Parisian Love 1925

Parisian love

Long considered a “lost film” this print of PARISIAN LOVE was mastered from the only surviving print. It stars the magnetic Ms. Bow as an “Apache” dancer who feeds off the tourists hanging out in Paris’ seedier districts, and Mr. Keith as her lover. When he is shot during a robbery, Bow vows revenge on the wealthy culprit. By the director of REEFER MADNESS


Director: Louis J. Gasnier
Screenplay: Lois Hutchinson
Story by: F. Oakley Crawford
Producer: B. P. Schulberg

Stars: Clara Bow, Donald Keith, Lillian Leighton

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The Plastic Age 1925

The Plastic age

Hugh Carver is an athletic star and a freshman at Prescott College. He falls in love with Cynthia Day, a popular girl who loves to go to parties. He finds that it is impossible to please her and still keep up with his studies and his athletic training, and soon the two face some difficult decisions.

Director: Wesley Ruggles
Producer: B. P. Schulberg
Story by: Percy Marks
Screenplay: Frederica Sagor Maas, Eve Unsell

Stars: Clara Bow, Donald Keith, Mary Alden, Henry B. Walthall

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The Primrose Path 1925

The primrose path

Bruce Armstrong (MacDonald) is quite wealthy. He is also a drinker, a gambler, and pretty much worthless as a human being. For some reason, Marilyn Merrill (Bow), a successful dancer, sticks by him. In spite of this, he gambles with her boss, and when he loses, he writes bad checks. In order to avoid jail, Armstrong gets involved in diamond smuggling.

Director: Harry O. Hoyt
Writer: Leah Baird
Stars: Wallace MacDonald, Clara Bow, Arline Pretty


My Lady of Whims 1925

my lady of whims

Clara plays wealthy Prudence Severin, whose reckless, profligate behaviour causes nothing but headaches for her father. A detective (Lee Moran) is hired to protect Prudence from herself but to no avail.
Director: Dallas M. Fitzgerald
Writers: Edgar Franklin (story “Protecting Prue”), Doris Schroeder
Stars: Clara Bow, Donald Keith, Carmelita Geraghty

Capital Punishment 1925

capital punishment-0-230-0-345-crop

An experiment in death penalty. A man is accused of a murder, that never happened. Complications arise.
Director: James P. Hogan
Writers: Florence L. Gilbert (titles), John F. Goodrich
Stars: Clara Bow, George Hackathorne, Elliott Dexter

Dancing Mothers 1926


Dancing mothers

7/10 ยท IMDb
Neglected by her philandering husband and her busy daughter (Clara Bow), a woman (Alice Joyce) makes a play for the man both she and her daughter love.
Initial release: March 1, 1926
Director: Herbert Brenon
Production company: Paramount Pictures
Story by: Edmund Goulding, Edgar Selwyn
Producers: Adolph Zukor, Jesse L. Lasky

Stars: Alice Joyce, Norman Trevor, Clara Bow

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Get Your Man 1927

Get your man


Initial release: December 4, 1927 (New York City)
Director: Dorothy Arzner
Story by: Louis Verneuil
Cinematography: Alfred Gilks
Stars: Clara Bow, Charles ‘Buddy’ Rogers, Josef Swickard
Producers: B. P. Schulberg, Adolph Zukor, Jesse L. Lasky