to get them and both must save their mates from danger.
Director: Fred Jackman
Writers: Hal Roach (story), H.M. Walker (titles) | 1 more credit »
Stars: Rex the Wonder Horse, Lady the Horse, Guinn ‘Big Boy’ Williams


I’m on My Way 1919

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On his wedding day, nervous Harold Lloyd is one minute and four seconds late for a pre-nuptial meeting with impatient bride-to-be Bebe Daniels. Ms. Daniels scolds Mr. Lloyd, and persuades him to buy her “a few things” in a nearby store. After an hour of shopping, Daniels wants to go home for a frock change, leaving Lloyd to manage her towering purchases. Lloyd’s method of getting the packages to Daniels’ home is the highlight of “I’m on My Way”. While Daniels dons a new outfit, Lloyd spends some time with neighbor “Snub” Pollard, who has been “married so long he has lost all sense of pain.” Mr. Pollard’s bugling family and noisy neighbors give Lloyd second thoughts about going through with his own wedding plans.

Director: Hal Roach
Producer: Hal Roach
Distributed by: Pathé Exchange

Stars: Harold Lloyd, ‘Snub’ Pollard, Bebe Daniels


Do You Love Your Wife? 1919

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One of the few movies in which Stan and his future wife Lois Neilson appeared together. Produced and directed by Hal Roach at Rolin (Roach/Linthicum) before the days of Hal Roach studios. Stan and some other cast members in this movie also joined Hal Roach at the new studios. In later life, if you asked Stan “Do You Love Your Wife?” he’d have to say: “which one?”.
Director: Hal Roach
Stars: Stan Laurel, Bunny Bixby, Mary Burns

Crazy like a Fox 1926

crazy like a fox

Crazy like a Fox is a 1926 American short film starring Charley Chase. The two-reel silent comedy stars Chase as a young man who feigns insanity in order to get out of an arranged marriage, only to find out that his sweetheart is the girl he has been arranged to marry. Chase would remake the film as The Wrong Miss Wright (1937) in the sound era during his tenure at Columbia Pictures.

The film features Oliver Hardy in a small role filmed shortly before his teaming with Stan Laurel.

Director: Leo McCarey
Producer: Hal Roach

Production Co: Hal Roach Studios
Cinematography: Len Powers
Screenplay: H. M. Walker, Charley Chase, Charles Alphin

Stars: Charley Chase, Oliver Hardy, William V. Mong