Satan’s Rhapsody 1915


Rapsodia Satanica

Rapsodia Satanica was a 1915 silent film directed by Nino Oxilia featuring Lyda Borelli in a female version of Faust based on poems by Fausto Maria Martini. Wikipedia
Initial release: July 1917 (Italy)
Director: Nino Oxilia
Screenplay: Alberto Fassini
Music composed by: Pietro Mascagni
Cast: Lyda Borelli, Andrea Habay, Ugo Bazzini, Alberto Nepoti, Giovanni Cini, Giulio Bazzini
Story by: Fausto Maria Martini, Alberto Fassini

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Faust (1926)


Imdb 8.1

In this classic of silent cinema, the demon Mephisto (Emil Jannings) makes a bet with an archangel that a good man’s soul can be corrupted. Mephisto sets his sights on the thoughtful old alchemist Faust (Gösta Ekman), who is desperately trying to save his village from a plague. He is able to help the villagers, thanks to Mephisto, but further dealings with the devil lead Faust on a decadent downward spiral. Can he redeem his soul before it’s too late?

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