Week of July 13th, 1918

Grace Kingsley's Hollywood

sid_grauman1927 Sid Grauman, 1927

One hundred years ago this week, Grace Kingsley had a big news flash:

An announcement of much importance to the film world was made yesterday [July 16th], when Sid Grauman announced the fact that he and his father, D.J. Grauman, are on the eve of incorporating as motion-picture producers, and also that they are building a new theater here.

They planned to incorporate as the Grauman Feature Players Company within the next three months, and renovate an existing studio. Sid Grauman told her that by being a theater owner, he’d learned a lot about what the public wanted in films. He outlined his plan for success:

In the first place, he declares he means to give all the time possible to the making of his pictures, producing only three or four a year; and, while he states he does not have in mind the engaging…

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Das Spielzeug von Paris 1925

Also Known as Red Heels

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Das Spielzeug von Paris is an Austrian silent film released in 1925 and directed by Michael Curtiz. It was the first film to feature French actress Lili Damita in the leading role. Wikipedia

A British playboy in Paris marries a dancer and convinces her to give up her career to move to a small cottage in the country. One night at a party given by her former manager, she is persuaded to perform one of the dances she was renowned for. That leads to a fight with her husband, who runs out of the party in the middle of a raging storm. Her subsequent search for him ends up placing her life in danger.


Director: Michael Curtiz
Producer: Arnold Pressburger
Story by: Margery Lawrence
Cinematography: Gustav Ucicky, Max Nekut

Stars: Lili Damita, Henry Treville, Hugo Thimig

The Movie has English subtitles


Avventura galante di un provinciale 1908

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An impossible romantic encounter

short Italian comedy

Director: Luca Comerio

Schaste 1934

Also Known as Happiness (1934)

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A hapless loser (with the surname of Loser) undergoes misadventures with avaracious clergy, a tired horse, and a walking granary (among other things) on his road to collectivized happiness.

Director: Aleksandr Medvedkin
Writer: Aleksandr Medvedkin
Stars: Pyotr Zinovyev, Yelena Yegorova, Nikolay Cherkasov



The Cigar Box 1907

La boîte à cigares (original title)

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Out of a spin-around door on a cylinder-shaped box comes a magician, who proceeds to conjure dancing girls out of the box. At one point he also lights 5 cigars from the box, which magically transform into more dancing girls. Tinted remarkably.



Director: Segundo de Chomón


Blanche Sweet

Silent Room

MV5BNTA4NGFiNDEtNDUyNS00Y2I2LWE1YjItZGVlN2ViNzRiYWU1XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMTcyODY2NDQ@._V1_SY1000_CR0,0,760,1000_AL_One of the great ironies in the transition from silent films to talkies occurred in the 1930 film, Show Girl in Hollywood. The plot has showgirl Alice White going to Hollywood to try to get into films. She happens to meet a woman who used to be a star but who is struggling in the new Hollywood. The actress (played by Blanche Sweet) eventually tells White that at age 32, she’s all washed up in films. She then sings the sad song “There’s a Tear for Every Smile in Hollywood.”

In a poignant instance of art imitating life, Sweet found herself in the same predicament as her character … except that she was 34 years old. Sweet, a big star in silent films, made only three talkie features, all in 1930, and retired from the screen. Although she continued to work on stage and radio, she made only a few…

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Almost a Scandal 1915

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Billie enjoys flirting with the ladies, and so does Henry, although he’s married. Trouble erupts when both men bring dates to the same beer garden, and Billie’s date turns out to be Henry’s wife.

Director: Henry Lehrman
Stars: Billie Ritchie, Henry Bergman, Hank Mann