Daydreams 1915


Also known as Gryozy

IMDB 7.1


Sergei’s beloved wife Yelena has passed away, and the bereaved husband is inconsolable. He remains obsessed with pictures of Yelena and with a braid of her hair that he has saved. One day, while walking in the street, he passes by a woman who bears a striking resemblance to Yelena. He follows her to a theater where the woman, an actress named Tina, is part of an opera. After the performance, Sergei goes back stage, and he soon strikes up a friendship with Tina. But it is not long before his obsessions create severe tensions in their relationship.
– Written by Snow Leopard

Director: Yevgeni Bauer
Writers: Georges Rodenbach (after: “Bruges-la-Morte”), M. Bassow
Stars: Alexander Wyrubow, F. Werchowzewa, Viktor Arens


Accident 1928


Polizeibericht Überfall (original title)

The film centers on the struggles of a German citizen who happens upon a counterfeit coin lying in a gutter. The opening sequence of the movie gives a brief glimpse into the notion that the coin might be “cursed,” as another passerby is struck down by a car while reaching for the coin in the middle of the road. Although the finder of the coin is at first glad, he soon regrets ever having picked it up.
Director: Ernö Metzner
Writers: Grace Chiang, Ernö Metzner
Stars: Heinrich Gotho, Eva Schmid-Kayser, Sybille Schmitz

Beggars of Life 1928


7.9/10 · IMDb
On the run for killing in self-defense, a woman (Louise Brooks) meets a hobo (Richard Arlen) who helps her flee from the police.
Initial release: September 22, 1928
Director: William A. Wellman
Screenplay: Benjamin Glazer
Music composed by: Karl Hajos
Producers: Adolph Zukor, Jesse L. Lasky

Stars: Wallace Beery, Louise Brooks, Richard Arlen


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Bardelys the Magnificent 1926


7.9/10 · IMDb
A dashing rogue (John Gilbert) assumes the identity of a dead traitor and hides at the estate of a lovely, but icy, aristocrat (Eleanor Boardman).
Initial release: 1926
Director: King Vidor
Music composed by: William Axt
Story by: Rafael Sabatini
Production company: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Stars: John Gilbert, Eleanor Boardman, Roy D’Arcy

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The Hypocrites 1915



The Hypocrites


The film follows the parallel stories of an early Christian ascetic and a modern minister, with most actors in dual roles. Gabriel (Courteney Foote) is a medieval monk who devotes himself to completing a statue of “Truth,” only to be murdered by a mob when his work turns out to be an image of a naked woman. The contemporary Gabriel is the pastor of a large wealthy urban congregation for whom religion is a matter of appearances, not beliefs. The hypocrisy of the congregation is exposed by a series of vignettes in which the Naked Truth, literally portrayed by a nude Margaret Edwards, reveals their appetites for money, sex and power.
Initial release: January 1915
Directors: Lois Weber, Nate Watt
Box office: 119,000 USD (U.S.)
Budget: 18,000 USD
Producer: Hobart Bosworth

Courtenay Foote – Gabriel, the Ascetic
Myrtle Stedman – The Woman
Herbert Standing – The Abbot
Adele Farrington – The Queen
Margaret Edwards (1877–1929) – The Naked Truth
Charles Villiers – the Minister[2]

Au Bonheur des Dames 1930


au bonheur des dames

Intertitles in French

Also known as –  To the Happiness of the Ladies

Denise, an orphaned girl, moves to Paris where she hopes to find work at her uncle’s store. But the glamorous department store ‘Aux Bonheur des Dames’ across the street crunches all the little businesses around. She finds a position there.
Director: Julien Duvivier
Writers: Noël Renard (adaptation), Émile Zola (novel)
Stars: Dita Parlo, Ginette Maddie, Andrée Brabant

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Opium 1919


This movie has English subtitles

A Chinese opium dealer takes revenge on Westerners who have corrupted his wife.
Director: Robert Reinert
Writer: Robert Reinert
Stars: Eduard von Winterstein, Sybill Morel, Werner Krauss