Reaching for the Moon 1917

reaching for the moon

A factory worker has always dreamed that he was meant for better things, to be rich and famous and in “the company of kings”. One day he discovers that he is indeed the only heir to the throne of a small European kingdom. However, there are forces at work who don’t want him to survive to take the throne.


Director: John Emerson

Production Co: Douglas Fairbanks Pictures
Writers: John Emerson, Joseph Henabery (story)
Stars: Douglas Fairbanks, Eileen Percy, Richard Cummings


Midnight Madness 1928

midnight madness

Norma is a tough working girl instructed by her boss, Childers, to butter up a client from South Africa named Bream to learn where his diamond claim might be. Bream falls in love with her and marries her, but overhears her arguing with Childers, conveying that she only wanted his money. So when returning to Africa, he has them live in a shack to teach her a lesson, yet she turns the tables and summons Childers to come take her back.

Initial release: March 25, 1928 (USA)
Director: F. Harmon Weight
Story by: Daniel Nathan Rubin
Producer: Hector Turnbull
Screenplay: Robert N. Lee, Edwin Justus Mayer, Richard N. Lee

Stars: Jacqueline Logan, Clive Brook, Walter McGrail

The Heart O’ the Hills 1919

Heart o'_the_Hills_(1919)_-_8

Family tensions in the Kentucky hills are inflamed by an outsider’s dishonest scheme to exploit the area for its coal.

Directors: Sidney Franklin, Joseph De Grasse
Screenplay: Bernard McConville
Story by: John Fox Jr.
Producer: Mary Pickford

Stars: Mary Pickford, Harold Goodwin, Allan Sears

Evangelina 1929


In Acadia, now part of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, young Evangeline is betrothed to Gabriel. But before their wedding can take place, the British imprison the men and send them into exile with their lands forfeit to the Crown. Evangeline follows the exiled men in hopes of finding her beloved, but even after he and the other Acadians are released in Louisiana, she cannot find him, always arriving at some locale just after he has departed. But she dedicates her life to searching the continent for the man she loves.

—Jim Beaver

Director: Edward Carewe
Screenplay: Finis Fox
Music composed by: Hugo Riesenfeld
Story by: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Stars: Dolores del Rio, Roland Drew, Alec B. Francis

The Heart of Humanity 1919


The heart of humanity

An American woman is terrorized by the ravages of war and a lecherous Prussian lieutenant when she becomes a Red Cross nurse overseas during the Great War.
Director: Allen Holubar
Writers: Allen Holubar, Olga Linek Scholl (as Olga Scholl)
Stars: Dorothy Phillips, William Stowell, Robert Anderson

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Isn’t Life Wonderful? 1924

Isn't Life Wonderful

A family of Polish refugees tries to survive in post-World War I Germany. For a while it seems that they are making it, but soon the economic and political deterioration in the country begins to take their toll.

Director: D. W. Griffith
Screenplay: D. W. Griffith
Story by: Geoffrey Moss
Music composed by: Louis Silvers, Cesare Sodero

Stars: Carol Dempster, Neil Hamilton, Erville Alderson

The Patent Leather Kid 1927

IMDb 7.9

the patent leather kid

A prizefighter learns what true heroism is when his girlfriend shames him into joining the Army.

Director: Alfred Santell
Music composed by: Cecil Copping
Screenplay: Rupert Hughes, Adela Rogers St. Johns, Casey Robinson, Gerald Duffy

Stars: Richard Barthelmess, Molly O’Day, Lawford Davidson