Young Mother Hubbard 1917



Young mother h

Forced by the death of her mother to care for her three brothers and sisters, little Mona Fairfax is known to farmers of her district as Young Mother Hubbard. The children’s step-father, heavily in debt and tired of the burden imposed by the little family, abandons his farm, leaving the children, penniless, to shift for themselves. The following day Daniel Banning, a wealthy “country gentleman” and owner of the Fairfax farm, calls to collect back rent. He finds Mona and her children panic-stricken over a note left by their step-father, telling of his decision to leave. Banning turns a deaf ear to Mona’s pleas that she be allowed to remain on the farm with her wards. He notifies the Children’s Welfare Society. Directors of the society go to the farm, load them into an automobile, and take them to the society’s headquarters. At headquarters the chairman calls for volunteers to take the children into their homes. A square-jawed woman, a miserly old man, a brutal fellow, with bull-dog features, and a ponderous, harsh, mannish looking women, each agree to take a child. When it dawns upon Mona and her brothers and sisters that they are to be separated they break into tears and beg piteously to be allowed to remain together. Their pleas are ignored. Finally Mona begs that they be allowed to spend a last night together on the Fairfax farm. The request finally is granted. That night Mona hitches the family horse to a rickety old wagon and the children set out to escape. They fall asleep and the horse stops near Banning’s house. The housekeeper takes them in during the master’s absence. When Banning returns he is furious. Mona offers him a wisp of flowers, which he scorns. Finally, however, the child’s smile wins his heart and he cuddles her. Later when agents of the welfare society try to take the children, Banning drives them from his place, declaring he will adopt Young Mother Hubbard and her entire family.
– Written by Moving Picture World synopsis

Director: Arthur Berthelet
Writer: Charles Mortimer Peck
Stars: Mary McAllister, William Clifford, Carolyn Irwin


Sherlock Holmes 1916


When a couple of swindlers hold young Alice Faulkner against her will in order to discover the whereabouts of letters which could spell scandal for the royal family, Sherlock Holmes is on the case.

Director: Arthur Berthelet

Production company: Essanay Studios

Story by: Arthur Conan Doyle
Writers: William Gillette (play), H.S. Sheldon (scenario)
Stars: William Gillette, Marjorie Kay, Ernest Maupain

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