Hot Water 1924

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hot water

Newlyweds Hubby (Harold Lloyd) and Wifey (Jobyna Ralston) experience the joys and tribulations of married life in a series of madcap episodes. First, the quotidian routine of Hubby’s day is broken up by an adventure on a busy trolley involving a wild turkey. Later, Wifey’s gorgon-like mother (Josephine Crowell) and doltish brother (Charles Stevenson) arrive, causing more problems for poor Hubby when the entire family loads into his car for a not-so-leisurely drive into town

Directors: Fred C. Newmeyer, Sam Taylor
Box office: 1.35 million USD
Screenplay: Sam Taylor, Tim Whelan, Thomas J. Gray, John Grey
Producers: Harold Lloyd, Kevin Brownlow, Jeffrey Vance, David Gill

Stars: Harold Lloyd, Jobyna Ralston, Josephine Crowell


Why Worry? 1923

why worry

Harold Van Pelham (Harold Lloyd) is filthy rich — but what good does it do him when he’s always sick? To get over his multitude of real or imaginary ailments, he goes for a much-needed vacation to sunny South America. Everything’s going fine until the revolution breaks out. Instead of lying on the beach, Harold has landed in jail. Lucky for him, the big guy sharing his cell, Colosso (John Aasen), is friendly. After a daring jailbreak, the two come to the rescue of Harold’s kidnapped nurse.

Directors: Fred C. Newmeyer, Sam Taylor
Screenplay: Sam Taylor, H. M. Walker
Music composed by: Robert Israel, Don Hulette

Produced by Hal Roach

Stars: Harold Lloyd, Jobyna Ralston, John Aasen

Sailor’s Holiday 1929


sailors holiday

Sailor’s Holiday is a 1929 sound film comedy directed by Fred C. Newmeyer and produced and distributed by Pathé Exchange. The film was also released in a silent version. The film is preserved at the Library of Congress. What we have here is the silent version.

Sailors Pike and Shorty are on leave when a street woman swindles them out of some money by telling them she is looking for her long-lost brother, a sailor.

Director: Fred C. Newmeyer
Screenplay: Joseph F. Poland
Produced by: Pathé Exchange

Stars: Alan Hale, Sally Eilers, George Cooper

The Night Bird 1928


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The night bird

Stars Reginald Denny as a prizefighter who is picked up by Italian girl Madelina, played by a very un-Italian girl, Betsy Lee. The subtitles for the Italian characters are decidedly silly and unrealistic, but hey, that’s part of the fun of watching pre-PC movies, isn’t it?

Director: Fred C. Newmeyer
Writers: Nicholas T. Barrows, Albert DeMond (titles)
Stars: Reginald Denny, Betsy Lee, Sam Hardy

Among Those Present 1921

among those presant

An ambitious coat-room checker impersonates an English nobleman.

Director: Fred C. Newmeyer
Music composed by: Robert Israel
Screenplay: Hal Roach, Sam Taylor, H. M. Walker
Story by: Hal Roach, Sam Taylor

Stars: Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis, James T. Kelley

The Perfect Clown 1925

the perfect clown

A clerk is given $10,000 to deposit at the bank, but the bank is closed for the night so he tries to get to the bank president’s house with the money.

This movie  features an early screen appearance by Oliver Hardy
Director: Fred C. Newmeyer
Writers: Thomas J. Crizer (story), Thomas J. Crizer (titles)
Stars: Larry Semon, Kate Price, Dorothy Dwan



Doctor Jack 1922


Doctor Jack

Country Doctor, Jack Jackson is called in to treat the Sick-Little-Well-Girl, who has been making Dr. Saulsbourg and is sanitarium very rich, after years of unsuccessful treatment. His old-fashioned methods do the trick and the quack is sent packing.
– Written by Herman Seifer <>

Directors: Fred C. Newmeyer , Sam Taylor (uncredited)
Writers: Hal Roach (story), Sam Taylor (story)
Stars: Harold Lloyd, Mildred Davis, John T. Prince