Twinkletoes 1926

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“Twinkletoes” Minasi wants to be a great dancer like her deceased mother. Twink meets Chuck Lightfoot, a noted prizefighter, who falls in love with her at first sight. She tries to avoid falling in love with Chuck, whose wife, Cissie, is a drunken harridan and more than a little bit spiteful. Meanwhile, Twink has secured a job in a singing-dancing act in a Limehouse theater, under the auspices of Roseleaf, who has more than just a protective interest in the girl. The jealous Cissie discovers that Twink’s sign-painting father also has a night job as a burglar, and she turns him into the police. While a big success dancing on the stage, the arrest of her father has left her somewhat down in the dumps, and she decides to toss herself into the Thames. Possibly, the now-free Chuck, since Cissie has been killed in an accident, might come along and rescue her.

—Les Adams <>

Director: Charles Brabin
Production company: First National Pictures
Producer: John McCormick
Screenplay: Mervyn LeRoy, Winifred Dunn

Stars: Colleen Moore, Kenneth Harlan, Tully Marshall

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The Chechahcos 1924

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A fire engulfs a shipload of prospectors and adventurers making their way to Alaska. In the confusion, Mrs. Stanlaw is separated from her young daughter, who ends up in the care of ‘Horseshoe’ Riley and Bob Dexter. Mrs. Stanlaw is told by gambler Richard Steele that her daughter is lost. Flash forward 10 years; Riley and Dexter are running a prosperous gold mine, and Steele has just come to town to run the local saloon. Ruth, meanwhile, has grown into a beautiful young woman, and finds herself falling in love with Dexter. Between Steele sending his henchman Pierre to kill Dexter, Dexter discovering that Steele tried to kill him on the ship, and the reunion of Mrs. Stanlaw and Ruth, there’s plenty of drama even without the dramatic Alaskan scenery, including the majestic glaciers.

—Jon Reeves <>

Director: Lewis H. Moomaw
Screenplay: Harvey Gates
Story by: Lewis H. Moomaw
Cast: Albert Van Antwerp, William Dills, Eva Gordon, Baby Margie

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Schaste 1934

Also Known as Happiness (1934)

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A hapless loser (with the surname of Loser) undergoes misadventures with avaracious clergy, a tired horse, and a walking granary (among other things) on his road to collectivized happiness.

Director: Aleksandr Medvedkin
Writer: Aleksandr Medvedkin
Stars: Pyotr Zinovyev, Yelena Yegorova, Nikolay Cherkasov



That model from Paris 1926

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The original Plain Jane story that inspired many copycats. Shy secretary Jane removes her glasses and hat, transforming into a natural beauty. Unsavory characters push her into impersonating a French model. Confusion and romance ensue

Director: Louis J. Gasnier
Writers: Gouverneur Morris (suggested by the story “The Right to Live”), Frederica Sagor Maas (adapted for the screen by) (as Frederica Sagor)
Stars: Marceline Day, Bert Lytell, Eileen Percy

David and Saul 1911

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This old Bible story does not need any description. It is not, however, the story of David and Delilah, but is the tale surrounding the time when David had Saul at his mercy and cut off only a portion of Saul’s garment.

Director: Henri Andréani

Production Co: Pathé Frères


Sorrows of Sarah 1913

Original title – Gore Sarry

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Synopsis / Plot
This film captures a stage production at Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, accompanied by the choir of Moscow Synagogue. Brothers Isaak and Borukh are both in love with Sarra, but Sarra chooses Isaac and they got married. However, Sarra could not conceive for ten years, and their Rabbi tells them that according to Jewish law, they must divorce. Isaak’s parents push him to sign the divorce paper, then their Rabbi drops the divorce paper to Sarra’s feet. She tells Isaac about her grief, and Isaak commits suicide. Soon after-wards, Sore realizes that she is pregnant, but she is now single
Director Aleksandr Arkatov
Screenwriter V. Toddi

Cast – Tatyana Shornikova, Aleksandr Kheruvimov, Praskovya Maksimova, Ivan Mozzhukhin, Pavel Knorr, Antonina Pozharskaya, Viktor Tourjansky
Producer – Khanzhonkov

Russian silent movie – no English subs

The Chamber of Forgetfulness 1912

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The powerful story of a wife’s innocent mistake and its bitter punishment, the rancor of a jealous, misguided husband and the ultimate righting of a great wrong to his son. It will bring tears and teach a beautiful lesson to every beholder.

—Moving Picture World synopsis

Director: Étienne Arnaud

Production Co: Eclair American
Stars: Alec B. Francis, Barbara Tennant, William R. Dunn

Dutch and French intertitles only