Knocknagow 1918



The agent of an absentee landlord resorts to underhand means in order to evict tenants from land that could be more profitably used for cattle. Adapted from the 1879 novel of the same name

Director: Fred O’Donovan

Produced by: Jim Sullivan
Writer: Charles Kickham (play)
Stars: Brian Magowan, Fred O’Donovan, Kathleen Murphy

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Risky Business 1926


7.2/10 · IMDb
Risky Business is a 1926 silent film comedy romance directed by Alan Hale and starring Vera Reynolds, Ethel Clayton and Zasu Pitts. It was produced by Cecil B. DeMille’s Producers Distributing Corporation. Wikipedia

A domineering mother sets out to break up the romance and possible marriage of her daughter, Cecily Stoughton, with Ted Pyncheon by several contrived devices and bringing in other candidates more to her liking.
Initial release: 1926
Director: Alan Hale Sr.
Producer: Cecil B. DeMille
Cinematography: James Diamond
Editor: Claude Berkeley
Art director: Max Parker

Stars: Vera Reynolds, Ethel Clayton, Kenneth Thomson

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Dunces and Dangers 1918


A man and his wife are having trouble financially and barely have anything to eat. The grocer and butcher visit and, seeing that the couple cannot pay them, take things from their apartment. Next, a group of men arrive and the couple quickly lock the door to the room, put on disguises and escape to the roof though the window. After a series of incidents, they discover that the men are actually there to tell the man that he has inherited a fortune.

Director: Larry Semon (as Lawrence Semon)
Writer: Larry Semon (scenario) (as Lawrence Semon)
Stars: Larry Semon, Madge Kirby, William Hauber


The Perfect Clown 1925

the perfect clown

A clerk is given $10,000 to deposit at the bank, but the bank is closed for the night so he tries to get to the bank president’s house with the money.

This movie  features an early screen appearance by Oliver Hardy
Director: Fred C. Newmeyer
Writers: Thomas J. Crizer (story), Thomas J. Crizer (titles)
Stars: Larry Semon, Kate Price, Dorothy Dwan


School Days 1920

school days

More fun with Larry Semon

Directors: Mort Peebles, Larry Semon
Writers: Mort Peebles, Larry Semon
Stars: Larry Semon, Frank Alexander, Lucille Carlisle

His First Car 1924

His first car

Al St. John buys a touring car and takes his extended family on a disastrous trip.

Director: Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle (as William Goodrich)
Writer: Roscoe ‘Fatty’ Arbuckle (as William Goodrich)
Stars: Al St. John, Doris Deane, George Davis


The Show 1922

The Show

A harried propman backstage at a theater must put up with malfunctioning wind machines, roosters that spit nitroglycerine, and a gang planning to rob the theater’s payroll.

Initial release: March 19, 1922
Directors: Larry Semon, Norman Taurog
Cinematography: Hans F. Koenekamp
Stars: Larry Semon, Oliver Hardy, Frank Alexander,  Lucille Carlisle
Screenplay: Larry Semon, Norman Taurog
Producers: Larry Semon, Albert E. Smith