Im Lebenswirbel 1918

Also known as In the Life Spine

German film with English subtitles

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Marriage between Margit and artist Erik Lind is interrupted by her infatuation with squire *Arvid Sund. She gives up the relationship because of Erik’s illness and death. Arvid’s brother however, brings the two back together.

Director: Heinz Schall
Writer: Louis Levy (screenplay)
Stars: Asta Nielsen, Bruno Eichgrün, Walter Wolffgram


Tragedy of the street 1927

Also known as Dirnentragödie (1927) German silent movie

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Before road movies there were street films, a distinct cycle within German silent cinema. The essential ingredient – misalliance between bourgeois and slum dweller – is present here, though somewhat displaced by Asta Nielsen’s star persona. She plays an aging hooker who falls for handsome Felix, a student who has rowed with his parents and ventured into the lower depths. Dreaming of a new life, she ejects her pimp and invests her savings in a cake shop. Even without that title, though, you wouldn’t bet on a happy ending. Nielsen is a quite restrained sort of diva, and Rahn likewise soft pedals the melodrama, except for the grand finale. He died soon after making this, his contemporaries regretting the masterworks the cinema was thus denied. Well, maybe. ×

Director : Bruno Rahn
Music composed by : Felix Bartsch
Story by : Wilhelm Braun
Screenplay : Leo Heller , Ruth Goetz

Stars: Asta Nielsen, Hilde Jennings, Oskar Homolka

Sorry no English subtitles

The Treacherous Woman 1911

German intertitles  only

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Yvonne suffers from boredom and loneliness as the daughter of a wealthy patrician family. She falls in love with a Prussian lieutenant, becomes frustrated with his serious demeanor, betrays him to the partisans, and later betrays them to save him in an elaborate drama.

Director: Urban Gad
Screenplay: Erich Zeiske
Production Company: Deutsche Bioscop GmbH, PAGU
Audio/Visual: silent, black & white (tinted)

Cast: Asta Nielsen, Emil Albes, Max Obal, Robert Valberg, Albert Paul, Max Wilmsen

Towards the light 1919

towards the light

Mod lyset (original title)

This movie has English  sub Titles

Towards the Light is a 1919 Danish silent film directed by Holger-Madsen and starring Asta Nielsen. It was her last film in her native Denmark. Wikipedia

Spoiled Ysabel marries a man of respectability but he later turns out to a criminal. Consequently, her mother breaks down, and on her deathbed, Ysabel wows to become an evangelist.

Director:  by Holger-Madsen
ScreenpDirector: Olger-Madsen
Composed by the Music : by Jonas Struck
Company About enterprise | the Production : Nordisk Film

Stars: Asta Nielsen, Augusta Blad, Frederik Jacobsen

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Vanina 1922


Vanina loves rebel leader Octavio, who gets caught. He gets a pardon and marries Vanina. When he is captured again, Vanina helps him to escape prison. They are both caught, and after his execution she dies from grief.
Director: Arthur von Gerlach
Writers: Carl Mayer, Stendhal (novel)
Stars: Asta Nielsen, Paul Wegener, Paul Hartmann

NO English intertitles but you should be able to follow the story…well maybe.

The Black Dream 1911

Balletdanserinden (August Blom, DK, 1911)

Also known as Den sorte drøm

Two men of high rank are both wooing the beautiful and famous equestrian acrobat Stella. While Stella ignores the jeweler Hirsch, she accepts Count von Waldberg’s offer to follow her home, where she falls in his arms. At her party some days later Hirsch turns up uninvited. He says he wants to give Stella a piece of jewelry, but she repulses his advances. When Waldberg sees this he knocks Hirsch down. Hirsch challenges him to a duel by cards. Waldberg loses all his money, and in the end also has to sign a promissory note on 85.000, which should be paid within 24 hours. To help Waldberg solve his debt Stella goes to Hirsch to receive the brooch he has promised her. While he turns away, she steals a precious necklace from him, but he happens to see the theft in a mirror. He tails her to a park, where he sees Stella giving the necklace to Waldberg. Hirsch tells Stella to come to him at midnight, if she wants him to be silent about the theft. When Waldberg finds out that Stella is going to Hirsch in the night, he becomes jealous and goes there as well. By mistake he happens to shoot Stella, who reveals her sacrifice for him before she dies.
– Written by Maths Jesperson {}

No English titles. However,the story is straightforward and one should be able to follow it without to much difficulty

Director: Urban Gad
Writers: Urban Gad (screenplay), Gebhard Schätzler-Perasini (screenplay)
Stars: Asta Nielsen, Valdemar Psilander, Gunnar Helsengreen

The Woman Always Pays 1910



Afgrunden (original title)

This is the tale of a young woman who abandons her fiancé, and runs off with a circus performer. Things do not end well. The movie was heavily censored when originally shown in the US due to its erotic content. It is notable for the natural acting style of Asta Nielsen, a method unseen at the time in American cinema. There are many missing and degraded frames due to deterioration of the nitrate-based film used in making the picture.

Director: Urban Gad
Writer: Urban Gad

Stars: Asta Nielsen, Poul Reumert, Hans Neergaard, Robert Dinesen, Emilie Sannom, and Oscar Stribolt