Im Lebenswirbel 1918

Also known as In the Life Spine

German film with English subtitles

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Marriage between Margit and artist Erik Lind is interrupted by her infatuation with squire *Arvid Sund. She gives up the relationship because of Erik’s illness and death. Arvid’s brother however, brings the two back together.

Director: Heinz Schall
Writer: Louis Levy (screenplay)
Stars: Asta Nielsen, Bruno Eichgrün, Walter Wolffgram


Tragedy of the street 1927

Also known as Dirnentragödie (1927) German silent movie

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Before road movies there were street films, a distinct cycle within German silent cinema. The essential ingredient – misalliance between bourgeois and slum dweller – is present here, though somewhat displaced by Asta Nielsen’s star persona. She plays an aging hooker who falls for handsome Felix, a student who has rowed with his parents and ventured into the lower depths. Dreaming of a new life, she ejects her pimp and invests her savings in a cake shop. Even without that title, though, you wouldn’t bet on a happy ending. Nielsen is a quite restrained sort of diva, and Rahn likewise soft pedals the melodrama, except for the grand finale. He died soon after making this, his contemporaries regretting the masterworks the cinema was thus denied. Well, maybe. ×

Director : Bruno Rahn
Music composed by : Felix Bartsch
Story by : Wilhelm Braun
Screenplay : Leo Heller , Ruth Goetz

Stars: Asta Nielsen, Hilde Jennings, Oskar Homolka

Sorry no English subtitles

Die schwarze Kugel oder Die geheimnisvollen Schwestern 1913

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Also known as The Black Ball; or, Vengeance Bequeathed

Their eyes heavy with grief, Edith and Violet, dancers, return from the funeral of their sister, Grace. They find a letter marked, “To be opened after my burial,” which encloses a photograph. This, the dead sister identifies as the man who has wronged her and through his falseness has brought her to her death. Her request is that her sisters seek him out and avenge her. Strangely enough, she omits to mention his name and address. Conjuring before them the image of the beloved departed, Edith and Violet swear to find the unknown and wreak their worst upon him. Assuming new names to aid their search, the sisters are engaged to dance in a music hall. Here comes Viscount Henry, and a party of friends. This count is peculiarly attracted by the mysterious masked sisters. He asks the manager to introduce him. Violet’s beauty is the source of particular attraction. The other sister fears danger and recalls to her her sister’s fate. This count persists, although a likeness to the dead Grace, to whom he once promised marriage, causes him uneasiness. Edith, calling upon the viscount to learn the purpose of his attentions, accidentally finds her late sister’s portrait. Returning with the portrait of the viscount the sisters compare the one which the sister had enclosed in her last letter. They are identical. Edith reminds Violet of their oath of vengeance. It falls to Edith’s lot to execute the oath. She goes to the viscount’s house and confronts him with his guilt. He orders his servants to arrest her. She escapes. Keenly anxious, the other sister, Violet, comes to the house about this time. She is daunted by the onrush of the pursuers who are chasing her sister. Mistaking Violet for Edith, they pursue the former, and a stern and exciting chase it is. Edith, in the meantime, returns to the house, where she meets the Viscount, now unprotected by his servants. A shot from Edith’s revolver, and a long fall down a secret passage ends his evil life.

—Moving Picture World synopsis

Director: Franz Hofer
Writer: Franz Hofer (scenario)
Stars: Paul Meffert, Mia Cordes, Manny Ziener


The Treacherous Woman 1911

German intertitles  only

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Yvonne suffers from boredom and loneliness as the daughter of a wealthy patrician family. She falls in love with a Prussian lieutenant, becomes frustrated with his serious demeanor, betrays him to the partisans, and later betrays them to save him in an elaborate drama.

Director: Urban Gad
Screenplay: Erich Zeiske
Production Company: Deutsche Bioscop GmbH, PAGU
Audio/Visual: silent, black & white (tinted)

Cast: Asta Nielsen, Emil Albes, Max Obal, Robert Valberg, Albert Paul, Max Wilmsen

Romeo and Juliet in the Snow 1920

German intertitles with english subtitles


Romeo & juliet in the snow

Based on William Shakespeare, this comedy revolves around two farming families in Swabia – or better: their children. The families are enemies of each other, but that does not prevent Julia Capulethofer and Romeo Montekugerl from falling in love with each other….This  a good example of a drama being effectively turned into a comedy thanks to the creative talent of Lubitsch.

Director : Ernst Lubitsch
Cast : Gustav von Wangenheim , Lotte Neumann , Jakob Tiedtke
Screenplay : Ernst Lubitsch , Hanns Kräly
Story by : Ernst Lubitsch , Hanns Kräly

Helena of Troy 1924

helen of troy

Helena is a 1924 German silent drama film directed by Manfred Noa and starring Edy Darclea, Vladimir Gajdarov and Albert Steinrück. The film was based on the poem the Iliad by Homer. It was released in two separate parts: The Rape of Helen and The Fall of Troy. It was produced by Bavaria Film at the Emelka Studios in Munich. The film was made on an epic scale with thousands of extras, and large sets which rivalled those of the larger Berlin-based UFA.


Director: Manfred Noa
Screenplay: Hans Kyser
Production company: Bavaria Film
Cast: Edy Darclea, Vladimir Gajdarov, Albert Steinrück,
Cinematography: Ewald Daub, Gustave Preiss

German intertitles with Eng subtitles press on the link below





Our Heavenly Bodies 1925


our heavenly bodies

The original name of this film is ….”Wunder der Schöpfung” (Germany, 1925). No English intertitles

Wunder der Schöpfung is an extraordinary, fascinating Kulturfilm trying to explain the whole human knowledge of the 1920s about the world and the universe. 15 special effects experts and 9 cameramen were involved in the production of this film which combines documentary scenes, historical documents, fiction elements, animation scenes and educational impact. It its beautifully colored, using tinting and toning in a very elaborated way. Some visual ideas in the sequences with a space shuttle visiting different planets in the universe seem to have to be the inspiration for Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey. ×

Director: Hanns Walter Kornblum
Writers: Hanns Walter Kornblum, Ernst Krieger
Stars: Paul Bildt, Willy Kaiser-Heyl, Theodor Loos