Father Sergius 1918


Father Sergius with English subtitles is a 1918 Soviet silent film directed by Yakov Protazanov and Alexandre Volkoff. It is based on the eponymous story by Leo Tolstoy.
Prince Kasatsky is a just and proud youth, shock and disappointment with the world bring him to church, he becomes father Sergius. It is a story of his piety and temptation.

Directors: Yakov Protazanov, Alexandre Volkoff
Screenplay: Alexandre Volkoff
Music composed by: Y. Bukke
Producer: Joseph N. Ermolieff

Stars: Ivan Mozzhukhin, Olga Kondorova, V. Dzheneyeva


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The Informer 1929


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The Informer is a 1929 British drama film directed by Arthur Robison and starring Lya De Putti, Lars Hanson, Warwick Ward and Carl Harbord. The picture was based on the novel The Informer by Liam O’Flaherty. In the film, a man betrays his best friend, a member of a terrorist organisation, to the authorities and is then pursued by the other members of the organisation. The later, better known, remake The Informer (1935) was directed by John Ford.

The film was made at Elstree Studios by British International Pictures as the sound revolution was taking place. The film was made with a soundtrack, sound effects and talking scenes. A fully silent version was also released. Robison was one of a number of Germans engaged to work in the British Film Industry following the Film Act of 1927.

Director: Arthur Robison
Writers: Benn W. Levy (dialogue), Liam O’Flaherty (novel)
Stars: Lya De Putti, Lars Hanson, Warwick Ward


The Lad from Old Ireland 1910

The lad from old Ireland

Believed to be the  first fiction film shot in Ireland

A boy from Ireland comes to America and makes good, but he doesn’t forget the poverty he left behind. He returns to rescue his sweetheart just as her family is about to be evicted from their land.

Director: Sidney Olcott
Writer: Gene Gauntier
Stars: Sidney Olcott, Gene Gauntier, Thomas O’Connor


Drama on the Volga 1913


drama on the volga

This remarkably bleak melodrama was based on a real murder scandal. Natalia, the title character, has fallen in love with Egorov, a young clerk who works in her father’s shop. The patriarchal Bashkirov, however, has already arranged her marriage to one of his colleagues…

Directed by Nikolai Larin

Producer – Grigory Libken

Script-writer – Nikolay Larin

Camera-man – Jan (Janis) Dared

Cast – Actors unknown


The Tango Cavalier 1923


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Don Armingo, a member of the Secret Service, is inspired while dancing the tango to join a group of smugglers at the Mexican border. As he is about to make the arrest, they take flight, kidnapping Don’s sweetheart. Following in his airplane, he circles above the getaway car and plucks the girl from the tonneau cover just as it speeds over an embankment.

Director: Charles R. Seeling
Stars: George Larkin, Frank Whitson, Dorris Dare



Glory to Us, Death to the Enemy 1914


glory to us death to the enemy

This 1914 drama set in the WWI-era relates a heroic act carried out by a war nurse for the Red Cross (Dora Tschitorina) who has witnessed the death of her husband (Ivan Mozzhukhin).

Production Co: Khanzhonkov & Co.

Directed by Yevgeni Bauer
Produced by Aleksandr Khanzhonkov
Music by Franz Bauer
Cinematography by Boris Zavelev

Dora Tschitorina as Olga, Charity Sister
Ivan Mozzhukhin as Her groom, officer




Captain Fly-by-Night 1922

Captain fly by night

Brief Synopsis
First one stranger, then another, arrive at the presidio, each with a government pass and each claiming to have been robbed by the notorious Captain Fly-by-Night and his highwaymen. The soldiers and Señorita Anita believe the first to be Fly-by-Night and the second to be Señor Rocha, Anita’s fiancée and emissary of the governor. But the first stranger, to whom Anita is drawn, proves to be on a government mission and exposes the second stranger as Captain Fly-by-Night.

Director: William K. Howard
Writers: Johnston McCulley (story), Eve Unsell
Stars: Johnnie Walker, Francis McDonald, Shannon Day