Dog Factory 1904

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Two men are operating a ‘dog factory’, using a device that they call a Dog Transformator. A man brings three dogs into their shop, which they purchase from him. They place the dogs one by one into the machine, which turns each dog into a string of sausages. As their customers come in, they are then able to select the kind of dog that they want, and the machine changes the corresponding string of sausages back into a dog.

Director: Edwin S. Porter
Production company: Edison Studios
Cinematography: Edwin S. Porter

Dog Factory 1904

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American short silent film. From Edison’s catalog : “On the walls of the factory a lot of different varieties of frankfurters are hung. Each is marked with the breed of dog it is made from. A combined dog and bologna making machine is seen in the foreground, and two Germans are working industriously over it. A tramp enters with about a dozen dogs of various types, and sells them to the Germans. They are soon transformed into sausage and the tramp departs with his cash. A dude now enters who wants to buy a spaniel. The dog is quickly made and sold. A number of customers follow and are supplied with dogs that suit their fancies. Finally a tough enters who wants a bull dog. A Boston Bull is produced, but does not suit him. He wants a fighting bull. The dog is made, and as he jumps from the machine he grabs the tough by the pants, and dog and man mix up in a rolling match all over the floor. The tough finally releases himself and disappears, leaving the fighting bull dog to be again turned into bologna


Director: Edwin S. Porter
Production company: Edison Studios
Cinematography: Edwin S. Porter

Friends, Romans, and Leo 1917

Short silent comedy

Director: Alan Crosland

Production Co: Conquest Pictures Company, Edison Company
Cast: Raymond McKee, William Wadsworth, Juanita Fletcher, William Fables, Harry McDonough

Kansas Saloon Smashers (1901)


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Kansas Saloon Smashers is a 1901 comedy short film produced and distributed by Edison Studios. Directed by Edwin S. Porter, it is a satire of American activist Carrie Nation(radical member of the temperance movement). Wikipedia
Initial release: March 16, 1901
Director: Edwin S. Porter
Production company: Edison Studios
Distributor: Edison Studios




Children Who Labor 1912

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The father of a working class family is having trouble finding a job, because the local textile mill is hiring only inexpensive child labor. Reluctantly, he allows his oldest daughter to work in the mill. Meanwhile, in New York, the wealthy businessman Hanscomb is being urged to speak out against child labor, but he declines to do so. Then, while Mrs. Hanscomb and her daughter are traveling, the young girl accidentally wanders away, gets lost, and is taken in by the working class family. To help them, she takes a job in the mill. While this is taking place, Hanscomb has initiated a search for the daughter even as he goes about building up his financial empire.

Director: Ashley Miller (uncredited)
Writer: Ethel Browning

Production company: Edison Studios
Stars: Robert Conness, Miriam Nesbitt, Shirley Mason

An Unsullied Shield 1913

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As an old duke lies on his deathbed, he pleads with his son and heir to live a life worthy of the family name. But the young duke soon disregards these words, and lives a life of gambling and carousing, paid for with borrowed money. One evening, he forges his mother’s signature on a check to repay his debts, then pauses in front of a set of portraits of his ancestors. When he dozes off, he dreams about what his illustrious forbears would say to him.

Director: Charles Brabin
Screenplay: Charles Brabin
Production company: Edison Studios

Stars: Wadsworth Harris, Marc McDermott, Margery Bonney Erskine

Mark Twain – Edison Film 1909

The iconic film of Mark Twain walking in front of Stormfield, his house in Redding Connecticut, where he would later die. TFG Film & Tape has performed a digital restoration to the 1909 Edison film of Mark Twain. The image has been flipped left to right to correct the camera-to-subject orientation. It has had it’s speed corrected from the camera frame rate of the day. The detail has been enhanced dramatically bringing out visuals never before seen. The fluctuations in the exposure have been reduced markedly making the image much more pleasing to watch. We hope you enjoy the results! Contact us for help with your film restoration projects. TFG Film & Tape 860-529-1877